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Minute Repeater—history And Mechanical Principles

The function of the minute repeater is to transform the abstract concept of time into a sound message that can be directly sensed by the senses. Through the sensory translation, the time tone music tone not only becomes a meaningful message, but also presents a way to the user. Come the emotional resonance. Therefore, the minute repeater function clock is not only a demonstration of the brand’s craftsmanship, but also the most emotional craft. In recent years, the clock technology has reached its peak. In recent years, the brand has gradually shifted its focus on the development of complex functions to the minute repeater function. Using advanced technology and research on acoustics, the minute repeater function has been applied to the user’s emotional level. Into the finest movement of watchmaking.
   This time we will introduce some of the current minute repeater timepieces on the market. Before that, let’s review the development history of mechanical timepieces and the influence of timepieces in the timepiece mechanism. Several key elements.

 Minute Repeat Times Development History
   The chronograph function is a complex function of a mechanical clock, which can emit a sound to indicate the time after startup. Different time information (usually hour, minute, minute, and possibly 5 minutes) is expressed by sounds with different tones. In the era before the popularization of artificial lighting (such as electric lights), people could only use the time-of-sound function in the dark. Recognize time.
   The timekeeping function of clocks was invented by the British priest and inventor Edward Barlow in 1676. His timekeeping system composed of racks and snails became the timepiece or future timepiece. Standard mechanical structure, and British watchmaker Daniel Quare patented the timepiece in 1687 (Edward and Daniel patented the timepiece, but Daniel is earlier in terms of time).
   Another key development of the chronograph is the invention of the sound device gongs. Early time clocks or timepieces were equipped with a bell fixed on the back of the case to sound. By 1783, Master Breguet had developed wire gongs, which can greatly save space. Between 1750 and 1782, there appeared a dumb repeater that struck the steel block on the case to give the time to make the watch vibrate.

The watch movement manufactured by Master Breguet, the gong device he invented can improve the space problem of the time bell design.

   The development of the timekeeping system has changed from early timekeeping, timekeeping, and half quarters (half quarters) to around 1750, and the table of the current three-minute timekeeping mode (timekeeping, timekeeping, and timekeeping) has appeared. British watchmaker John Ellicott was the first watchmaker to produce such minute repeaters. After the space problem of the timepiece was improved by the Breguet system invented by Master Breguet, this three-question timepiece became more popular in the nineteenth century, but of course, the timepiece is still a very top-level clock work.
   The clock’s timekeeping function gradually lost its practical significance with the advent of artificial lighting and luminus watch dials in the early nineteenth century. Coupled with the dumping of cheap timepieces made in France at this time, which severely damaged the watchmaking industry in Britain and Germany, the timepieces with timekeeping function gradually faded. Even so, because the mechanical mechanism of the timekeeping function is quite complicated, especially the timepiece with more detailed and difficult craftsmanship, today the clock or timepiece has been transformed into a pure process display, and it has become a representative of traditional watchmaking complex technology.

The development of the minute repeater function mechanism of the minute repeater is quite mature so far, and the mechanical structure will not change much. The picture shows the minute repeater mechanism on the Audemars Piguet 2907 movement.

Start with sound
   Since the invention of the timepiece of the clock in the 17th century, the mechanical structure composed of racks and snail cams has been developed for many years. So Louis Brandt & amp For functional watches, the movement (manufactured by Audemars Piguet) adopts the timekeeping mechanism transplanted from the pocket watch era and is still in use today. Therefore, the brand is now focusing on the development of the minute repeater, focusing more on the presentation of the time and music.
   For watch fans, the timekeeping music of the three-question watch not only symbolizes the brand’s craftsmanship, but also directly affects the emotional resonance, so it is regarded as the focus of enjoyment. The ideal timing sound must reduce the noise interference of the gear operation as much as possible, the sound quality is clear and bright, and at the same time, it further demonstrates the brand’s technological strength and personality. Therefore, the use of advanced technology to improve the core components including the hammer, the gong, and the speed control mechanism, which affect the timepiece music tone, in order to improve the quality of the timepiece music, and give the minute repeater watch a more distinctive character .

The improvement of the gong fixing method can change the effect of resonance. Vacheron Constantin’s 1731 movement extends the gong base connected to the movement to the part connected to the case, improving the resonance effect of the transmission of the time signal.

The length of the gong will affect the tone and intensity of the time. The shape of the gong also has a certain effect on the sound quality. At present, many brands have gradually changed to square-shaped gongs, thereby increasing the area of ​​contact with the hammer to increase the intensity of the sound. The picture shows the square gong used by Cartier’s 9402MC movement.

The speed regulation mechanism is a device that determines the rhythm in the timekeeping mechanism, but the noise during operation is also the culprit that interferes with the sound quality of the timekeeping. Therefore, brands currently improve this mechanism. The picture shows the centrifugal inertial speed control device of Vacheron Constantin’s 1731 movement using aerodynamic design.

Tissot 160th Anniversary Celebrating Ceremony

In 1853, the Swiss Tissot watch was formally born in the watchmaking town of Switzerland. Today, 160 years later, Tissot watches are based on a long tradition of watchmaking, combining the spirit of innovation with footprints in more than 160 countries around the world.

Brand global ambassador Huang Xiaoming, popular actress Wu Qianyu and the brand celebrate their birthday

Race against beauty Dance against time
In 2013, the 160th anniversary of Tissot was founded, and the brand held a series of celebrations to share the spirit of the traveler who has traveled the world for 160 years. The first event of the celebration was the 160th anniversary of the Swiss Tissot watch held on July 24th: The brand specially invited its global endorsement ambassador Mr. Huang Xiaoming to come to Hong Kong and hosted the celebration with the popular actress Miss Wu Qianyu Ceremony, I wish Happy 160th anniversary of Swiss Tissot!

