Month: December 2015

Model Of Craft 2015 Ruibao Watch Appreciation Meeting

On October 26, 2015, the famous watchmaking brand Chronoswiss held its 2015 New Appreciation Event at the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing Hotel. As we all know, the Swiss watch established in 1983, most of the products use Swiss advanced ETA movement and Swiss Enicar and Marvin movement, and improved. Compatible with Swiss traditional precision watchmaking craftsmanship and German rigorous national spirit, the unique and intimidating design details have always been talked about by watch lovers.
——New Appreciation Site——

 Mr Oliver Ebstein

   Mr. Oliver Ebstein, Chief Executive Officer of Chronoswiss, introduced the history of Chronoswiss and the brand’s craftsmanship to the guests.

   The unique DNA of the Swiss watch is highly recognizable, with an onion crown, a coin pattern unique to the bezel, and a transparent sapphire caseback. In addition, Ruibao also strongly inherited traditional craftsmanship, introducing the engraved flowers, generous fire enamel and hollowing-out technology in the seven major traditional craftsmen of Geneva to enrich and beautify the dial production.
——2015 Only Watch Charity Auction Works——
   This year’s Only Watch charity auction, Ruibao watch combines exquisite handicrafts and superb watchmaking technology, with the theme of the mythical beast ‘Oroboro’ to create a unique wrist with complex functions table.

   The totem ‘Oroporo’, also known as the tail snake, is a mythical beast in religious mythology. It is roughly like a python that is devouring its own tail, forming a ring connected end to end. Regal watch takes its metaphor of ‘infinite reincarnation and endless time cycle’ and integrates it into the watch dial.
   The gorgeous white gold case has a cluster of micro-engraved annulus snakes carved into the white gold dial. The carving is vivid and lively. The antique treatment of the snake body can be described as the finishing touch, which makes the beasts on the dial look like lifelike scales. The central dial, framed by Oro Boro, is hand-engraved in Geneva, while white gold is plated in matte gray, which echoes the gray alligator strap. The overall tone structure highlights the mysterious color and highlights the theme of the mythical beast.
   The quarter-hour clock mechanism, also known as the two-question function, can be regarded as one of the traditional and sophisticated features in the Swiss watchmaking industry. From a technical point of view, it is controlled by two reed mechanisms. Ruibao Watch is also the only watchmaker that can trigger the timekeeping function of the two questions by pressing a button.
Summary: Chrono is the name of the god of time in Western mythology, and Swiss is not only a Swiss watchmaker, but also a guarantee of superior quality. Based on the pursuit of superior quality, the Swiss watch brand adheres to Swiss products and creates handmade wonderful timepieces. Perseverance in professionalism and heritage of traditional craftsmanship complement each other. Swiss watch is bound to be Write more exciting chapters in modern watchmaking.

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