Month: October 2011

Young Man, You Still Lack The Block Table

When it comes to planning after getting rich, everyone started a lively discussion. ‘I want to buy an LV bag,’ a girl said, ‘I want to go to Interlaken.’ The boy silently said … Young man, don’t think so much, you still lack a watch. A good and suitable watch for you will not only increase your temperament. As a companion who accompanies you, the watch is the most loyal friend in your life. When you really discover the charm of a good watch, you will also find that you really like to make ‘friends’.

NOMOS METRO 1101 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 25400
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 1575
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 22850
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: heuer / 10897 /
Recommended reason: This watch from the Carrera series is the most classic and popular watch from Tag Heuer. The online evaluation of this watch can be said to be one-sided praise. Many people’s latest impressions of Tag Heuer are Angelababy and Li Yifeng, the two spokespersons that the brand chose, which caused a lot of attention during the period. The Tag Heuer, founded in 1860, has a long history, but its design philosophy and precise and reliable appearance make it still a representative of Swiss avant-garde style watches. The 39mm design of the case, combined with the case made of stainless steel, is classic without losing grade, and with the watch’s dark blue crocodile leather strap, it can become your ‘best partner’ in the workplace and life.

Summary: With a cell phone, who would watch time with a watch? Watches have changed from necessities to hobbies, and even wear items. However, a good watch can not only reflect your life taste, but also become a testimony of your hard work and life. Young man, you are still missing a watch.

Rolex No Longer Stands Alone, Omega Becomes The Favorite Of The People

Over the years, the leading position in the Chinese watch market has always been Rolex’s stable position. Rolex is still the most sought-after brand on the Internet in the global market, but to say that it has fallen far behind Omega in the Chinese market today.
米 Omega has been particularly sought after in the Chinese market in recent years, and many people even use it as their first choice when buying watches. As early as in the past few years, the Chinese market was still a stand-out for Rolex, but today Omega has been significantly ahead of it, and the gap with this rival is gradually narrowing in the global market.
Rolex is no longer a standout
According to the 2012 ‘World Watch Report’ issued by the Digital Luxury Group, China has overtaken the United States for the first time as the country with the largest demand for watches. It can be seen that it is an indisputable fact that Chinese people love watches. The report selected and analyzed more than one billion watch-related search requests in global search engines, and interpreted watch quotes and customer preferences. Of all watch-related Internet searches, searches from China account for 23%.
Omega Speedmaster Series
If you look at the global market, Rolex is still the most sought-after brand on the Internet, but it must be said that in the Chinese market it has fallen far behind Omega, and of course Longines, as we know it. And excluding the number of Chinese consumers buying on overseas trips, one-third of Omega’s annual output is sold in China.
Omega’s Seahorse Chronograph for the London Olympics
Can be so popular in China, but Omega has lost money. It is also frequently playing a key role in major historical events, such as the official timing of the London Olympics, which once again makes everyone remember the brand. To say the most famous is to participate in the Apollo moon landing program, which also formed the Super Moon Landing Watch Series. When the Soviet Union’s Soyuz and the Apollo docked in space in 1975, there were also Gemini programs and the Sky Lab. Astronauts wore all Omega watches.
Omega watches specially made for the Beijing Olympics
There is also Omega’s advertising investment in China. Omega’s annual advertising volume in print media in our country accounts for about 25% of the total watch brand advertising, which means that a quarter of the watch’s advertising revenue comes from Omega belt bag. It is clear that in addition to its outstanding watchmaking technology, Omega’s position in the Chinese market is inseparable from its huge advertising!

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