On the afternoon of July 24th, the Felix restaurant, located on the high-rise of the Peninsula Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, gathered all the guests and shared the joyful atmosphere of the day with Tissot watches in the melodious harp performance. The opening ceremony was first kicked off by Mr. Lu Keqin, Managing Director of Swatch Group Hong Kong Limited. During the sumptuous luncheon, guests of Tissot Watch also prepared a series of splendid programs for the guests: Mr. Huang Zhulin, a master of Chinese water and shadow painting from Beijing, explained the Tissot Watch to the guests for 160 years with a new and artistic method. Then, two charming and dazzling models performed, leading a group of guests into the tunnel of time, showing many classics of Tissot since its foundation in 1853, as well as the brand’s performance at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair this year. A series of new and outstanding works attracted the attention of the audience.

On the same day, Tissot watch specially invited the heavyweight guest-Mr. Huang Xiaoming, the global ambassador of the brand, to come to Hong Kong to attend the 160th anniversary celebration ceremony of the Swiss Tissot watch. In the warm applause of the guests, Mr. Huang Xiaoming appeared with two children wearing Swiss and Chinese costumes, and shared with the guests their feelings of being the global ambassador for Tissot for four years, and wished the 160th anniversary of Swiss Tissot a happy birthday. Huang Xiaoming was invited to be one of the judges of Tissot’s 160th Anniversary Stamp Design Competition and participated in the design of the brand’s 160th anniversary stamp design. He also shared his design ideas and inspirations with everyone: In 2011, Huang Xiaoming was invited to visit Tissot Watch headquarters, visit the brand’s advanced production process, set foot on the famous Swiss Jungfrau in the journey. Huang Xiaoming was deeply impressed by the exquisite craftsmanship of Tissot watches and the stunning beauty of the Alps, and created stamps with these two elements. The emcee Miss Song Xinian immediately invited Mr. Huang Xiaoming to stamp on a large envelope with a stamp designed by him, and forwarded it to Ms. Wen Jinglei, Vice President of Tissot Hong Kong and Macau, and sent Huang Xiaoming’s blessing to the brand’s 160th anniversary to Tissot headquarters in Switzerland.

The emcee also invited the second celebrity guest of the event, the popular actress Ms. Wu Qianyu, to share the latest situation with the guests and wish the Tissot 160th happy birthday, and bring a beautifully packed birthday gift to the stage. Opened by Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Miss Wu Qianyu personally presented a magnificent flower basket in the gift box to Miss Wen Jinglei, implying that Tissot watches continue to blossom and bear fruit all over the world, creating exquisite and high-quality watch series.

Swiss Tissot’s 160th Anniversary Ceremony is the first event to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the brand’s founding in 2013. Tissot has specially held a unique launching ceremony to kick off the brand’s series of celebrations this year. Eight people wearing Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Classic World Time Automatic Watch Dial on eight dials-UK (Greenwich), Switzerland (Geneva), India (Mumbai), China (Shanghai), Japan (Tokyo ), Children from Hawaii, Mexico (Mexico City) and the United States (New York), gave the TISSOT letter and two red and black squares on the Swiss Tissot brand logo to the four honored guests-Swatch Group Hong Kong Limited Managing Director Mr. Lu Keqin, Swiss Tissot Watch Hong Kong and Macau Vice President Wen Jinglei, Swiss Tissot Watch Global Ambassador Mr. Huang Xiaoming and Miss Wu Qianyu, and put them on the 160th anniversary birthday cake of Tissot Watch; Immediately after the launch, the number ‘160’ on the top of the cake rose slowly, wishing the 160th anniversary of the Swiss Tissot watch continued to rise. In the end, the emcee invited the four honored guests to toast together, marking the perfect end of today’s opening ceremony and awards ceremony.

Ms. Wen Jinglei, Vice President of Tissot Watch Hong Kong and Macau, said: “In the past 160 years, Tissot Watch has always adhered to the brand philosophy of“ extraordinary creativity and tradition ”and created countless masterpieces of watches. This year coincides with the establishment of the brand For the 160th anniversary, we have prepared a series of celebrations to share with the public the spirit of the Tissot watch that has traveled the world for many years. Today, we kicked off this series of events at the 160th anniversary celebration ceremony of the Swiss Tissot watch. I hope you will continue to support Swiss Tissot in the future! ‘

Mr. Huang Xiaoming, the global ambassador for Tissot Watch who celebrates his birthday with Tissot in Switzerland, shared in person: ‘It has been the fourth year since 2009 to accept the invitation of Tissot Watch as the spokesperson. In the past four years, I have the opportunity At the birthplace of Tissot Watch, we experienced the meticulous production process of the brand and wore different Tissot products at the same time. Each Tissot watch brought me endless surprises. I am here to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the celebration, and I am here Happy birthday to Tissot Switzerland! Hope that in the future, I can continue to travel with Tissot everywhere in the world! ‘

Popular actress Wu Qianyu shared: ‘Swiss Tissot has for many years created women’s timepieces with different styles and characteristics for women. It is an inevitable choice for me to choose a watch. Today I am very honored to be invited to participate in Tissot Switzerland The 160th anniversary of the watch celebrates the ceremony, and I share this joyous moment with the brand. I wish the 160th anniversary of Swiss Tissot a happy birthday, continue to develop the brand’s outstanding watch works, and shine all over the world! ‘

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