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The Cartier Clé De Cartier Collection The Key To Reshaping Time

The birth of all good things always has an opportunity or a story, just like the birth of every watch is accompanied by fate. In 1904, Louis Cartier designed a flight watch for his friend, legendary aerospace pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, and named it ‘Santos’. Since then, a legendary jeweler has begun the road to legendary watchmaking. The Tank series of 1918 was inspired by tanks that broke through the deadlock of the European War. It not only paid tribute to this military invention, but also expressed people’s yearning for and desire for peace. Even the Ballon Bleu series in 2007 was inspired by the first hot air balloon in the history of mankind-‘Montegolfir Hot Air Balloon’, symbolizing a spirit of innovation that breaks through the mortar. However, after 8 years, a new member of the Cartier watch family Clé de Cartier series is finally born, what kind of story is accompanied by it?

Why is a new Cartier member a ‘key’?
   For a century, Cartier has maintained its own rhythm and rigorous attitude in the creation of watch timepieces, which not only makes watch lovers have an endless aftertaste of its classics, but also looks forward to its innovation. Today, the latest Clé de Cartier series is finally born. ‘CLÉ’ in French means the key, which is a story of nostalgia.

   Remember the old clock at home when you were a kid? The old melodious bell sound is the first impression left by time. Grandma and grandma at home use a key to insert the clock hole from time to time to debug the only time machine in the house. Do you also secretly pick up the magic key to find out? The latest Clé de Cartier watch is inspired by the key of this ancient debugging watch, it is integrated into the design of the Clé de Cartier crown, and it is inlaid with a sapphire in the manner customary by Cartier. mysterious. Ancient watches and clocks used the key as a winding tool and time adjustment tool. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, the performance of key winding and time adjustment was gradually replaced by the crown. Nowadays, the Clé de Cartier series re-inspired the key design, full of nostalgia and return, it has to make people feel nostalgic.
   At the same time, the Clé de Cartier series crown not only achieves the shape of a key in design, but also has a similar experience in the use experience. First of all, the function of the crown on the winding and time adjustment is the same as that of a normal watch, except that it feels more like a key when used. Before winding and adjusting the watch, you must first unscrew the crown, which looks like a key, just like using a key to debug a classic clock. After the adjustment, the crown is pushed back to its original position, without the need for hands. Can automatically restore the vertical state. In addition, the design also adds a pleasant sound effect. The soft ‘click’ sound is accompanied by turning and pushing the crown to stimulate the senses in subtle places. This mysterious charm is in no way inferior to the attractiveness of the old clock at home.
Just looking at the degree of identification
   How to persist in continuous innovation and transformation is a difficult problem for everyone and every brand. So what classic DNA has Cartier kept in the process of watchmaking for hundreds of years? Take a look at these different Cartier series.

   These are the classic styles of Cartier’s different series. At first glance, they must look different. They are square, round, and tortoise-shaped, but there are a lot of uniform elements in detail. Needless to say, the “Cartier” logo, the uniform Roman numeral hour markers, the uniform sword-shaped blue-steel hands, the sapphire crown, the silver-plated engraved dial with the sunray effect, and even the brand’s unique Tank square , Santos circle, Tortue tortoise have become irreplaceable elements … these subtle classic elements are exactly the brand DNA belonging to Cartier. Of course, not all designs should be based on these elements, but these are undoubtedly the most distinctive brand genes.

   Then compare the latest Clé de Cartier series classics. The result is obvious. At a glance, you know that it is a friend of Cartier’s family. Even if Cartier releases a new series after a few years, it will not escape too far.
   As for the shape of the case of this new member of the family, it is still necessary to talk about it. How can it come out in the air, such an indescribable shell that is in line with the visual arts. In fact, watch lovers know that this is a very popular ‘abalone shell’ pebble case in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, many watch brands launched similar abalone shell watches. Today, Cartier reproduces this classic design, not only because of its round, plump, one-piece beauty, but also with a strong retro charm.

The amateur looks at the excitement, the amateur looks at the movement
   The Clé de Cartier series, which debuted in April 2015, was the first to introduce the three-pin plus date model, with a total of 40 mm, 35 mm, and 31 mm models. The 40mm and 35mm models are equipped with 1847MC automatic movement; the 31mm version is equipped with general automatic movement. The Clé de Cartier floating tourbillon watch, which will be launched in September, is equipped with a 9452 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement equipped with a floating tourbillon. In the future, Cartier will be equipped with high-performance movements in this promising new series, which is even more exciting.

   Among them, the new 1847MC independently developed by Cartier is of great concern. ‘1847’ is not an accidental acquisition, but represents the year when the brand was founded. To this day, Cartier has developed 33 unique Cartier movements. Although the brands always like to name their own research and development movements in their own special years, they can be named after the brand’s founding year, which shows that Cartier has a strong sense of this movement It must take a lot of effort to pay attention to it.
   This self-winding 1847 MC calibre has a diameter of 25.6 mm. The movement adopts the same design principles as the case: simplicity and generosity, focusing on efficiency. The movement is equipped with a fast barrel, which greatly improves the stability of the travel time. The two-way automatic winding mechanism uses a specially designed lever system, which is particularly sturdy and durable. The movement is decorated with Geneva ripples (Vagues de Genève), with a semi-instantaneous date display and a 42-hour power reserve.

   The Clé de Cartier floating tourbillon watch, which will be launched in September, is exactly the brand’s enthusiasm. It immediately filled the gap and filled the gap of this series of high-complexity models. In addition to the striking appearance of luxurious diamond paving, the 9452 MC manual winding movement equipped inside, equipped with a floating tourbillon is even more eye-catching. The diameter of the movement is 24.9 millimeters, the number of movement parts is 142, and various brushing and chamfering are self-evident. The balance frequency is 21600 times per hour, and the power reserve is about 50 hours. Finally, there is no doubt about the ‘Poinçon de Genève’ (Mark of Geneva).
   In short, this Clé de Cartier series is worthy of watch fans’ expectations from the inside out.
   Summary: This is a popular ‘nostalgic’ era. People are busy moving forward, nostalgic and nostalgic, instead of blindly pursuing speed and enjoyment, they are beginning to seek emotional and spiritual belonging. Under these circumstances, Cartier launched such a watch series with retro style, nostalgic taste and innovative spirit, which is undoubtedly very suitable in this era in spirit. As for the craftsmanship, technology, and design of the watch … the above has been described in sufficient detail. Moreover, the brand’s century-old craftsmanship, the guarantee and consideration of the masterpiece of art design, and more unintentional, waiting for watch fans to get started.
   Finally, put on a Clé de Cartier watch, remember a period of time, and start a new journey. (Picture / text watch Yuan Jingli)

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