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Rich Retro Taste Tasting The Mido Helmsman Series Long Kinetic Full Automatic Mechanical Watch

In 1934, Mido launched the Helmsman series watch, inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and created a number of impressive wristwatches. The dial is decorated with Geneva stripes and uses large scales and hands to show men’s charm. In 2017, Mido once again added four new members to the helmsman series, that is, the newly launched Mido helmsman series Penetrator Long Kinetic automatic mechanical watch, which continued the helmsman series’ old and tough design style with different colors. The PVD black-plated stainless steel case presents a retro and stylish appearance, as well as the toughness of a modern urban man. (Watch model: M032.607.36.050.09)

More atmospheric, more retro

 Mido’s watches have always been known for their high cost performance and superior design. As the brand’s sports series, the watch also has higher technical standards and excellent practicality. It is worth mentioning that the brand used PVD coating to make the stainless steel case old, and combined with the Geneva wave decoration on the dial, it gave the new product a richer retro flavor.

Mido helmsman series long kinetic automatic mechanical watch

 This time, the new stainless steel case has a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 11.8 mm. The large case makes the dial more open, and the time indication is more clear and intuitive. Presenting an atmospheric and retro style on the men’s wrist.

 The conical crown, also made of old stainless steel, is integrated with the case. The Mido logo is engraved on it, which has a classic charm after PVD coating of the brand, giving people excellent visual enjoyment. The crown is also designed with a non-slip texture, which prevents slipping hands during operation, ensuring that the watch is convenient and fast to debug.

 The Geneva corrugated dial is complemented by black plating, which makes the junior hand, the Arabic hour index, the minute scale, and the calendar display more clear and intuitive, making it easy to read the time.

Watch luminous effect display
 In addition, the junior hand and the Arabic time scale are coated with a super luminous coating, which is able to observe the time even in a dark environment, which is very reliable.

Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement
 The new product is equipped with the latest generation Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement, with a kinetic energy reserve of 80 hours. The back of the design can clearly observe its carved, fully automatic mechanical movement with blue screws, and the automatic rotor with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo engraved.

 Vintage leather strap with soft and comfortable texture. Attach a pin buckle which is also made of PVD black-plated stainless steel, and integrate with the case. The English name ‘MIDO’ is engraved on the outside, showing the unique style of the brand on the wrist.

Mido Helmsman Pedal Long Kinetic Automatic Mechanical Watch
To sum up: This Mido new helmsman series rider automatic long kinetic watch is atmospheric, retro and full of male tough style. And equipped with an excellent Caliber80 fully automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. Set outstanding appearance and inner as one, it can be said that this year is a good wrist watch. Watches are also available in grass green and gray for those with different needs. Cousins ​​who like them, think about it! Watch price: RMB 6,900

What Watches Should Wang Sicong Wear?

