Month: August 2014

Louis Vuitton Launches New Lv Fifty Five Watch

Following the core series Tambour, Louis Vuitton launches the new LV Fifty Five series. This series of watches is inspired by the famous luggage in the history of the brand. The round case has a soft curve, and the upper and lower rivets are decorated with metal plates.
   The new LV Fifty Five GMT watch case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 41 mm and is equipped with an ETA 2893 automatic movement. The 12 o’clock time scale is referred to as ‘LV’, and ‘LV’ means ’55’ in Roman numerals, which coincides with the series name ‘Fifty Five’; the quarter clock time scale is referred to as ‘V’; Stick design. The dial has a central GMT pointer, and the tip is decorated with an inverted ‘V’.
   The engraving and logo of the letter ‘V’ is repeated on the GMT hands, hour and minute markers, buckle and crown. The carefully carved winding crown is reminiscent of the rivet head on the trunk.
   The Louis Vuitton LV Fifty Five GMT watch is priced at $ 5,000. This series also has a 31mm ladies’ watch with an ETA quartz movement, priced at $ 3,300; and a 36mm unisex watch with an ETA 2892 automatic movement. Louis Vuitton’s new LV Fifty Five series will be officially launched in January next year.

Attention To Time And Passion For Speed: Oris Sports Sports Series 2016 New Products Listed

ORIS, a century-old Swiss watch brand, recently held a new launch event for the Sports series. The brand fully expresses its passion for speed in the watchmaking process, and sharply introduces three new products in the racing series, including the Audi S limited watch, Williams F1 Valtteri Bottas limited watch, and Williams skeleton watch.
Audi Sports Limited Edition III
   This is the third year that ORIS has collaborated with the Audi Sport team to launch a stunning limited edition watch again. ORIS sponsored the Audi Sport racing team to participate in the WEC and German Touring Car (DTM), and it also achieved enviable results in the famous 24-hour Le Mans endurance race. The new limited edition of the Oris Audi Sport III is a gift to praise the pioneering spirit of the Audi Sport team and to interpret Oris’ solid watchmaking skills. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition III limited watch, model 01 774 7661 7784 RS, black DLC-coated titanium case, 44 mm diameter, Oris automatic movement Cal. 774, with chronograph performance, date window at 6 o’clock and The vertical countdown is located at 9 o’clock. The inside and outside spherical cut anti-refractive sapphire crystal glass. The black perforated rubber strap with black DLC-coated titanium folding buckle. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide. The bottom engraved with Audi Sport R18 racing outline and limited number.

   Like the previous two limited-edition watches, the new model uses the innovative and sophisticated performance developed by Oris-the vertical countdown. This feature is displayed on the small dial at 9 o’clock. Its 12 o’clock position has a vertical indicator. It starts to turn red every 15 seconds and changes back to the previous black in 5 seconds. It is like a notice at the starting line of a racing competition. light. In line with Oris’s philosophy, the principle behind this performance is quite simple. Under the small dial at 9 o’clock, four red discs are arranged in a ‘step’ pattern. The disc is fully rotated every 60 seconds, allowing the red disc to pass through the perforated aperture at positions 0, 15, 30 and 45 seconds. There are five square apertures, one grid per second, until five seconds later the apertures are completely filled to red. The disc then turns back to black-as if to signal the start of the game-and the process will start again.

Oris Audi Sport III limited edition is the third watch launched in collaboration with the Audi Sport racing team

