Month: March 2013

Breitling And Norton Motorcycle International Brands Join Forces

Breitling, a Swiss watch brand, has announced an innovative partnership with British motorcycle manufacturer Norton Motorcycle, which will lead to a series of unique collaborative products and features inspired by the two major brands Exciting and very similar historical chronology, Breitling will also use some of the typical materials of the legendary high-performance Norton motorcycle.

   This is a match made in heaven. Breitling and Norton motorcycles are both established in the 19th century and have a long history. The visionary founders named their companies after their own names and set the industry’s benchmark to a large extent. James Lansdowne Norton founded his own company in 1898, starting with the manufacture of two-wheeled vehicle parts, and produced the first motorcycle in 1902. At that time, Willie Léon Breitling’s workshops in the Jura Mountains have also had more than ten years of watchmaking experience.
   These two long-established brands have incredible stories. For more than half a century, Breitling has enjoyed a good reputation for its close relationship with aviation and its pioneering position in the field of chronograph watches. Norton Motorcycles has always been recognized as the top motorcycle manufacturer in the UK, both on and off the track. which performed.

   Georges Kern, who has been Breitling’s CEO since the summer of 2017, said Breitling has a striking similarity to Norton motorcycles. ‘Both companies have a spirit of innovation and pioneering, as well as a strong historical heritage.’ At the same time, he said, ‘At the same time, we work together with each other to look forward to what we call Breitling’s’ legendary future. ‘
   In 2008, Stuart Garner acquired Norton Motorcycles and gave the brand new vitality. He agreed with Georges Kern and said, ‘I have always believed that the key to the success of a business is to make the brand truly a brand. This is the core of Norton motorcycle and Breitling development. We never try to change the nature of the brand or deny its history. In fact, we are reinvigorating and inspiring from history while looking at the future. ‘

   Georges Kern believes that loyal fans of Breitling and Norton motorcycles will have a strong interest in each other’s brands. He said: ‘Both companies are known for their’ cool style ‘products. It is not difficult to imagine that when a Norton motorcycle rider wears a classic Breitling watch, this is simply an aspiring and attitude brand Strong alliance. ‘
   The new Breitling watches will draw on the core elements of the two brands, providing watch and motorcycle enthusiasts with a unique opportunity, a perfect fusion of superb Swiss watchmaking technology and the outstanding performance of ‘Made in the UK’ motorcycles, so as to fully demonstrate personal appeal.

Seiko Gps Satellite Positioning Solar Power Watch Shocked Listing

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, Tokyo’s ‘Seiko Salon’ opened as usual, but visitors are greeted with a striking new image, that is the new Seiko Astron GPS satellite positioning too A lively display of an energy watch. The Wako Department Store, where Seiko Salon is located, is a landmark building in Tokyo. In the central large window of Seiko Salon, a huge montage image composed of about 50 screens shows Seiko Astron watches and its extraordinary Powerful features. At the same time, the store’s famous clock tower is also reflected in a layer of blue, like the mysterious dark blue presented by the earth seen from space, symbolizing that the Astron series of amazing GPS technology will cover us Every corner of a beautiful planet.

   On October 10, 2012, the Royal Greenwich Observatory witnessed the global listing of Seiko Astron watches, which will add a strong color to the history of the watch industry. Just as the Harrison Chronometer installed in the Observatory created a new standard for precision timekeeping to make international travel safer and more reliable, the new Seiko Astron watch gives modern timekeeping a completely new definition of time with its new function of identifying all time zones worldwide New revolution

