Month: January 2011

New Sparks From Swiss Traditional Watchmaking Technology And Modern Cutting-edge Technology

Since 1860, TAG Heuer has been leading the Swiss watch industry with its ingenious craftsmanship, accurate timepiece engineering and avant-garde innovative fashion design. By the 21st century, when watchmaking traditions merged with cutting-edge communication technology, the world’s first Swiss luxury touch-screen smartphone, TAG Heuer LINK, was adopted. It uses the superb Android operating system, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.
Tag Heuer LINK Mobile: Grand Launch
   TAG Heuer LINK mobile phones are a model of communication tools: Swiss design, French craftsmanship, and advanced operating systems, all uphold the spirit of TAG Heuer product innovation and breakthrough. Ingenious design, carefully selected materials, ingenious handicrafts, accurate and reliable, fashionable and avant-garde, to capture the pulse of the times for you.
    TAG Heuer LINK is not only the world’s first luxury touch-screen smartphone, it is also the first to be equipped with Google Android software that can be upgraded at any time, bringing easy connection capabilities. Android allows users to quickly switch applications and perform multiple tasks simultaneously, making TAG Heuer LINK phones among the fastest in the world. Because its menu can be launched quickly and the label is highly sensitive, downloading the webpage is only in minutes and seconds, and it will instantly collect all the first-hand news, real-time weather information and Skype news for you. Designing an unparalleled mobile phone, combined with huge resource packages, whether it is for collection or personal use, it will bring infinite joy. TAG Heuer LINK mobile phones are an inevitable choice for adventurers, athletes and corporate executives.
TAG Heuer LINK Phone: Extreme Speed ​​with 1 GHz Processor
   The world’s first Swiss-designed communication tool TAG Heuer MERIDIIST mobile phone was launched, marking that TAG Heuer has achieved considerable results in pioneering new areas of high-tech design.
    TAG Heuer LINK mobile phone is the world’s first Swiss-designed smartphone, which confirms TAG Heuer’s high-tech technology. TAG Heuer LINK series mobile phones have unparalleled superior performance, and sincerely create unprecedented features for you. The battery has passed multiple rigorous tests to confirm that its functions far exceed industry standards, making the phone more stable and durable. Features include: fast connection, 160,000-color screen resolution, 3.5-megapixel large display, 5 million-pixel high-definition autofocus camera, 11 hours of long music playback time, and more advanced Android system to download more than 250,000 applications. It also comes pre-loaded with all Heuer-exclusive add-ons, including screen design, gadgets, animations, wallpapers, icons and ringtones to make your phone more personal.

Swiss watchmaking tradition partners with cutting-edge communication technology
    TAG Heuer LINK phones are globally recognized as premium products. The ergonomic design and elegant and stylish appearance keep pace with the times. Dynamic, pure, line and precise, converge into the striking dynamic on the outline of the mobile phone, which has achieved its unique value.
    The most luxurious LINK phone successfully combines classic watch parts and cutting-edge modern technology. The phone is fully shock-resistant, and the body design also emulates a TAG Heuer watch. The sturdy case provides comprehensive protection for your precious data, so you can rest assured that your videos, photos, files and data are stored in your phone.
    The phone also retains the essence of other Heuer watches. The screws of the phone’s reinforced chassis echo the TAG Heuer’s bottom cover screws. The unique self-locking system is located on the side of the fuselage, allowing you to quickly access SIM card, port and memory card data, as well as the TAG Heuer black shield logo, which looks exactly like a typical TAG Heuer watch crown.
Luxury design, outstanding reputation, and performance limit
    TAG Heuer has carefully collected the most precious materials and the most advanced components for you from the global watchmaking and automotive industries, including high-tech titanium carbide, fine diamonds and rose gold. Mirror-polished and fine-brushed stainless steel uses the highest-grade 316L steel, which is resistant to corrosion and allergies. The oversized display uses Gorilla Tempered Glass®, which is lightweight and durable, giving you the ultimate visual enjoyment. The unique case is made of calfskin, crocodile or lizard, all hand-made. Every part of the mobile phone has a source guarantee. Whether it is gems or leather, the source meets the world’s most stringent industry standards.
    TAG Heuer LINK mobile phones will be launched in various TAG Heuer authorized dealers in August 2011. The mobile phone combines work and entertainment, which is an inevitable choice for engaging in business and leisure. TAG Heuer has inherited the fine tradition of watchmaking, showing superior performance among unrivalled luxury, while pursuing precision within seconds, and stability that excels. TAG Heuer is the king of communication tools. Its extreme performance and epoch-making design have the same connection with its partner MERIDIIST mobile phone.

Technical specifications

Main features Phone size: 118mm (length) x 67mm (width) x 8.49mm (depth)
Operating System: Android 2.2
Design: Touch screen
Weight: 200g (with battery)
3G talk time: up to 6 hours and 30 minutes
Standby time: up to 330 hours (~ 14 days)
Random battery: 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery Information function
SMS / Multimedia SMS / Email (preset XT9 input method)
Supported image formats: JPEG / GIF / BMP
Supported audio formats: MP3 / ACC / AAC + / RA / WMA connection
Bluetooth stereo
Compatible with any type of SIM card radio
Edge and HSUPA (3G)
Quad-band GSM / Tri-band WCDMA music / photos and videos
Built-in memory: 256MB
External memory card: 8GB
Music playback time: up to 11 hours
Video player and camcorder Photos and videos
LCD display screen: TFT 3.5 inch
Display screen pixels: 800 x 480 pixels-16 million colors
5-megapixel autofocus camera
Video player and voice recorder app
Android Market provides more than 250,000 applications to users, such as:
Adobe Flash Reader, Google Search, Google Maps
GMail, You Tube, E-Blogger mobile materials
316L stainless steel, pure gold, fine diamonds, black PVD treatment, titanium, rubber, cowhide leather,
Carbon fiber leather, crocodile and lizard skins

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