Month: March 2011

Blancpain’s Top Watch From The Holy Land

Blancpain is located in the Jurass Valley of the Jura Mountains. Over the years, it has become one of the sacred places in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Since its founding in 1735, Blancpain has continuously strived for excellence and perfection to produce exemplary mechanical watches. Blancpain, while vigorously promoting the watchmaking tradition, is refreshing and stunning with its bold innovation spirit and the concept of surprising victory. And Blancpain’s long history brings a steady stream of creative inspiration. Drawing rich inspiration from history and pursuing the breakthrough of technological limits are Blancpain’s permanent challenges.

   Because Brassus in the Jura Valley, Switzerland
The town is the birthplace of Blancpain’s outstanding timepieces, so Blancpain will take the name of this place as an excellent watch collection that brings together the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and innovation. Although this collection includes six masterpieces,
But they were inspired by the famous 1735 watch. Because it has witnessed Blancpain’s great contribution to watchmaking technology, and also witnessed the glorious recovery of mechanical watches.

   Blancpain VILLERET
The classic collection is Blancpain’s most classic watch collection, because its name comes from the hometown of Blancpain, the village of Villeret. These models are deeply rooted in tradition, they symbolize the brand’s roots and reflect our most basic aesthetics. Pure lines, a clear dial and a slender double-bezel case, combined with timeless elegance, form the distinctive personality of this watch.

   Blancpain LÉMAN
The Leadership Series showcases the charm of travel and the joy of discovery in an absolutely modern spirit, combining elegance and sportiness. Since its introduction, the Blancpain Léman series has continued to innovate and continue to prosper. This series has pioneered the launch of many ultra-complex watches such as flyback chronograph tourbillon watches, perpetual calendar tourbillon watches, etc .; also innovated in terms of materials,
First to introduce titanium into the field of watchmaking.

   The Fifty Fathoms watch reflects Blancpain’s sincere sentiment towards the underwater world. Especially the latest members of the Fifty Fathoms watch series are not only extraordinary technical achievements, but also a tribute to the pioneers of scuba diving. It is the passion and dedication of these pioneers that paved the way for us,
As they continue to expand the boundaries of underwater adventures, Blancpain can continue to push the limits of diving watches and use new materials and solutions to meet divers’ expectations for mechanical time and depth measurement tools.

   The L-evolution series reflects Blancpain’s most dynamic avant-garde style. These models are equipped with new and excellent movements, which not only perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology, but also uphold the traditional watchmaking technology, especially equipped with a movement with three barrels, ensuring an eight-day power reserve, and continuously supplying the movement energy.

   Blancpain WOMEN
Aesthetically speaking, the innovative spirit of this elegant watch series is beyond doubt. At the same time, the basic value of Blancpain has been faithfully embodied. The brand conceived and designed this women’s watch series from the perspective of women. They are uniquely equipped with a hand-wound and decorated automatic movement, which perfectly combines elegant style with sophisticated clock functions.

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