Month: January 2016

Gp Girard-perregaux Young Watchmaker’s Story: Jun And Alexandre

This autumn, Girard-Perregaux introduced the third part of the ‘Traditional New Look’ to introduce young watchmakers under the Swiss watchmaker. is an online log dedicated to their introduction. We can get a glimpse of the work side of young watchmakers and their unknown interests. Watchmaking is a flowing art, like a young watchmaker! Come and discover the personality side of this passionate watchmaker.
   This season, we start with music, Jun, an opera artist …

Samurai Opera
   Seven years ago, I left my hometown in Japan, and after a long journey, finally came to this Swiss home. I carry a box of packs, of course, with the slightest memory hidden in my heart and mind. Among these ‘belonging to me’ things include my passion for singing, which was my interest in singing karaoke at a family party when I was very young.

   When I arrived in Switzerland, like all foreigners, I started looking for traces of Japanese culture in this new country. I found a Japanese choir. They regularly meet and rehearse, and perform in different places in the community. Eventually, I joined the choir and found that the choir’s repertoire is mainly Japanese traditional songs. But when the choir conductor proposed that we practice Italian opera, I felt a little bit confused.
   However, I quickly realized the middle meaning: compared with the Japanese restrained music, I fell in love with the passion of Italian opera in real time. When we made a change, when traditional Japanese music gave way to opera, I saw the audience’s face full of surprise expressions. An unexpected combination, which was surprised and confused at first, brought great fun in the end.
   Watchmaking and music have many things in common. In addition to stability and accuracy, enthusiasm must be injected. Both are exciting art.
   Favorite movie: ‘Red Pig’ Porco Rosso (1992), a Japanese animated film edited and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
   A quote that best represents you: ‘When in rome, Do as the Romans do’
   Favorite musician: Jamiroquai
   What I want to do the most: Eat and drink international cuisine.
   I am: rational, stubborn, flexible, smart and curious.
   If I were not a watchmaker, I would be: a gourmet.
   Thirty years later, I will become: I want to … be able to do something I can’t imagine now.
   My favorite GP watch: the GIRARD-PERREGAUX 1966 Small Second watch.

   Next, let’s continue to learn about another watchmaker who also has a musical temperament, Alexandre.

   I was born and raised in a melodious family and I have the opportunity to be exposed to music every day. My grandfather is a traditional Spanish guitar player, and my dad loves to play guitar. I watched my grandfather playing the knot and he would see the magic. The eyes when he knotted him fascinated me, and I knew from childhood that music can intoxicate me in a completely self-world.
   I was hesitating that I should choose to play him or play drums. Until I heard a record that changed my whole life: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Lost Wall’. The songs, the movie, its message, and everything related to ‘The Lost Wall’ were an ultimate musical experience for me. It even made me study percussion.
   Since drumming has become my most personal form of self-expression, there was a time when I joined the orchestra and tried to perform in different venues, but many times I was persuaded by the noise.

   The turning point in my life’s beauty was that one day my wife told me she was pregnant. In the days of her bowel movements, I always like to put earphones on my wife’s belly. I hope that our little lives love music as much as I do.
   Now I love playing for my daughter. She likes drum beats, and I love to see her dancing to the beat. I hope she doesn’t grow up too fast. I’m afraid one day she thinks my music is too loud and kicks me out of the door.
   Favorite movie: ‘Wonderful Fantasy’
   Can represent my book / movie quote: ‘Do what you love to do, love what you do.’
   Favorite musician: Pink Floyd
   First things first: There are many.
   I am: separate.
   If I’m not a watchmaker, I: Maybe a musician.
   After 30 years, I will be … a 30 years later.
   Favorite GP watch: GP 1966 tourbillon platinum watch.

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