Month: May 2016

Hublot Italian Style On The Wrist Classic Fusion Italia Independent

Hublot, a high-end watchmaking brand that advocates ‘the art of fusion’, has repeatedly seen the brand’s fresh cross-border cooperation, bringing innovative and avant-garde fashionable looks to the watch. In the past, it can be seen that the Classic Fusion Berluti series, which was created by the collaboration between HUBLOT and the top leather brand BERLUTI, combines leather technology with complex watchmaking processes and illuminates the basic elements of series watches. On the other side, Hublot and Italia Independent have independent Italy and Lapp. Since the cooperation of Lapo Elkann, two legendary Big Bang Unico series watches combining innovative technology and fashion style have been successfully launched. In 2017, the tacit understanding accumulated by the two sides cooperated again and again, and brought in the famous Italian suit customization master Rubinacci to form a golden lineup. The suit elements were incorporated into the watch, and the new Classic Fusion Italia Independent chronograph was launched.

Feature 1: Resurfacing the chronograph surface
In view of the accumulation of many cross-border experiences, HUBLOT has advanced from the basic three-pin functional watch models to the development of its own chronograph function watch models as this joint name. Rewriting the past series of joint watch models has been designed in addition to the sense of design. At the same time, it has more practical functions to bring extra points to the watch. In the new Classic Fusion Italia Independent, 6 different styles of classic suit fabric versions are released simultaneously. The material of the case is a combination of titanium, ceramics and precious metals, with different suit fabrics, chronograph dials and dates in different colors. The display is complemented by a series of Scottish plaid fabrics-colorful checkered wool fabrics from the 1970s revived in the classic fusion chronograph.

HUBLOT and famous Italian suit master Rubinacci combine a variety of suits with classic undefeated fabrics into top watchmaking

Feature two: the charm of the checkered pattern in one go
From the well-known Italian suiting master Rubinacci, known for having the most gorgeous collection of fabrics, is one of the most well-known and formal brands in the fashion industry. Among them, more than 60,000 square meters of houndstooth pattern, tweed and other precious fabrics In this cross-border collaboration, it was integrated into HUBLOT’s chronograph, showing an unparalleled elegance in a 45mm watch. Wool Scottish plaid, Thousand Island plaid, and Welsh plaid full of classic 70s colors extend from the face plate to the strap, neither exaggerating nor flattering the charm of classic colorful wool fabrics.

From the watch face to the strap, you can see the delicate fabric of Rubinacci’s classic wool

Comment 3: The brand’s signature chronograph movement
Following the attention to detail of the watch, the HUBLOT Classic Fusion Italia Independent watch is equipped with the famous HUB 1143 automatic chronograph movement. The transparent case back design makes this classic movement fully visible. This high-quality chronograph movement has a 42-hour power reserve, a date display in addition to the chronograph function, and a stable frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It serves in a variety of HUBLOT chronographs and is a movement with high brand exposure. one.

The gentleman’s attention to detail extends from the choice of the texture of the cloth to the performance of the watch movement, and the Hublot HUB 1143 self-winding movement equipped in the watch absolutely meets the quality requirements of the gentlemen

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Italia Independent ‘Scottish Plaid’

18K yellow gold material / HUB 1143 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 45mm / limited 50 pieces RMB 246000

Hublot And Black Panther And White Tiger Foundation Explain The Collision Of Spirituality And Passion

October 2016, Mexico City-Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, announced in Mexico City that the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation is committed to protecting the planet’s endangered life species ) Formally reached a cooperation, based on Hublot’s classic style Big Bang, and presented three limited editions of the Big Bang Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation. Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors and President of the Watchmaking Division of the Cotai Group, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot Ricardo Guadalupe, and Black Panther Eduardo Serio, CEO of the White Tiger Foundation, was present.

(From left) Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors and President of the Watchmaking Division of the Cotai Group, Eduardo Serio, CEO of the Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation, Rica, CEO of Hublot Guadalupe and Unveil Limited Edition of Big Bang Black Panther and White Tiger

Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Board of Directors and President of the Watchmaking Division of Louvre Xuan Group, expressed the great importance he attaches to animal protection. ‘Every life on the planet deserves respect. Cooperation, specially designed a limited edition watch that conveys the theme of biological protection. We hope to share Hublot’s beautiful vision and express our commitment to human society and future generations. We are proud to help this charity! ‘

Since the birth of Hublot, it has been relentlessly pursuing artistic innovation. It has always adhered to the concept of ‘integrated art’ and transmitted a variety of positive and meaningful emotional expressions to the world through unique watch ideas. The Big Bang Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation limited watch draws fashion and spirituality, interprets the uninhibited style, and uses animal lines to show its innate nature and power. The dial is painted with a ‘tiger head’ pattern and the ‘tiger pattern’ relief on the bezel complement each other, which is generous and simple and has a fashionable taste. At the same time, with the black natural rubber strap engraved with tiger skin, the king’s style of the tiger is vividly displayed. The watch is available in three materials, with a limited edition of 50 gold editions and a limited edition of 100 ceramic and steel editions.
Regarding the release of this watch, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe also expressed: ‘As a leading brand in the high-end watch industry, Hublot is committed to diversified innovation and supports Different social activities. This limited edition watch perfectly reflects the nature of wildlife while designing, and also incorporates different materials in watchmaking. This precisely reflects that Hublot’s number one in each field is unique. , A differentiating commitment. ‘

Eduardo Serio, CEO of the Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation

The Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation aims to protect endangered species on the planet, focusing on the professional protection of felines, and is committed to conveying love, care and respect to all species that inhabit the planet. With the support of Hublot and forces from all walks of life, the Foundation has reached out to about 350 endangered animals in more than 50 wildlife habitats. Eduardo Serio, CEO of the Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation, said, ‘I can’t use simple words to describe the significance and importance of working with Hublot. In the past few months, I have I have the opportunity to participate in the creation and design of this limited edition of Hublot, and I am fortunate to be able to witness the final release of this watch. The Foundation is also honored to share and bear the heavy responsibility for animal protection with Hublot.

