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Conviction Begins And Becomes Better – Citizen Basel Watch & Clock Shows New Brand Strategy

33,771 movement motherboards, each one tells a story of continuous exploration in time; 4,811 steel wires, using creativity to freeze time in the moment of light and shadow; in 1984, we focused on watchmaking. Not satisfied with the past, we do not believe that improvement will have an end. We believe that enthusiasm, creativity, optimism and hard work will create every moment of excellence in the future.

 From March 27th to April 3rd, 2014, the 42nd Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland. Citizen, the world’s leading watch brand, debuted with its new flagship product, and released the 2014 new brand strategy ‘Better Starts Now ‘means that Citizen will uphold its brand conviction of’ make the world a better place with imagination, struggle and optimism ‘, as always, keep improving, and create a more outstanding and brilliant future chapter. At the exhibition site, Citizen once again joined hands with DGT, a famous architectural art studio in Paris, to interpret the ubiquitous time and light with the theme of ‘Compressed Time’, and to display the core values ​​of Citizen in a space full of fantasy.

 Last year, the ‘Frozen Time’ theme exhibition hall created by Citizen using the watch’s basic parts and movement motherboard was well received. The imaginative and creative space art brought shocking feelings to the audience. This year’s Citizen showroom continues this highly infectious expression. Visually, in order to better display time and light, the 33,771 movement motherboards suspended in the air, each position has been carefully calculated and set, and it is more intuitive to feel the time when it starts. Shocked. This is a vivid portrayal of Citizen’s craftsman-like skills and continuous expansion of technological boundaries, using rich experience to continuously explore new possibilities. In addition, the integration of the two elements of light and sound also allows visitors to experience the original joy and touch of the soul that time brings to people.

 To think and create with infinite imagination, to make impossible with infinite enthusiasm, and to continuously improve with the spirit of optimism. This is the belief that Citizen has established since its founding in 1930, and it has not changed in 84 years. From a light kinetic energy watch that revolutionizes the traditional watch drive mode, to a light kinetic energy multi-wave radio watch that can easily convert time differences across multiple global radio waves, to a light kinetic energy satellite time watch that can correct time by receiving satellite signals, Citizen once It has refreshed people’s understanding of watches, and has repeatedly promoted innovation and technology to a whole new level.

 Citizen launched the 2014 flagship Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100 at Basel this year. The biggest highlight of the new watch is its signal receiving speed. It only takes 3s to complete accurate time synchronization from satellite to watch. The design of the watch is inspired by solar panels that power the orbiting satellites, and the hollow buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock simulate the design of the navigation satellite fuselage. At the same time, in order to better reflect the sense of speed, the four hands are controlled by four independent motors, which move and respond more quickly. The case has a streamlined design with a metallic sheen in space and a mirror-polished texture. The use of titanium alloy material makes the watch lighter and thinner, only 12.4 mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest solar-powered satellite timekeeping watch.

 Since its introduction, the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE series has won many praises in the world. In 2011, Citizen launched the world’s first Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE that can receive satellite signals to synchronize the time and date, bringing the watch’s innovative technology to a whole new level. Two years later, the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE – AIR was launched on the glory, and for the first time, it adopted a stunning all-metal case design, which greatly improved the speed and sensitivity of the time signal reception, and once again became the focus of attention. This year, Citizen has launched a new generation of satellite synchronization technology with innovative significance. The lighter and thinner Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F100 has the world’s fastest satellite signal reception speed and can cover 40 time zones.

    ‘F100 is not only a milestone in Citizen’s technological innovation, it is also a timing partner tailored for dream practitioners.’ The designer of F100 said that this is a group of optimistic, self-confident people who persist in conviction. They don’t care about the past, they always look to the future; they are not limited to time and space, they can overcome all difficulties for their dreams; they don’t feel complacent for their achievements, but they are eager for a new journey.

   Better Starts Now! This is exactly what Citizen hopes to convey to consumers through watches. The meaning of time does not lie in minutes and seconds, but in the distance traveled by the pointer tick. Every now is a new starting point to the next great. In the future, Citizen will continue to abide by this belief, and with imagination and passion, it will unsatisfactorily explore and innovate, and continue to advance on the road to creating the future of watches.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it.

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Seiko Introduces Two New Presage Spring Drive Enamel Dial Watches

For the first time, Seiko introduced the SpringDrive movement into the Presage series and launched two new enamel dial watches. Previously, SpringDrive movements were only found in Credor, GrandSeiko and Prospex series. Today, the new Presage watch perfectly integrates the SpringDrive movement with traditional manual skills.

   The dial is available in black and white, created by the enamel master Yokosawa and his team. The neat and slightly retro dial design is the handwriting of a design studio founded by Japanese industrial designer Watanabe. The hands and hour markers are in sharp contrast to the dial, providing excellent legibility. The Arabic numerals in the ‘Didoni’ font are also favorite in Watanabe’s heart.

   It is worth noting that the date display is subtly integrated into the dial design. The date wheel matches the dial’s color scheme, the outer frame contrasts, and the date numbers match the thickness of other Didoni font numbers. Because it is equipped with SpringDriveCaliber5R65 movement, the dial adopts a familiar layout, and there are power reserve indicators at 7 and 8 o’clock, which is also a hallmark of SpringDrive movement.

   Like the standard Presage automatic watch, the SpringDrive enamel dial watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm. But compared to other Presage models, the lugs of the new watch are more slender and angular, which perfectly matches the simple color and simple lines of the dial.

Model: White dial SNR037, black dial SNR039
Diameter: 40 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters

Movement: SpringDriveCaliber5R65
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, power reserve indication
Winding: Automatic
Power: 72 hours

Chain strap: Cordova leather strap with triple folding clasp

Time to market: October 2019
Price: 4,650 Euros, equivalent to about 36,500 RMB

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