Some time ago, during the final of the draft show ‘Idol Trainee’, Wang Sicong sat in the auditorium to cheer on his company’s banana entertainment. His artist did not receive much traffic support, but he himself was questioned by netizens about using ‘double eyelid stickers’ ‘It became the focus of attention for a while. Wang Sicong also refused to seduce, immediately sent a Weibo reply, claiming that he never used any double eyelid stickers. The photos are given priority to promote the artists under it. At last, a live photo shows that both eyelids are ‘original’. A black and red color Richard Mille watch is very popular. If he really wants to prove that his eyelids are natural, it is enough to put a picture of his father Wang Jianlin with the picture. Although the corner of Pharaoh’s eyes has drooped slightly, the double-layered eyelids are still clear. Wang Sicong’s physiological characteristics completely re-engraved his dad, and he really didn’t need props to help. Wang Sicong is a smart person. The draft shows are quickly overwhelmed. What should I do if the group of yellow hair boys is cold before they become red? Wouldn’t it be nice to send them a ride with the traffic of their ‘national husband’? Double eyelid stickers are fake and publicity business is true. The younger generation, represented by Wang Sicong, has gradually taken over the family business created by his parents, and will soon become or have become the main consumer group in China. But what watch should they wear? This has become a major event for Swiss watch brands. It is circulated online that Wang Jianlin wears millions of photos of Vacheron Constantin on different occasions. It seems that Pharaoh is a fan of the traditional Geneva brand. Wang Sicong may now prefer Richard Mille. Netizens have estimated that his total value is more than 20 million, widely known as the more than 10 million transparent sapphire case tourbillon, almost became the ‘national husband’ label. Not only are the rich second generation, the Chinese millennials are different from their parents. They have not experienced the economic era of shortage, childhood without material deficiencies, grew up in the abundance and comfort built by their parents, and will have a large amount of disposable wealth in the future. They are an important group for the fine watchmaking brands. And these fine watch brands, according to the Swiss White Paper Foundation’s FHH White Paper, can be divided into two groups according to the year of birth: one is modern such as Richard Mill, Roger Dubuis and Hublot. Brand; the other is a historical family represented by Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. Modern brands of Zhang Liangji Modern brands were mostly established around the 1990s, thanks to the rise of the luxury economy. They have no historical baggage. Most of the models are characterized by novelty materials, modern technology and fashionable shapes; they are combined with sports and entertainment stars as much as possible in marketing, in a way that is closer to the preferences of young people to fight for this generation’s Follow and favor. Such as supercars and motorsports, the unregulated ground speed limit can always energize young people. Richard Mill, ‘marriage’ with F1 very early. The partner of the past two years is the McLaren team. Every McLaren racing car on the track has Richard Mille prominently printed on the body. At the same time, the brand also launched a collaboration model inspired by McLaren Racing. Last year, SIHH was a chronograph with chasing hands, focusing on the concept of lightweight racing cars, and the entire watch weighed less than 40 grams. The 2018 Beijing Auto Show brought another Mai Karen Orange’s Almanac flyback timing. Roger Dubuy, when it was founded, still has the traditional functions of a classic case. After joining Richemont Group, it changed its strategy. The exquisite King Excalibur watch became the main model that attracted young people. In recent years, the focus has also been on sports elements. First, it cooperated with Pirelli, a special tire brand for F1 racing, to use the champion racing tires to make straps. Last year, it teamed up with Lamborghini, Italy’s top sports car brand, to launch a super-run heart-the engine. The Excalibur Aventador S double tilt balance wheel jumping stopwatch model has been released three times in less than a year, with five colors available. Hublot, the partner is Ferrari, a 50-day ultra-long tourbillon watch that requires special tools to wind, a watch case inspired by LaFerrari’s unique V12 engine, coupled with the help of Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, this makes this This watch is famous. In cooperation with top racing cars, in addition to the purpose of promotion, the introduction of cutting-edge racing technology materials, but also endorsement of watch reliability and technology, such as carbon fiber: Richard Miller and McLaren, will be the Nobel Prize-winning graphite after the new millennium Ethylene is used on the case; Roger Dubuis uses the strong C-SMC multi-layer carbon fiber on the Lamborghini body. On the other hand, modern watch brands themselves are pursuing new trends, and the use of materials is not limited to historical traditions. Sapphire, ceramics, titanium, etc. are common items. Richard Mill and Hublot use integral transparent sapphire to make the case. Hublot even launched a series of colored sapphire cases and colored ceramic cases. The easier way to attract the attention of young people is to work directly with sports and entertainment stars. Richard Mille and Hublot are very similar: they find celebrities familiar from various fields, or ask them to wear watches, or launch Title Cooperation. Richard Mills has collaboration watches with Chinese film stars Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh; Hublot co-branded with piano talent Lang Lang and fashion photographer Chen Man; Richard Mille collaborated with Argentine polo stars in 2018; and football in 2018 The World Cup will attract the attention of hundreds of millions of fans around the world. In addition to the official chronograph identity, Hublot also has the ball king Bailey platform. These business methods of modern watch brands have made them known to the public and gained a good market share in less than two decades; however, these methods are not suitable for historical families. The historical family of the historical family, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe have an unshakable position among mature consumer groups; even if they are not watch fans, they all know that they are the top Swiss watches, such as in various modern film and television dramas The various prop tables, although funny, also felt the world influence of historical families. The younger generation who is being robbed by modern brands is also an important group that historical families cannot afford to lose. The first watch in their wish list is what every brand must strive for, and that represents the future. However, attaching importance to young people is one of the main business strategies in each era. Before the modern brands were born, the historical families had already gone through hundreds of battles. For example, more than forty years ago, Patek Philippe’s ‘Nautilus’, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and Vacheron Constantin’s predecessor number ‘222’. These are high-end sports watches mainly made of stainless steel at the beginning of the life, the purpose is to remove young people from quartz Pull the watch back there. Nowadays, those young people were no longer young, and they occasionally touched modern brands, but the historical families have already planted seeds in their hearts. In their watch boxes, there are early all-stainless steel sports watches and new platinum. Complex functions. Nowadays, traditional high-end brands still use their own methods to express fashion, trends and personality, and to win the young people of today. Nautilus is still the first Patek Philippe longing for young people, and the market is not declining. However, Patek Philippe does not want to put eggs in a basket. When the new millennium comes, it will launch a more pure diving sports watch ‘Grenade’, professional waterproof, rubber strap, you can wear Patek Philippe to go to the beach to dive and sun. The new 2018 watch, a bright yellow rubber strap, is more in line with the millennial aesthetic. Not to mention Audemars Piguet, when the Royal Oak was in full swing, the more tough and sporty Royal Oak offshore model was launched, which has become the first choice for every “tough guy” in the past two decades. In recent years, Audemars Piguet has introduced brightly colored Royal Oak and offshore models to attract young people’s attention; on the other side, Audemars Piguet has launched the Royal Oak Concept Watch Series. Under this line, Audemars Piguet has adopted technology and materials Research on modern avant-garde fashion in design as a future choice for young people. The Vacheron Constantin series was officially born in 1996. The stainless steel integrated metal shell chain and the rigid gas Maltese cross bezel, whether it is the English name ‘Overseas’ or the Chinese name ‘Horizons and Crosses’, have a kind of ‘breaking the horizon’ It fits well with a young and ambitious young man. Although it was born 20 years later than the Royal Oak and Nautilus, it was loved by the younger generation as soon as it was launched, and became one of the top three high-end sports watches in history. In 2018, at SIHH, Vacheron Constantin launched a new ‘Wu Luzhi’ series. From the name, Vacheron Constantin hopes that this new series will become another choice for the younger generation to enter the world of fine watchmaking. However, modern brands and historical families are not clear. A typical representative is Parmigiani. Also founded in the 1990s, the design comes from Mr. Parmigiani’s experience in repairing antique watches, so his namesake watches look more classic and traditional. In fact, Parmigiani has long cooperated with supercars. Since 2004, it has launched a series of watches with the French century-old brand Bugatti. Although it is a supercar cooperation model, it still has a strong elegant classic charm. Johnny went a different way. For the next generation of competition, tradition and modernity are fiercely competing, staged a war of invisible smoke. The strategies and methods of the two sides go far beyond what is listed in the article. Only by winning more consumers’ favor can the winner be the king. Join readers, please add WeChat: lucyonair2013, Remarks: name + occupation

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