Big Bang Black Panther and White Tiger Foundation Limited Watch

Technical Parameters
Serial number (left to right)
316.SX.4310.RX.BJW16-stainless steel-limited edition of 100 pieces
316.CI.1410.RX.BJW16-Ceramics-Limited edition of 100 pieces
316.PX.4110.RX.BJW16-Gold Edition-Limited edition of 50 pieces
44 mm diameter, 14.6 mm thick
Brushed satin-finished 18K rose gold or microblasted black ceramic or brushed stainless steel
6 ‘H’ 18K Rose Gold or Titanium Screws, Polished and Locked
Brushed satin-finish 18K rose gold or micro-blasted black ceramic or brushed stainless steel, engraved with tiger motif
Table mirror
Sapphire crystal with inner and outer anti-reflective coating
Black synthetic resin
Gold-plated all black or all black or rhodium-plated all black with ‘Tiger Head’ motif
Case back
Brushed satin-finished 18K rose gold or micro-blasted black ceramic or brushed stainless steel,
Engraved ‘Limited Edition’ + ‘XX / 100 Pieces’
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside / outside + ‘BJW’ logo
Black PVD stainless steel, black natural rubber
10 standard atmospheres, about 100 meters underwater
Hublot self-made mechanical movement HUB1401
Size: diameter 30.00mm, thickness 7.90mm
Number of parts 175 (number of gems 23)
Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28’800 a / h)
Power reserve approx. 42 hours
Black natural rubber with tiger pattern
Black plated stainless steel clasp / Black plated stainless steel clasp

Glashütte Original Simple Driving Time Complex Perpetual Calendar New Impression

The original Glashütte original spirit that has inherited the spirit of innovation has never stopped exploring. In 2017, it released an exciting new masterpiece-Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar watch. The series is once again glorified. Based on the perpetual calendar, incorporating the youthful elements of the parliamentary excellence 36 movement series, the watchmakers of the original Glashütte Original Glashütte give this watch the highest performance. The precise inner core under the simple appearance perfectly shows the collision fusion of complex functions and elegant design. Complex process adjustment is extremely simple, making people no longer prohibitive. Glashütte’s original presents a unique perpetual calendar watch, which is enough to become a ‘timeless’ work to witness the profound heritage of Glashütte’s original.

Ingenious layout presents complex craftsmanship

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch (Red Gold)

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch (Stainless Steel)

The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar watch integrates many complex functions, and its exquisite and complicated structure design allows its date, week and month display to continue to 2100 without any manual correction. At 4 o’clock on the dial, Glashütte’s original self-developed large calendar is chic, and the two digits are displayed in harmony on the same plane. At 8 o’clock is the moon phase that is soft and curvy, matching the stars, and the three-dimensional relief design is exquisite. Below 12 o’clock is the leap year display window, which is clear and clear. The dial design incorporates multiple functions to keep the visual simple and organized, and each function has ample space to display, creating a harmonious and balanced aesthetic.

Easy adjustment and easy driving time
Unlike other complex watches that are daunting, Glashütte’s original parliamentary excellent perpetual calendar watch is extremely simple to adjust, and even only has a ‘year adjustment’ step than ordinary calendar watches, which is easy to adjust and perform. The case has a practical and beautiful adjustment button, which can easily navigate a complex perpetual calendar watch in five simple steps. Before adjusting, make sure that the current year is a leap year. The leap year window will display different colors in different years. Then you can adjust the time to the safe area, and then set the year, month, date, day of the week, and time. This shows that it is rare for Members to operate the excellent perpetual calendar.
Powerful function from superior core
The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch is a powerful combination of the original Glashütte parliamentary excellence series and the perpetual calendar series. The long history combines young vitality and is bound to shape a new generation of classics. The core of the watch comes from the new self-made Calibre 36 self-winding movement. For the first time, the movement uses an innovative silicon hairspring to achieve extremely high precision. The single barrel ensures a power reserve of more than 100 hours and a frequency of 4 Hz (each Hour 28,800), even when the watch owner is not wearing the watch. Glashütte Original strictly abides by its commitment to customers and strictly controls the quality of the watches. Each watch is tested by the Saxony watch factory for 24 days before leaving the factory, and is equipped with an exclusive test certificate and case stamp. . Let every watch owner feel the rigor of Glashütte’s original insistence.

Ultimate classic achievement timeless elegance
The Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar has two cases in red gold and stainless steel with a diameter of 42 mm and a water resistance of 5 bar, which meets daily business needs. For decades, the original Glashütte original has been polished to the extreme. The three-quarter plywood decorated with Glashütte diamond patterns, double barrels, and elegant noble gooseneck trimmers are all as elegant and classic as works of art. , Like a German gentleman who is always with you, the clear date display brings you intimate tips, showing your gentleman’s style with your hands. Say goodbye to rigorous complexity, and return to the simple life. Glashütte’s original selection of Louisiana crocodile straps perfectly matches the watch, and there are dual choices of pin buckle and folding buckle to meet your multiple choices.

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