Month: July 2016

77 Minutes Of Close Contact With Andy Murray By Radar

According to Watch House, after the British male professional tennis player Andy Murray became a member of the Radar family, he also participated in many activities with the brand. On April 10, 2014, Andy Murray made a 77-minute zero-distance contact with friends who liked him in London.

 Radar designed a tennis-themed car for Andy Murray

   Leaving 77 minutes from his busy training schedule on Oxford Street in central London, Andy Murray, as the official image ambassador of the Radar brand, also received special courtesy. The brand provided him with a car wrapped in Radar’s new Opteron watch, taking him from the most famous Queen’s Club in West London to the Passion store in the heart of the West.

 This car designed for Andy Murray is very special. The overall color is the verdant green of the lawn, which is derived from the elements of the tennis court. Also after arriving at the destination, the carpet at the event site was also green specially prepared for Andy Murray, and Matthias Breschan, CEO of the Radar brand, had already been waiting in the store to welcome this tennis star.

 Radia brand CEO Matthias Breschan personally welcomes Andy Murray

 The entire store design also uses the elements of tennis to the extreme, and at the same time, various exciting moments of Andy Murray in the game can be seen everywhere in the delicate store. The Haoxing series automatic mechanical watch court launched in Basel in 2014 continued the style of the stadium. The 36mm polished black high-tech ceramic single structure case makes it suitable for the stadium and an ideal companion in leisure time. Slow glass tennis balls were also placed in the glass cabinets on display.

 Andy Murray spends 77 minutes in the store, which is not without reason. As a player who has gained popularity in tennis in recent years, Andy Murray has also written many impossible myths. He is also the first British tennis player to win a singles title in 77 years. So in order to commemorate this historic moment, the brand set the event to 77 minutes.

 During this entire interactive session, Andy Murray took a close photo with many friends who liked him, and greeted the visiting media cordially. There was no superstar standing.

 Of course, Matthias Breschan, CEO of the Radar brand, also told the guests that we are very honored and extremely proud to have reached a cooperative relationship with such excellent athletes as Andy Murray. There will be more under his influence Of people know Radar and like the brand, we are convinced. In addition, we also wish Andy Murray to bring us more exciting performances next season.

Red Lucky Watch Citizen Red Leather Strap Watch Appreciation

Citizen is an internationally renowned watch company in Japan. Its decades of watchmaking history has kept it in a leading position in the watch industry, creating many firsts. A famous achievement of Citizen is the MIYOTA movement. Citizen’s products marked with ‘MIYOTA’ account for a very important share in its products.

 The Chinese-made ‘MIYOTA’ radio-controlled watch launched by Citizen for Chinese consumers will also continue to win the favor of more consumers with its exquisite craftsmanship, perfect exquisite appearance, and its enthusiastic and humanized service. Today, Xiaobian brings everyone a great red watch, which also gives the friends of the Year of the Horse a better choice.
 Citizen XC Series ES5000-04W Watch
 This watch is a female watch, the design is very masterly. Elegant barrel-shaped red dial and strap, exquisite. The silver case makes it mature without losing its lightness. The irregular Arabic numerals and numbers reveal the intellectual and lively qualities of modern women. ES5000-04W is a best-selling model of women’s photovoltaic power wave watch in Japan. This watch belongs to the xC series of Citizen watches. It is designed for white-collar women.

 Summary: Just like its name, since its birth, Citizen has always been committed to ‘providing high-end products and high-quality services for all citizens around the world’ as its purpose, hoping to provide ‘loved by the citizens and close to the citizens’ Products to contribute to the good life of all humankind. Citizen firmly believes that the combination of wisdom and sensitivity can benefit humanity. Relying on its own technical advantages in precision processing, measurement technology, energy saving, manufacturing technology and other exquisite designs, Citizen has continuously developed clock and watch products that perfectly reflect the ‘fusion of technology and beauty’.
 Watch details reference: citizen / 8795 /

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