Month: January 2012

Glashütte Original Releases Impression In Spain

Glashütte Original Brand Impressions (IMPRESSIONS) is being widely read and discussed worldwide. The Spanish version of the biography debuted in Madrid on Thursday, September 29, 2016. Numerous media representatives, partners and brand friends gathered at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum to experience the richness of German watchmaking art in a pleasant atmosphere. This book is the seventh language version of the book since its official release last year, covering multiple aspects of the brand.

   This world-renowned art museum provides the perfect venue for this unique launch. Guests were able to immerse themselves in the world of fine watchmaking in Saxony, Germany, while listening to biographies. Glashütte Original’s original CEO, Yann Gamard, gave a welcome speech before guests began exploring the contents of this comprehensive biography, enjoying a selection of exclusive timepieces, and watching the brand’s experienced watchmaking The master performed lively watchmaking skills.

   The book ‘Impressions’ (IMPRESSIONS) does not introduce the company’s history in a chronological manner in the traditional way. Instead, it brings together a variety of personal memories, professional articles rushing into it, and some moments of historical significance. At the same time, attention is also paid to the uninterrupted 170-year history of watchmaking in the small town of Glashütte. Like the original spirit of Glashütte Original, this new challenge has been poured into a lot of hard work, and it is the result of ‘intensive cultivation’. The project took more than a year to complete: timepiece experts, partners, brand friends, and witnesses from all over the world were invited to participate—to provide memories, knowledge, or help with publishing. The response was strong: authors from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, Canada, China and Russia responded to the brand’s call with great enthusiasm.

   ‘Impression’ reveals Glashütte Original’s original multiple genes from 12 perspectives. ‘Original’, ‘Unity’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Consistent’, ‘Creative’, ‘Achievement’, ‘Alternative’, ‘Aesthetic’, ‘Dedication’, ‘Balance’, ‘Inheritance’ and ‘Foresight’-through The chapters, the brand’s timepieces, and the people behind the works are presented three-dimensionally. These ‘impressions’ occupy about 250 pages. The large format, rich illustrations, exquisite details, clear modern typography, rich detailed design and exquisite touch are also the true reflection of the brand image.

   The German and English versions of Impression’s biography have been available in all Glashütte Original boutiques worldwide in December 2015.

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