Month: February 2014

The Lumen Luminous Family Across Datograph, Lange 1 And Zeitwerk Lange

A. LANGE & SÖHNE Lange’s recently launched Datograph Up / Down ‘Lumen’ is very attractive because it takes the luminous effect common to sports watches to another level. The general luminous effect is probably to apply luminous paint on the surface of the hour markers and hands. In this way, even in the dark, the entire watch can even recognize the time even if the face and the hands emit luminous light, but Lumen’s Lumen does not It’s the same. It almost has the luminous effect on the entire face plate, so even if you wear a complicated function style, you can still see it clearly in the dark. So what kind of method does Lange use to achieve it? What about this effect?

Lange’s new work Datograph Up / Down ‘Lumen’ continues the brand’s research on luminous technology. By applying a unique patented coating on the sapphire material, the luminous turntable underneath can emit a powerful luminous effect.

First of all, we will find that the Lumen Luminous series of Lange uses a translucent sapphire crystal faceplate, and the faceplate is also coated with a brand-patented coating, which is used to filter most visible light except ultraviolet light. The reason why UV light is kept is because it can save energy for luminous materials. Take Datograph Up / Down “Lumen” as an example. Its large date swash plate is coated with luminous materials on the entire surface, even small seconds and 30 minutes. The dial and the speedometer scale ring on the outer edge of the dial are also coated with luminous paint, so after the ‘storage’ of the mirror surface, once the watch is moved to a dark place, it is time to show its power. Only the surface disk will emit a slight green light, except that the color is changed from gray and black to green, it is exactly the same as the effect seen in the bright place. The powerful night-time reading effect can last for several hours in the dark, which also allows A large number of sports watches on the market can only sigh.

Lange brought the three Lumens that had been launched to the North Pole in 2016, and featured luminous technology to compete with the Aurora Borealis.

Looking back at the Lumen Luminous Family of Lange, in fact, their luminous abilities have evolved year by year, not from the beginning to reach a state like Datograph Up / Down ‘Lumen’. The first Luminous Lange was the Zeitwerk ‘Luminous’ launched in 2010. Although it also had a translucent sapphire face plate, the jumping and jumping plates were still black and white, so the luminous effect was limited to these two digital plates The number on the Grand Lange 1 “Lumen” of the second model in 2013, this time the large date dial of the watch due to the relationship between the black letters on the white background makes the green luminous, and also includes the eccentric time scale, The hands and small seconds are also coated with luminous paint on the surface like a regular sports watch, which looks slightly clearer than Zeitwerk ‘Luminous’.

2010-Zeitwerk ‘Luminous’

2013-Grand Lange 1 ‘Lumen’

The Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase “Lumen” entered in 2016 is, in principle, an enhanced version of 2013. The most eye-catching part of this is that its moon phase display panel is all coated with luminous paint, so in In the dark, the entire moon phase disc exposed under the fan-shaped moon phase window will light up (but at the same time you can still distinguish the moon and stars and the elements of the night sky). Perhaps it was a new inspiration for Lange during the development of the luminous moon phase disk, so only two years later, the latest Datograph Up / Down ‘Lumen’ in our eyes, its luminous effect has reached the highest in years, see here Can’t help but start to expect what kind of complicated functional styles Lange will transplant this technology in the future, and when it will surpass this Datograph series of luminous watches? Imagination is exciting.

2016-Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase “Lumen”

2018-Datograph Up / Down “Lumen”

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