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Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

This is not only a bold and bold pioneer of fashion, nor is it an incarnation of TAG Heuer’s unrivalled timekeeping tradition and a luxurious embodiment of the history of top-level racing. It is also a model of courage and challenge.
From Carrera series to Grand CARRERA: a unique racing history

Tag Heuer Grand-CARRERA-Calibre-17-RS-Chronograph_Black Plate Steel Belt
In memory of the Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race, the world’s most difficult and dangerous road race, TAG Heuer launched the carila-inspired flag product Carela Chronograph in 1964 — -A true heritage that incorporates racing-oriented timing equipment, such as the Time of Trip, the first dashboard dedicated to racing in 1911. Since then, we have maintained continuous cooperative relationships with top racing drivers and teams in various racing fields.
In 2007, the most iconic Carrera series introduced the Grand CarRERA, an award-winning upgraded luxury watch. As an excellent blend of perfect design and dream technology, Grand CARRERA-drawing inspiration from GT racing’s high-performance engines for the first time-has opened up a whole new path to chronograph innovation.
For the first time, Grand CARRERA uses a unique rotation system to power the movement. This new technology replaces the traditional watch hands with a disc-just like the dashboard of a racing car-it can easily read the small seconds, second time zone, and Stopwatch time.
豪 At the Baselworld 2008, TAG Heuer further introduced the Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper concept chronograph. As the first fully automatic chronograph to use the world’s unique Caliper rotation system, the Caliper concept watch is powered by the TAG Heuer Calibre 36RS certified by the Swiss Observatory. The column-wheel movement’s vibration frequency reaches an amazing 36,000 times per hour. The second hand can time at 1/10 second intervals. Unparalleled accuracy ensures that every reading of the watch is accurate. The Calibre 36 RS Caliper with black dial has won many well-known awards in the field of watchmaking, including the ‘Best Sports Watch of 2008’ at the Annual Grand Watch Awards in Geneva, He won the ‘Best Chronograph of the Year’ in the SIAR (Salon International de Alta Relojería) held in Mexico City in 2008, and was nominated for the ‘Fortune Most Successful Design Award’ in China and the 2009 Red Dot Design Award.
Now, TAG Heuer once again demonstrated its unique creativity in 2009, incorporating the most avant-garde concepts and innovations into the prestigious and super luxurious timepiece.
Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper chronograph

Tag Heuer Grand-CARRERA-Calibre-36-RS-Caliper-Chronograph
The first Caliper rotating dial that can be timed at 1/10 second intervals, from concept to reality: a concept stopwatch inspired by GT racing, first introduced at the Baselworld Watch Show, with technical innovation and avant-garde design. Four seats.
Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper chronograph is simple and smooth. Open the cover-below is the most advanced avant-garde craft design. The source of power is the same movement that used to shock the audience at the Basel Watch Show. The TAG Heuer Calibre 36 RS column-wheel movement certified by the Swiss Observatory has achieved an astonishing 36,000 times per hour, and the timing accuracy has reached the order People suffocate for 1/10 of a second.
The “Dashboard” of the watch is a chic black 43 mm dial with superb design and the best readability and information capacity. The characteristic is the unique Caliper rotation system, which presents an original display mode. The iconic oversized crown and red markings at 10 o’clock ensure accurate timing of 1 / 10th of a second-the fast reading function has been increased by 10 times.
Ultra-luxury and high-performance details include a linear seconds hand at 9 o’clock and a date display window at 4:30, the stopwatch minute hand at 3 o’clock, and the stopwatch hour hand at 6 o’clock. ‘Diamond’ motif and polished bevel polish to dazzle. Other prominent features are the elegantly cut corners of the lugs, the arched sapphire crystal case with a double reflective design, and the double sapphire crystal back cover locked by six screws.
Unparalleled creativity, the Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper chronograph features a solid stainless steel end piece rubber strap, or a 3-fold faceted bracelet. All collocations feature solid steel folding clasps, safety knobs, and the Tag Heuer logo.
CARGrand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper chronograph also launched ultra smooth titanium alloy version

