Month: May 2010

New Panerai Submersible Chrono–guillaume Néry Edition Guillaume Néry Edition

Panerai is proud to introduce a new professional diving watch, which is the embodiment of bravery and perseverance. The new SUBMERSIBLE CHRONOGRAPH stealth watch is inspired by GUILLAUME NÉRY. The French freediving champion has gained international fame for setting world records and taking stunning underwater photos.



   The new Panerai Submersible Chrono – Guillaume Néry edition 3-day power reserve automatic watch is inspired by the figures of the French free diving world, creating a new legend in mechanical engineering, combining outstanding performance, endurance and reliability Outstanding achievements are comparable to those of Néry. Guillaume Néry was a two-time world champion, breaking four world records of constant weight free diving. The former professional athlete has now become an ocean ambassador, turning his rich journey into the vast ocean into stunning images and films. Panerai creates a new watch, combining superb technical performance and vigorous sports style, to pay tribute to Guillaume Néry.



   Panerai Submersible Chrono – Guillaume Néry edition 3-day power reserve automatic watch is a model of professional diving watches, water-resistant to about 300 meters (30 bar), equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel, accurate display Dive time. The white luminous hour markers are in sharp contrast to the distinctive shark-gray dial, which makes the dial clearly readable even in a well-lit or dark environment. The bottom of the case is engraved with the signature of the free diving champion himself, and his astonishing record-126 meters diving in a single breath.


   The watch is sexy and lightweight. The titanium case incorporates a blue ceramic dial, blue hands and rubber strap set on the bezel. This precision chronograph watch is equipped with flyback chronograph and zero-seconds reset function to ensure that the watch is accurately synchronized with the reference time signal. Panerai Submersible Chrono – Guillaume Néry edition 3-day automatic power reserve watch with P.9100 automatic movement, power reserve of up to three days. The movement is independently developed by the Laboratorio di Idee of Panerai Chateau Haute Horlogerie, allowing the originality and accuracy of Panerai watches to infuse the unyielding personality of each design. Refined a masterpiece of extraordinary technical performance.

Rolex Automatic Day Calendar Watch

Rolex, Ref. 18238 Automatic Weekly Calendar Watch
Estimated Price: 60,000 ~ 80,000 HKD
Hammer drop: 80,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 70,480 yuan)
Including commission: 100,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 113,500 yuan)
【 in 1989 】
Accessories: box, warranty
Size: 36mm diameter
Condition: Three-piece polished and brushed 18K yellow gold case, Anix stone dial, C al .315 5 movement, 31 stones, four weight balance wheels inside the balance wheel, Breguet hairspring, dial, case, The movements are signed. Head of gold chain.
Dr. Fengfeng Qing, who is also a teacher and friend, is an expert playing Rolex. Not long ago, we met for dinner in Zhuhai. Dr. Xi showed me a few Rolex watches that he had just harvested. They were beautiful! This Rolex is also a gem plate, but it’s just black ONYX. How much did it cost? Let me tell you that the pawnshop in Macau, which is famous for its sky-high price and is mainly sold by gamblers, will only be 70% off the transaction price, and you can also cut a big price!

With Lange A.Lange & Söhne Review The German Railway Legend – 1815 Chronograph New Product Release

On June 19, 2017, Lange A. Lange & Söhne released the new 1815 CHRONOGRAPH in Shanghai. This new member of the 1815 family has a white 18K gold case and a black pulsometer dial with 1815’s signature rail minute scale. 1815 was the birth year of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, the founder of Lange, and the initial era of German railway development. At the event, Lange displayed the 1815 watch in a beautifully made mini railway scene, leading everyone to review the legendary era of German railways.

Lange 1815 CHRONOGRAPH launch event

In 1835, the first railway in Germany was completed, marking the beginning of the German railway era. Later, Germany’s first long-distance railway was finally opened to traffic in 1839, connecting Dresden, the capital of the Kingdom of Saxony, and Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony. This Dresden-Leipzig railway is the first steam train railway in Germany, and also connects the first standard gauge railway tunnel in continental Europe, which has great historical significance. The rapid development of railways in Germany has made precision watchmaking more important in society: At the time, both the Leipzig Observatory and the Dresden Mathematical Physics Salon provided local ‘average local time’, with a 5 minute 30 second meridian difference , And each station along the line uses different local time, it is very necessary for the railway company to equip the journey with a precision timer to calibrate the time. In this era, Mr. Lange’s career in the small town of Glashütte laid an important cornerstone for the precision watchmaking industry in Saxony, and also made an invaluable contribution to the scientific development of Saxony.

The boom of railways in Germany makes precision watchmaking more important in society

At the launch event, Lange carefully constructed a mini scene of the Dresden to Leipzig railway, and displayed family members of the Lange 1815 series next to the track, including the classic 1815 rose gold watch and the 1815 with four hands UP / DOWN and complex precision double-tracking perpetual calendar 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR. By traveling back and forth between the mini trains of Dresden and Leipzig, Lange led everyone to experience the historical and cultural connotation behind 1815 with a novel and interesting perspective: the classic design element of the minute track scale of the train, not only makes people The pocket watch created by the founder Mr. Adolf Lange is a tribute to the 19th century railway era in Germany.

The Lange mini railway scene presents the timeless style of the 1815 series

The new Lange 1815 CHRONOGRAPH, like other Lange masterpieces, embodies the brand’s spirit of excellence and meticulous watchmaking. A black and white contrast between the white 18K gold case and the black pulsometer dial. The symmetrical arrangement of the small seconds dial on the left and the 30-minute accurate jumping minute integral on the right forms a strong visual contrast; in addition to the classic train track minute scale, the streamlined The bezel and slim lugs highlight the chic look of the pocket watch. With the efforts of generations of Lange watchmakers and the pursuit of excellence in quality and design aesthetics, Lange watches are not only a sophisticated high-end timepiece, but also a beautiful carry-on.

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