   But this is not the only secret of the small dial. Oris engineers also designed watches to indicate the seconds hand. Machining a red square to the outer edge channel of the small dial. Again, the principle behind this is simple and clever. There is a single red line running on the outer edge of the same disc under the dial. The front end of this line passes through the channel and is constantly visible when the watch is in operation. These Oris-developed properties are housed in a black 44mm DLC-coated titanium case. The designers used titanium to display a rigid yet lightweight case, reflecting the high-performance chassis of the Audi Sport Team R18. The dial design is reminiscent of a car dashboard and the chronograph hour and minute hands are reminiscent of classic speedometers and tachometers.
   The limited edition of the Audi Sport III extends in the style of the Oris Artix GT, redesigning the two-way rotating bezel design of the motorsport watch series. The ‘good grip’ rubber ring on the periphery of the upper frame is retained, which helps quick and accurate adjustment, plus the matte black scratch-resistant ceramic patch inlaid with the shiny minute scale. The new design is easier to interpret than the previous one. Coupled with the Audi Sport logo shows a complete look.
Williams Valtteri Bottas Carbon Fiber Limited Table
   Oris has been working with the Williams F1 team since 2003. After peaks and lows, Oris continues to go hand in hand. This year, the brand incorporated carbon fiber into the watch design and launched the Oris Williams Valtteri Bottas carbon fiber limited watch. Carbon fiber polymers can be used for anything that requires high stiffness and a low weight ratio, such as racing car bodywork or steering wheels. It is 5 times lighter than stainless steel and 2 times more stable. Weighing only 7.2 grams, this watch, paired with Williams’ exclusive blue, perfectly embodies the technical aesthetics of a racing watch.

Limited Williams Valtteri Bottas watch, model 01 674 7725 8784 RS, black DLC-coated titanium case, 44 mm diameter, high-tech carbon fiber material in the middle of the case, water-resistant to 100 meters, Oris self-winding cal 674, chronograph performance, date window at 6 o’clock, screw-in black DLC-coated titanium back, Valtteri Bottas with car number and limited number engraving, black rubber strap with black DLC-coated titanium Folding buckle.

   Valtteri Bottas has represented Williams F1 for the fourth consecutive season. The 28-year-old Finnish driver quickly consolidated his position in 2013 after becoming an official reserve driver. From the podium for the first time in Austria in 2014, it has accumulated 8 podium awards when entering the 2016 season, and scored 326 points in 57 grand prix races. Reached fourth place with highest points in 2014. Bottas’ racing career started at the age of 6 and has won numerous domestic and European championships in karting for 11 years. Before joining Williams test driver, he was impressed in the Formula Renault Cup, F3 European Series and GP3.

Oris Williams Valtteri Bottas Limited Watch with Black Rubber Strap

   Originating from the Oris Williams collection, this limited edition watch marks the achievement of Bottas. Each design in the series reflects the speed, power and technology of Formula One. The Williams Valtteri Bottas Limited Watch features Williams’ ultra-lightweight carbon fiber design. With a 44mm full carbon fiber case, plus Oris’ patented manufacturing technology developed from Formula 1. The woven carbon fiber reinforced polymer is manually laminated in a separate mold and then hardened twice in a special oven at 130 ° C. Each case weighs only 7.2. Grams and is handmade in Switzerland. This limited edition also uses a carbon fiber dial with a rubber strap and a black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp; it fully reflects the aerodynamic design of the Williams F1 car. The case back is black DLC-coated titanium and is engraved with Bottas car number 77 and his name.

Oris Williams skeleton date watch, model 01 733 7716 4164 R, stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, Oris automatic movement Cal 733, date window at 6 o’clock, waterproof 100 meters, flat inner refractory sapphire crystal glass, Screw-down stainless steel back. Transparent mineral glass, black rubber strap with stainless steel folding clasp, and stainless steel bracelet.

Williams skeleton date watch
   Fully demonstrate the power and beauty of Formula 1. The semi-hollowed dial reveals the gun-gray automatic movement in the lower part, allowing wearers to appreciate the movement’s craftsmanship. The new case continues the 42mm polished stainless steel, multi-level dial. The revised appearance makes the watch look more technical and sporty. The dial dial’s inner dial track design is inspired by the dashboard of the Williams F1 car. This is not a common watch design generally arranged in a curve according to the shape of the case. The horizontal arrangement theme continues to the Arabic numerals 3 and 9 o’clock-the remaining symbols have been removed, giving the watch a crisp, streamlined look.