   The new Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS satellite-powered solar watch. It does not require external energy and is completely self-sustaining. It only needs to be driven by light energy, but it can be connected to a GPS network. It can accurately tell the time like an atomic clock. With the press of a button, it can identify 39 time zones around the world. It took us ten years to create the new Seiko Astron watch, and to show its advanced functions perfectly on a beautiful and comfortable watch. Like its outstanding previous watch, the world’s first quartz watch introduced in 1969, the new Astron GPS satellite-powered solar watch will change the way the world recognizes time.
   While developing Astron, SEIKO (Seiko) developed a series of new technologies and applied for more than 100 patents. Only SEIKO (Seiko) can bring travellers all over the world what they have always wanted, a watch that can understand and recognize global time zones.
An innovation that transforms Seiko Astron from dream to reality
Ultra-low power GPS module
   In order for Astron to determine its position and maintain the accuracy of the atomic clock, it must receive signals from at least four GPS satellites, which orbit Earth at an altitude of 20,000 kilometers. The challenge is naturally energy consumption. The energy required to maintain the normal operation of an Astron watch is 10,000 times that of an ordinary quartz watch and 200 times that of a radio wave watch. After 6 years of research and development, SEIKO has finally successfully developed a highly efficient GPS module for watches. When it receives signals, it can avoid tracking satellite signals with poor reception conditions and wasting energy. Therefore, the new Seiko Astron GPS module achieves amazing energy-saving functions, and its energy consumption is only one-fifth that of ordinary GPS modules.
2. Highly sensitive loop antenna
   Early in the development, SEIKO decided that the new Seiko Astron must be a regular-sized watch and comfortable to wear. The key issue is how to place the antenna in the case. At present, chip antennas and microstrip antennas, which are widely used in GPS equipment, have the same two major problems: poor signal reception in a metal watch case, and large volume. So SEIKO set out to design a new type of antenna to solve these problems. The solution is to invent a highly sensitive loop antenna that can be placed on the outer part of the round case. By placing the antenna under the bezel, SEIKO succeeded in pushing its reception to new limits. This characteristic is further enhanced by the use of ceramic bezels, because ceramic materials are superior to metal materials in terms of radio wave reception.
3. Exquisite, compact and low power consumption
   Seiko Astron uses lithium-ion batteries, similar to today’s mobile phones and other devices. However, the size and reliability of batteries can cause problems over time, and they will crack after being charged and discharged too frequently. Astron uses a new type of lithium-ion secondary battery, which is tiny and can be easily placed in the case. It is also equipped with a newly developed integrated circuit to monitor and manage its charge and discharge, thereby ensuring the safety and durability of this rechargeable battery. This integrated circuit consumes only 1/10 of the energy of an integrated circuit in a similar mobile phone.
4. Thinking sensors
   The sensor of Seiko Astron realizes the automatic adjustment of time by judging the state of the remaining energy and the state of the last signal receiving condition. In this way, it saves power and ensures that it can use the maximum power to connect to the GPS network. As long as the sensor detects sunlight or other strong light sources every day, Astron will automatically connect to the GPS satellite and adjust the time under the required conditions to ensure its amazing accuracy of 100,000 years and 1 second. When the watch is covered by clothing or under insufficient light, the sensor will call the status information of the last successful time adjustment and search for satellite signals. If enough energy is stored, the watch will receive signals every day. If the remaining energy is low, the watch will automatically adjust its time interval to save energy. Also, when the logo on the watch shows “E” (indicating insufficient energy) or the flight mode is on, the automatic time adjustment function will not work. Astron’s ‘thinking’ sensors will be integrated into the world and into the wearer’s lifestyle.
Global network of Seiko Astron watches
   The new Seiko Astron watch series has been launched in many retail outlets around the world, including sales centers in Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and other regions. After the successful appearance of the Basel International Watch & Clock Fair, Astron has been launched in more than 50 markets around the world this year, and its market share will continue to increase in 2013 with increasing production. In 1969, the Astron quartz revolution led a new era in watchmaking. Today, the second-generation Astron revolution has opened a new chapter.
Technical Parameters:
Seiko Astron GPS Solar Positioning Watch 7X52
Global positioning control time and time zone adjustment function
Hour, minute and second hands
Date display
Perpetual calendar accurate to February 2100
Signal reception result display
Global time function (39 time zones)
Daylight saving time function
Power reserve function
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month
(No time signal received, temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius)
Case: Black wear-resistant carbon film-treated high-strength titanium and ceramic bezel (SAST001G / SAST007G)
    High-strength titanium and ceramic bezel (SAST003G / SAST005G)
    Stainless steel, ceramic bezel (SAST009G)
    Black abrasion-resistant carbon film-treated stainless steel, ceramic bezel (SAST011G)
    Case diameter: 47.0mm, thickness: 16.5mm
Strap: Black high-strength carbon film-treated high-strength titanium, tri-fold button switch clasp (SAST001G / SAST007G)
    High-strength titanium, tri-fold button switch clasp (SAST003G / SAST005G)
    Extended Silicone Strap, Tri-Fold Push Button Switch Buckle (SAST009G / SAST011G)
Mirror: Ultra-clear coated sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic reactance: 4,800 A / m
Suggested retail price in China: RMB 13,000 ~ 22,000
Limited edition of 2,500 pieces (SAST001G)

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