Tag Heuer Grand-CARRERA-Calibre-17-RS2 secondary titanium limited edition
Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS2 Caliper Tier 2 titanium racing chronograph is full of true masculinity and contains the ultimate high-end craftsmanship. The interior adopts the TAG Heuer Calibre 36 RS column-wheel movement certified by the Swiss Observatory and is equipped with 2 rotating systems. Through the exquisite sapphire crystal back cover, the system operation inside the watch can be clearly seen.
The dark black case back and case (43 mm case, high-grade matte and polished bezel, and high-grade matte cut case) are made of secondary titanium (Ti2), which is a super-aging-resistant eco-friendly pure metal. The quality is half that of steel. The oversized crown at 10 o’clock-which also uses secondary titanium-expands the 10-fold reading of the unique Caliper dial, with an accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second.
Other advanced features include a linear permanent chronograph at 9 o’clock, a black rubber strap with titanium end, and a folding buckle around the wrist, just like a GT car grips the road tightly.
A distinguished gift for the Swiss watchmaking industry: the new Grand CARRERA 17 RS rose gold and stainless steel chronograph & 8 RS large calendar time zone rose gold and fine gold in honor of TAG Heuer’s membership in FHH Steel Phase Watch
In October, TAG Heuer became a special member of the Swiss watchmaking industry’s top club FHH (Fine Watches Foundation).
In order to commemorate the cooperation with the famous organization, TAG Heuer launched two Grand CARRERA series watches in pure steel and rose gold, respectively.

TAG Heuer Grand-CARRERA-Calibre-17-RS-Rose gold and stainless steel chronograph closeup
慧 The discerning watch expert understands and seeks true luxury. For them, the Calibre 17 RS chronograph has raised the technical performance to a unique level of honor. This luxury watch series highlights Grand CARRERA’s signature chronometer-certified chronograph movement and dual rotation system (minutes at 9 o’clock and seconds at 3 o’clock), as well as advanced craftsmanship and complexity in watchmaking. Patterns and fine materials.
First, it has an oversized stopwatch size, a 43 mm stainless steel case, and a solid rose gold ornate bezel. Second, it has a series of advanced features: high-quality matte and polished 18K rose gold bezel and precision dial; solid rose gold oversized crown and chronograph knob; double-sided rose gold-plated streamlined multi-sided hands; solid steel Alligator strap with fold-over buckle, security button and solid rose gold TAG Heuer logo. Drawing inspiration from GT racing, and inheriting TAG Heuer’s outstanding racing tradition, the Calibre 17 RS is a perfectly crafted watch that is about to perform an unparalleled legend.
Grand CARRERA Calibre 8 RS

Tag Heuer Grand-CARRERA-Calibre-8-RS- large calendar time zone rose gold and stainless steel phase watch

Tag Heuer Grand-CARRERA-Calibre-8-RS-Big Calendar Two Time Zone Display Watches_Master Dial Brown Crocodile Belt
Second time zone and big calendar display features. The Calibre 8 RS big calendar time zone has become the watch of choice for outstanding world tourists, especially for men. From its Grand CARRERA series, the Calibre 8 RS large calendar time zone inherits the technical accuracy of the series and the origins of TAG Heuer and the racing world; however, when first contacting this watch, it is often ignored due to its luxurious details For its unique functionality. The 18K rose gold rotating system at 6 o’clock is decorated with ‘Geneva Ripples’ and polished finishes. The manual large calendar is displayed in the 18K rose gold display window at 12 o’clock. The last equally luxurious feature is the solid rose gold double-layered manual polished beveled hands; the high-quality matte and polished bezel in K rose gold; the oversized screw-in solid rose gold crown; the solid steel folding buckle, Alligator strap with security button and solid rose gold TAG Heuer logo.
Using a new generation of high-end Grand CARRERA chronograph watches, the legendary avant-garde watch brand Heuya, which began in 1860, has once again defended its kingship. TAG Heuer always leads the way in incorporating innovative ideas into the most attractive traditional Swiss chronograph movements.

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