Oris Williams skeletonized mechanical date watch showing part of the gun grey movement

   The semi-hollowed dial reveals the gun-gray automatic movement in the lower part, allowing wearers to appreciate the movement’s craftsmanship. Inlaid circular through holes surround the dial to enhance the sense of technology. The central second hand uses Williams’ blue, like the color block below the date window at 6 o’clock, making it easier for the wearer to see the date. Oris and Williams have been their most trusted partners since 2003. It has also spawned a series of memorable motorsport watches; focusing on incorporating the charm of Formula One into watches. Oris Williams hollowed out the date watch, taking this series to another level.

Oris Williams skeleton date watch, model 01 733 7716 4164 R, stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, Oris automatic movement Cal 733, date window at 6 o’clock, waterproof 100 meters, flat inner refractory sapphire crystal glass, Screw-down stainless steel back. Transparent mineral glass, black rubber strap with stainless steel folding clasp, and stainless steel bracelet.

Tibetan Painting Is Not As Good As A Tibetan Watch Enamel Painted Watch Recommended

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding watchmaking technology series q1642430 men’s mechanical movement watch

积 Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the few watch factories in the world that has mastered enamel micro-painting technology. This process requires enamel to combine painting and metallurgy. It took Jaeger-LeCoultre several years to reproduce the micro-painting for the first time on a Reverso watch. Its artistic value benefits from the patience of the master craftsman. Today, the three enamelists at the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory have mastered all the traditional techniques: flame enamel, enamel carving, translucent and filigree enamel. Slightly tilt the enamel micro-painting and place it under the light source, you can see rich color changes, showing unique visual effects and stunning details.
Reference price: ¥ 2770000
Series: Excellent Watchmaking Craft Series, Men’s Watch
Movement: mechanical movement
Case: K gold
Size: 44.0mm
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Band: Leather
Oujiang Shidanton-Master Series 33222 / 000R-9506 Men’s Mechanical Watch

The theme of Vacheron Constantin’s dill watch is longevity. To express this theme, Vacheron Constantin and Xiang Yan carefully selected three groups of plants and animals, including pine, bamboo, plum and crane, bird and warbler, to draw the dial and bottom . Among them, the combination of pine trees and white cranes is reminiscent of years of experience.

Reference price: ¥ 2793000
Series: Metiers Dart Master Series, Men’s Watch
Movement: manual mechanical watch, model: Cal.1003 SQ
Case: 18k rose gold
Size: 40mm, thickness: 7.5mm
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Dial: Hollow, through window, through bottom
Band: Alligator Leather
Waterproof: 30 meters

Piaget Altiplano G0A34240 ladies mechanical movement watch

Al The Altiplano series, first created in 1998, is reminiscent of its birthplace and design features. Every Piaget ultra-thin watch is produced in accordance with specific design rules. Simple design and elegant temperament are two indispensable characteristics of Piaget Altiplano series.
Reference price: ¥ 275970
Series: ALTIPLANO series, women’s watch
Movement: mechanical movement, model: 430P
Case: K gold
Size: 38.0mm, thickness: 2.1 mm
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Dial: round, white
Band: Fabric
Waterproof: 30 meters

Cartier-Turtle series HPI00516 ladies mechanical watch

地 Cartier launched the Tortue series of watches for women in 1912, with beautiful arc curves and elegant dial designs. In 1928, Cartier launched the first Tortue series men’s watch. Obviously, the elegant arc shape is also attractive to men. Blended with high-end watchmaking techniques and described by Cartier’s iconic words, this watch shows the femininity of women.

Reference price: ¥ 750000
Series: Turtle series, female watch
Movement: mechanical movement, model: 430MC
Case: 18k white gold with diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds
Size: 38 * 43mm, thickness: 11mm
Crown: 18k white gold, octagonal crown, set with a diamond
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Dial: Pattern
Strap: crocodile leather, pink
Waterproof: 30 meters

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