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Five Points To Understand 2017 Tour De France

The Tour de France this time is a bit incredible. The race has just passed halfway. To be precise, some half of the world’s top drivers have timed out for various reasons. Being shut down or retiring without completing, especially stage 9-quasi-queen stage-contains three HC stages, including uphill slopes of more than 10% and difficult downhill, which has aroused many people In the end, 12 players retired, the FDJ team suffered heavy losses, and Sky Vice-President Thomas dropped out of the race. Obviously, this year’s Tour de France is a lot more dangerous than usual, especially the addition of the 5 most difficult mountain stages, also makes this game a lot more exciting and exciting.

Where does the Tour de France come from
   The Tour de France was first held on July 1, 1903. At that time, six stages were set up, and the schedule was 19 days. Only 60 players participated, including some amateurs and street figures. This race was held. It was not originally to promote the sporting spirit of bicycles, but a political game behind it-different positions on anti-Semitism traditions. Hosted by a magazine, L’Auto, at the time, it gained a lot of exposure and social support with the help of bicycle racing, thereby gaining a foothold in public opinion and influence. Because the closing time was not set at first, there are often competitors who ride in the middle of the night in order to complete the race. The organizer has to keep the road clear and wait until midnight. After that, this cruel competition method is not suitable for the development of the times, so it increased. Closing time, and set closing rules to enhance competitiveness.

Tour de France 1903

   During the two world wars, the Tour de France was interrupted a total of ten times due to the political, economic and social environment. This is why this year is the 104th, not the 114th.
Tour de France 2017

Tour de France 2017 road map

   Based on the origins of the Tour de France, this event lays the next tradition and is held in July every year. The 2017 Tour de France is held from July 1st to July 23rd and lasts 23 days, including 21 stages (one stage per day) and two days of rest from Dusseldorf, Germany The starting point is the Champs-Elysées in Paris, France, which crosses Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the middle. For the first time in 24 years, it covers the five major mountains in France: Vosges, Jura, Central Highlands, Pyrenees And the Alps.
Four types of cycling shirts

Winners of four types of jerseys and dare to win prizes in stage 15

   Each stage, the organizers will award four kinds of cycling shirts, which is the supreme glory of the rider. The heaviest weight is the yellow jersey, awarded to the leader of the overall performance; the green jersey, awarded to the leader of the sprint points; the polka red and white spotted shirt, awarded to the best climber; the white sportswear, awarded to the under 25 The best. So in addition to each team’s own uniform, these special-colored cycling shirts represent the best performance in a certain aspect of the stage, and have time rewards. Often, teams will arrange different drivers for ranking. Compete for these four cycling shirts.
The famous Tour de France
   After losing a few world-class players after losing in stage 9, we can still see that the coaches of several main teams have not ‘fallen out.’

Sky Team coach Froom

Christopher FROOME: This British veteran was born in 1985 and served in the world’s top team Team Sky (Sky Team). Froome is a well-deserved number one in cycling and has won three Tour de France titles so far ( (2013, 2015 and 2016 respectively), the drivers who have won the most awards after entering the new century. In this tournament, Froom has won 9 stages of the yellow cycling shirt (as of the 15th stage), has been surpassed in the 12/13 stage, and then continues to chase back to the first place, where Sky Team has also become the team with the highest total score in this competition. Of course, this can not be separated from the help of Froom’s deputy coach Thomas. In the first nine stages of this game, the remaining four The winner of the yellow jersey is Thomas (unfortunately, he dropped the car and retired in the ninth stage).

Quick Step Team Sprinter Kittel

Marcel KITTEL: Kitel is a very good sprinter for the fast-walking floor team. In this Tour de France season, he has won five stage championships and won 11 green cycling jerseys (up to stage 15), especially It was in stage 7 that Kittel won the stage championship with a 6mm advantage, smashing Hagen. As the promoter of the sprint train, Kitel left Giant in 2016 to join the fast-walk team and form and run the original team. Obviously, this person who can stand out in the big group is a very important heavyweight driver this year .

Orica-Scott coach Simon Yates

Simon YATES: Simon Yates was born in 1992 and is just 25 years old this year. He is the head of the Orica-Scott team. This is also the youngest of many team leaders. In this Tour de France season, he won 11 consecutive times The white cycling shirt (up to stage 15) is a very strong driver for young riders. Compared with the deputy coach, sprinter, and Rabbit Group controller, the coach’s task is more difficult, the overall strength requirements are higher, and the team The core task in tactics, as a young teenager, he clearly has an advantage in physical fitness, especially after the fifth stage, his overall score has remained in the top ten of each stage.
Who decides the winner


Tissot High Speed ​​Camera

   However, this cut away the driver’s own strength, the team’s tactical cooperation, and the influence of the weather environment. As a heavyweight bicycle race, accurate timing is an important factor in determining the winner. As mentioned earlier, Kitel won the championship with a slight advantage in the seventh stage, and this weak advantage was completely imperceptible to the naked eye when he and the train driver approached the end at a sprint speed of about 70km / h. Who is the champion and what is the basis for the referee’s decision?

