Month: June 2013

Oris John Coltrane Limited Watch Tribute To Jazz Legend

Headquartered in Switzerland and founded in 1904, the famous Swiss watch brand —- Oris has always insisted on using traditional Swiss craftsmanship to create truly perfect mechanical watches. In the past century, through continuous pursuit and improvement of watch quality and connotation, the ORIS Oris brand has become a model in the field of mechanical watches and has also been widely respected.

Music legend-saxophonist John Coltrane

ORIS Oris watches are carefully crafted by hand, dedicated to watch enthusiasts who are keen on mechanical movements and pursuing extreme and eternal value. The products cover the four series of culture, flying, motor sports and diving. Among the most popular cultural series of ORIS is the Jazz watch from ORIS. Just like the development of movies from black and white to color, the functions of today’s watches are not only reflected in the monotonous separation and overlap of hands. Watches are inherently great arts connected to music, and the sound of ticking away is just a great musical note that goes hand in hand with time. Music to music masters is just like watchmaking to watchmaking masters, both of which are extremely perfect artistic expression.
In 2013, ORIS promoted its work in the field of cultural watch models: the limited edition of Sir John Coltrane of ORIS Oris, designed to pay tribute to cultural icons. As a true music legend, saxophonist John Coltrane’s contribution to the field of Jazz is inestimable. He has affected not only his contemporaries but also subsequent generations. At the same time, John Coltrane is widely respected as a talented musician, composer, and the first person to improvise. The style and appearance design of the limited edition watch launched by ORIS Oris is to evoke a memory of the American jazz scene in the late 1950s, which is also the golden age of John Coltrane.

 ORIS Oris 2013 latest masterpiece of Sir John Coltrane’s limited edition of the cultural series (limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide)

This time, the watch is made of highly curved sapphire glass, which is reminiscent of the previous plastic glass watch, but the quality and hardness have been greatly improved. The stainless steel case is also inspired by the style of ORIS in the 1950s, with a very retro taste. And Coltrane’s influence on this elegant retro model is not just a single surface. The striking blue minute scale on the beautiful black dial is reminiscent of his famous record album “Blue Train” released in 1957. . ‘Blue Train’ can be said to be John Coltrane’s first record to form his own style in the exploration, but also the most powerful first hit in his Bop career. The theme song ‘Blue Train’ uses three pipes to play at the same time to simulate the ‘horn’ sound of this blue train when it sails. It is unique and original, and John Coltrane’s imaginative and galloping performance, combined with a tight but steady rhythm, let the Bop song In a simpler and smoother rhythm, the wind speeds up the sense of hearing.

The sapphire glass of ORIS Oris John Coltrane limited edition watch has a very beautiful mirror arc, which is made of imitation plastic glass

For Jazz fans and vintage watch enthusiasts, ORIS’s latest limited edition of Sir John Coltrane is an indispensable collection. Limited production of 1,000 pieces worldwide, with luxurious blue velvet lining and watch pillows, inspired by Coltrane’s musical instrument cover, echoes the blue minute scale of the dial.

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