Month: June 2011

Tag Heuer Launches A Luxury Smartphone Inspired By The Top Gt Sports Car Racer

For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has an inextricable connection with racing cars. With its cutting-edge design inspiration, breakthrough technology, reliable and unsurpassed precision timing functions, it has become synonymous with the Swiss avant-garde pioneer. This year, TAG Heuer launched a luxury smartphone, Racer, inspired by the top GT sports car. It combines the top technology of racing with high-performance materials, and is born into a new era of luxury mobile phones. Avant-garde design and ultimate craftsmanship
    TAG Heuer Racer is a masterpiece of cutting-edge design and hand-made. It is inspired by the design inspiration of GT’s top sports cars and TAG Heuer’s precise grasp of cutting-edge craftsmanship. The smart and elegant appearance and its aggressive aggressive curve are bold expressions of TAG Heuer’s unique DNA. Developed in Switzerland, made in France, and equipped with the world’s most intelligent Android operating system. TAG Heuer Racer will allow you to experience the fastest human-machine dialogue and full sense of the future. 3D stereo operation interface.
    What’s more worth mentioning is its noble and unique material, whether it is the high-grade nano-coated rubber derived from Formula 1 tires, or the same aviation-grade titanium alloy material as TAG Heuer, F1 cars and even luxury jets. Or even the finely polished surgical grade 316L stainless steel not only shows the DNA and cutting-edge craftsmanship of TAG Heuer, but also reflects the luxury status and distinctive taste.
Top technology
    TAG Heuer Racer has a 1GHZ high-speed processor, a 3.5-inch large screen with a resolution of 16 million colors, a high-resolution 5 million-pixel autofocus camera, a 640×480-pixel VGA front camera, and an 11-hour continuous music playback function. The advanced Android operating system also supports Download more than 400,000 applications.
Cutting-edge technology
    The new version of the Android system provides users with a more sensitive and user-friendly large input keyboard, enhanced copy and paste functions, the latest sound effects, better power management performance, new download management functions, and more language options.
Excellent model
    The TAG Heuer Racer launched this time has a number of outstanding models that can meet the needs and preferences of different distinguished users-black Formula 1 racing car with nano-coated rubber and 316L stainless steel ‘Leap Classic Black’; 18K rose gold material ‘Prestige Brilliant Gold Series’; and ‘Midnight Dazzle Black Titanium’ as the core model, the front of the model is made of full carbon fiber and black Formula 1 special nano-coated rubber for Formula 1, the dynamic appearance design of the mobile phone comes from The dynamic lines of a GT car.
    TAG Heuer Racer is the representative of avant-garde avant-garde, it perfectly combines the excellence of watchmaking and communication avant-garde avant-garde, the ultimate craftsmanship, the fastest power, galloping the future, all in control!

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