The scene of Kitel and Hagen sprinting through high-speed camera

Tour de France Tissot Timing Control Room

   That’s right, the accurate timer is the most important equipment of the game to ensure the fairness and justice of the rules. As the official timing partner of the 2017 Tour de France, Tissot has a heavy responsibility. At the competition site, Tissot provided the organizing committee with the most sophisticated measurement and calculation equipment, including high-speed cameras, real-time processing system for game results, image timing, transfer timing control, scoreboard, and so on. At the end of each stage, a Tissot precision time-lapse camera system is installed. One of the high-speed cameras is specially used for television broadcasts. The other high-speed cameras record the instantaneous images of the drivers as they pass the finish line from different angles, providing the final referee Judgment basis. These high-speed cameras can take 10,000 photos per second, that is, the Tissot precision timing system can accurately record images and time to 0.0001 seconds. All these data will be aggregated into the data statistics and analysis system provided by Tissot, which will display in real time the time spent by each participant in each stage. This set of real-time processing system for race results is designed according to the rules of ORIS, and the statistics of the Tour de France are used to provide a basis for fair judgment of the race.

Left: Tissot Chrono XL special Tour de France watch
Right: Tissot Racing Series Tour de France Special Watch

   In addition, in addition to exciting events, Tissot has decided to launch a special series of the Tour de France 2017 and a special watch of the Tissot Tour de France 2017, which perfectly combines the racing and sports spirit of the Tour de France. The color scheme uses the champion yellow shirt as the main color, paying the highest respect to the winning yellow shirt army. Among them, the distinctive cycling elements of the special Tissot Tour de France Tour de France 2017 watch are impressive. The hands and straps have the image of front forks and tires, forming a symbol more like the front wheel of a bicycle. The brake lever becomes a time-keeping operation handle, the rear flywheel becomes the engraved decoration and crown details on the back cover, and the chain strap is decorated with a chain stripe on the inside of the silicone strap. The overall design is the highest respect for the Tour de France.

Creating Extraordinary Roger Dubuis And Lamborghini Sports Department’s New Limited Timepiece Beijing Skp Debut

On October 17, Roger Dubuis, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, opened its ‘Creating Extraordinarily’ exhibition in Beijing’s SKP Atrium. The new limited edition Excalibur Aventador S series watch jointly launched by Roger Dubuis and the Lamborghini Sports Department proudly landed in Asia and appeared in Beijing, China to create an amazing and extraordinary experience.

   Through rich visual elements and creative design, the exhibition has shaped another stunning aesthetic image, showing the brand’s outstanding ability to subvert and innovate. Its inspiration comes from the exterior design of the Lamborghini supercar. The black frame and the display cabinet are all imitated by the tubing of a super-running car, just like being in an outstanding mechanical world.

   At the same time, a supercar frame is set up for viewing in the exhibition hall, and a test driving simulator is like driving a Lamborghini Aventador S supercar on the track, creating a racing atmosphere for the exhibition hall.

   The highlights of the exhibition are the Excalibur Aventador S series watches, two timepieces, limited to 88 and 8 pieces, respectively, showing Roger Dubuis’s extraordinary style. The limited edition of 88 pieces incorporates Lamborghini’s ‘Giallo Orion’ (yellow Orion) iconic yellow, which is presented in various design elements of the watch; the limited edition of 8 pieces is ‘Arancio Argos’ The supercar is a paradigm of interpretation and was launched at a lower volume and is now sold out.
   Roger Dubuis engineers and designers created a kinetic energy storage display in the center of the watch, like a transparent ‘hood’, which became the core symbol of the watch. Its new Duotor movement reinterprets Roger Dubuis’ iconic ‘interstellar cutout’ concept.

   In addition, Roger Dubuis’ classic Excalibur King series selected timepieces were also exhibited together to witness the brand’s most wonderful works. When the engineer’s extraordinary vision and watchmaker’s extraordinary creativity met, everything was so natural. .

Summary: The launch of the new Excalibur Aventador S series watches is a fusion of fine watchmaking and super sports cars, and gives them the value of ‘fearless speed’ experience, which undoubtedly means that Roger Dubuis’s works will continue to be Going higher. The exhibition continues until October 23, and interested tablemates may wish to check it out at the scene.

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