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Scenery Scenery European Cup Head Coach’s ‘wrist’

The European Cup is a holiday for men. Stars, coaches and even referees … When a man appears in front of a stadium or a TV in the mountains, all the details that can ignite androgens can become the tipping point of excitement. In such a situation, those watches that are very masculine will naturally become the highlight of the European Championship.
German head coach Luff becomes best coach for watch demonstration
     Although every hardcore fan knows that Ronaldo is an avid watch collector and that Portuguese ‘Playboy’ especially likes the Corum ‘Admiral Cup’ watch, obviously no star will wear a watch on the football field. So people’s attention to the watch naturally shifted from the star to the coach at the court who scolded Fang Yan.
     One of the most popular German team coaches in the European Championships, Loew has almost become the best coach for watch demonstrations, and the IWC large engineer chronograph and the German Football Association limited edition watch are also on fire. .
IWC wears IWC 2012 German Football Association Limited Edition watch
     Luff, a stylish brother of the football coaching industry, has become a topic of discussion among the media and fans for the outfit of each game. This phenomenon began in the 2010 South Africa World Cup. ‘Luff conquered the football and fashion world with a blue pullover.’ At that time, in the Guardian’s comment, the judges praised Luff’s dress taste: ‘Luff is very good at Choosing knitted clothes, and he also knows how to match a scarf. ‘Luff’s hairstyle has also become a target of praise.’ His hairstyle makes him look attractive outside the court line. ‘At the European Championships, Le The husband once again brought the charm of the white shirt to a new level-although the fact that the German team was eliminated by the Italian team shows that it is not enough to just look handsome on the football field.
     In addition to dressing, Loew also has considerable skill in the choice of watches. The German Football Association Limited Edition watch he wears has a case diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 15 mm. It is equipped with a large-scale 51011 movement, with an efficient Pellaton detent winding system, a 7-day power reserve, a date display and a Breguet hairspring. The German Pilot’s Watch Limited Edition of this large pilot series proves that ‘big’ is not just limited to diameter. The black and red on the woven strap is taken from the German flag, and the bright red also resonates strongly on the dial hands. If you want to get this watch, unless you are nominated by Love, or if the buyer has good luck, you can place an order first in the priority area, because only 250 watches will be produced.
     Also becoming an IWC supporter is Italian team coach Prandelli, who wears a limited edition of the old IWC pilot chase stitch with a triple date display that can record up to 12 hours of single and cumulative time. France coach Blanco wears a limited edition of the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar. Launched in 2010, this watch is limited to only 50 pieces in 18K red gold. Not only has a perpetual calendar function, but also equipped with power reserve display, countdown to the next full moon and moon phase display of the northern and southern hemisphere, and can even accurately display the moon age of the northern and southern hemisphere: only one day of deviation every 577 years.
IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition watch worn by Italian coach Prandelli
     As the official watch of the 2012 European Cup, Hublot’s logo continues to appear on the referee’s timer. England coach Hodgson frequently looked at the watch in the final game of the group stage, adding a lot of appearances for the Hublot King Power European Cup limited edition wrist watch. This King Power has been used by Hublot in almost all areas related to men’s dreams, whether it is F1 limited edition or Ferrari limited edition, this large watch advertised as ‘fusion’ adds a lot of king’s domineering. Unfortunately, Maradona, a loyal user of this watch, did not appear in the European Cup. He believed that many Hublot scenes still have fresh memories.
     When it comes to coaching, I have to mention that Portuguese Boaz, who was Chelsea’s head coach. The coach who loved watch watched the TAG Heuer Monaco watch when he was a teenager. He bought Graham’s Swordfish watch at Chelsea. After winning the UEFA Cup, he also wore a limited edition watch made for him by Franck Muller.
     Just as Germany loves IWC, Spain and Swiss watchmaker Zenith are also old friends. As early as 2010, Spain’s head coach Bosque started working with Zenith, and an El Primero series commander watch became a mark on Bosque’s wrist. The El Primero series has always been a representative of high-frequency movements, and is one of the world’s most accurate standard mechanical movements. The vibration of ten times per second has provided the watch with extremely stable running time, and has become a precise milestone for chronographs.

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