Month: October 2012

Views Of Vacheron Constantin 47040/000m-9500 Watch Appreciation

Vacheron Constantin, a fine watchmaking brand founded in Geneva in 1755, has been adhering to the motto of the brand of excellence and excellence since its inception, and has created an amazing and exquisite watch on the wrist. The watch world has an unshakable position.
 I believe everyone is familiar with the watch brand of Vacheron Constantin. The vertical and horizontal series is an extremely important watch series in the Vacheron Constantin family. It is different from the artistic value of the master of art, different from the historical significance of inheritance, and more complicated. Series of superb technology. It has a vibrant and aggressive design style, unlike other Vacheron Constantin’s sharp riches and luxury. This time we will come together to appreciate a stainless steel watch from the horizontal and vertical series, worth 47,040 / 000M-9500 of 101600, and feel the magnificent Vacheron Constantin.

47040 / 000M-9500 is a mechanical watch for men. The stainless steel material makes it not the luxury of most Vacheron Constantin watches, but shows a tough and tough style. The unique rudder-shaped bezel that crosses the four seas is made of stainless steel, which can better reflect the vitality. The black dial and the color of the case are similar, which makes the watch feel like a whole body. Coupled with the black leather strap, it makes the watch show the unbridledness and coherence.

 This 47040 / 000M-9500 is the simplest model in the vertical and horizontal series. The calendar window between 4 and 5 o’clock is its sole function. The 12 o’clock position logo perfectly reflects the brand value of the watch. The stainless steel material, the black surface color, and the rudder-shaped bezel make the watch’s style uniform and can be well highlighted. The pin buckle leather strap will also bring a very comfortable feel. For its price of 101600, it has a very high cost performance.
 Watch details: vacheron / 15981 /

$ 84,000: Do You Buy Two Watches With This Money?

Friends who often participate in watch auctions have the impression that basically every watch auction is indispensable for two brands of watches, that is, Patek Philippe and Rolex. Not only that, these two brands are also the representatives who have the most stable performance in auctions and can continuously set auction records. This is the brand effect in the watch auction first mentioned in this article. Relying on its consistent good reputation, Rolex has steadily demonstrated its ‘other hard currency than gold’ characteristics at the auction floor, while Patek Philippe is a guarantee that it can continue to refresh its high-priced transaction records at the auction floor. Every Patek Philippe watch will have detailed archives when it is sold. Even if it is sold in the auction market or the second-hand market in the future, these archives are also effective and can increase the value of the product itself. Before Patek Philippe launched its new Patek Philippe imprint in 2009, the Patek Philippe watch movement was engraved with the Geneva imprint, which itself is a high degree of recognition and recognition of fine polishing and movement decoration.
    You know, so far there are only six or seven manufacturers who are eligible to use this mark. In the first auction of Antigollon this year held on March 11, 2010, Patek Philippe Platinum 3970 (Lot 220), which was the finale, became the ‘bid king’ of this auction for $ 14,1600. The second is the Patek Philippe Platinum Case 5970 (Lot218, $ 138,000 USD).
    Among the top ten watch lots sold in this auction, Patek Philippe occupied 7 of them. This is not only the case at the Antiguron auction house, but also Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses, which also have a certain influence in the field of watch auctions. In the spring and autumn auctions each year, Patek Philippe also often occupies more than 80% of the top ten seats in each auction turnover, followed by big names such as Breguet, Lange, Vacheron Constantin.

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