Month: November 2011

Technical House’ Table Idiots Play Table New Realm

The world of mechanical watches is running with the beauty of reason. Therefore, in a ‘cousin’ and ‘cousin’ ridicule of each other, we need to take a look at a standard ‘rational playing table’ technology controlled rational ‘sportsmanship’ — not necessarily sitting on Only a million luxury watches, but in rational playing watches, you can understand the infinite rationality of the world.

人物 Character in this issue: Cao Weifeng
Seagull watch high-end movement creation room director, engineer. He holds several patents for self-developed tourbillon.

   Long holiday technical example
Some people spend Golden Week on the road, and some people are ‘on the road’ all their lives, even if they are at home on National Day.
The reporter did not mean to value people who spend the road during the National Day Golden Week. However, if there is a person who, despite his usual love of traveling, will use National Day for a few days to clean up and research a super-sci-fi avant-garde mechanical watch. The reading time and operation method. After the festival, draw the research results into drawings, write text and post on Weibo, share with fellow fans, ‘decrypt for everyone’, then this spirit should be called ‘true love’, oh no, it will play . At least it can be confirmed that he is a true ‘technical control’ watch lover.

The rational world is easy to meet with the same good, because everyone runs on a similar trajectory. Regarding ‘technical control’, it is still a high-probability event to find fellows at home even if they are at home. The most superficial example is that in the last issue of our newspaper’s watch section, I just introduced some avant-garde traditional high-end watches with great interest (see Yangcheng Evening News C13 ‘Those Hard-to-Read Watches’ on October 11th), At the same time, I found fellow fellows sharply! On October 9, Cao Weifeng, a ‘technical control’ member of the watch industry, published a technical post on Weibo, and the drawings detailed the URWERK’s satellite time-flipping system-the delicate design mentioned in this article. It seems that recently, everyone is interested in some whimsy of independent watchmakers!

Cao Weifeng, who often publishes column articles in the watch magazine to analyze the mechanical problems of the watch, is the director of the creative department of the high-end movement of the Seagull watch and an engineer with several patents for self-developed tourbillons. However, he is also a watch fan, so there is no portal view in the research scope. He did not confess his strong preference for the coaxial escapement of Omega, the double escapement of Athens or the spherical tourbillon of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and often explained the watch movements in detail in the professional watch magazines. The exquisite mechanical structure in the medium, without taking the opportunity to advertise their own brand.谈 Talk on the paper, play the table pragmatically
This Weibo name is also called ’52Tourbillon’, which is obviously the ‘I love Tourbillon’ declaration. Optimus Prime and Gundam are well placed next to his workbench. ‘The two are watching my design work quietly. They are my good partners, especially I like the fundamentals of machinery!’ He did with many Like a watch fan, he has been fascinated with the mechanical world of subtle operation since he was a child. ‘Just like the love of tourbillon, not only because of the original difficulty of the tourbillon technology, but also the continuity, rotation, upside down, spherical … there are more and more types of tourbillons, challenging the limits of imagination and wisdom, naturally You will have a desire to conquer. ‘
However, even as a professional researcher and designer of the tourbillon, Cao Weifeng did not have a ‘luxury’ watch-playing experience of ‘hand-off.’ This disappointed reporters who wanted to inquire about the ‘luxury watch-destroying story’. Of course, there are also some peace of mind. This way of playing the table is ‘reaching emotions and endings with courtesies’. After all, the exquisite value of exquisite masterpieces should be carefully appreciated, rather than the ‘burly hands’. His method of playing watches is more inclined to ‘talk on paper’, which is really a pragmatic good method for watch fans who love watches but do not have the strength to own millions of luxury watches.
To study a watch, Cao Weifeng will find a way to find all kinds of original data. For example, the URWERK that he researched and interpreted during the National Day is to find the patent application data archived in the European Patent Office, find someone to translate the French original into Chinese, and then during the National Day, combine the literally translated patent data with various Drawings to understand the analysis. ‘I also carefully mastered the masterpieces in the fellowship exchanges, but to be honest, I really don’t have such strength. I have to get the watches I am interested in and disassemble them.’ The masters are in his mind, not insurance. In the cabinet.
Understand the interest of the world
When traveling, we often tease “Poorism means kinkyness”. Without time to travel, the heart can be on the road. Just by looking at maps, guides, articles, and pictures, the soul can experience the experience of travelling in places. In fact, this is an effort that requires a certain level of professionalism as well as concrete and abstract logical thinking.
As a senior movement R & D engineer with several tourbillon patents, ‘When I first started to develop the orbital tourbillon, it took me more than half a month to calculate it. The finished product took a year and a half. Of course, this is not comparable to many Swiss masters who can spend ten years to make a completely innovative watch in their own minds. ‘Cao Weifeng is already very satisfied with his work and hobby. Contented, ‘Breguet and George Daniel (the inventor of the coaxial escapement, who passed away last year) are my most admired masters. I like to start with their inventions and study their works in different stages in turn. The context and technological development can be very enlightening.
For many people’s controversial road to innovation, Cao Weifeng said that interpreting innovative technology is a tradition in the watch industry, and the top technology of Swiss watches has evolved from continuous interpretation and improvement. Like a Salo almanac system that has become the king of Basel this year, Cao Weifeng believes that it is based on the full gear perpetual calendar of Master Oklin. ‘Actually the existing movement technology, as long as someone makes it, I will research and interpret it, and then find my own way to create the same type of product. The purpose is the same, but the solution is different. This is my Achieved. ‘This kind of multi-question challenge fun is really a typical science student thinking.
Probably in a world of technology-controlled watch fans, the world is both complex and simple. Just like an exquisite mechanical watch, in the continuous and complex operation, you can use a method of defying the cows to remove the cocoons to accurately observe the carding. With description. To give a simple example, this fun is like in the American drama ‘Big Bang’, when the beauty Penny said: ‘I am Sagittarius, I believe you can learn more about me!’ ‘Dead rational’ Sheldon student said immediately: ‘Yes, you can understand that you have a mass cultural delusion, which means that you think that your relative position of the sun relative to an arbitrary constellation at birth may determine your personality.’

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