Month: November 2016

Revelation Of Love For Elegant Gentleman Interpretation Of Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 Couple Pair Table

Love can be a promise, a dedication or a period of time; the interpretation of love is a series of time stories, romance, adventure, tenderness, and commitment. If romantic moments can be remembered every moment, and responsibilities and commitments can be maintained for a lifetime, then love can extend indefinitely and break through the limit of time. Today, this is no longer limited to romance, but a kind of masculinity and mature beauty, which is perfectly reflected in the transition from idols to powerful LEONARDO DICAPRIO. Recalling the LEO in the movie, I also remember those who moved with you. Everything is in the air. Only Heuer watches on the wrist that can feel the pulse of the pulse can truly appreciate.
    In 1964, the CARRERA series was born. This watch from the track made love spark a perfect spark of passion. Many people who love speed and passion for life have the name ‘CARRERA’ in their hearts. Although this legendary road race is more than half a century away from today, it still occupies an important position like the emerging LEO. A ‘Romeo and Juliet’ made him the best actor and girl lover. The hot youth romance in the movie is like the inspiration of CARRERA 1887. The best watch to record the warmest The romantic moment is also the best romantic revelation for couples.
    The hands of time are so magical, and the understanding of love by teenagers is similar to that of LEO in Titanic. Because of love, she is willing to sacrifice for her. The true love of gentlemen who can afford time is the reason why boys become men. Indulging in the crisscrossing of time, life and love in ‘Dream of Dreams’ have multiple possibilities. At this moment, men need toughness and tenacity. If these adventures and romantic moments can be stopped by the wrist watch, the world will be perfect from then on. CARRERA 1887 couples watch, write down the ephemeral time, freeze the eternal love.
    In the film ‘The Great Gatsby,’ Gatsby, like most men who are standing at the crossroads of the year of confusion, has an introverted demeanor to achieve elegant appearance, and also reveals the most delicate heart. For men at this time, romance is the persistence and belief in love, the most precious and important promise, a temperament that spans time and space. It will never be out of date, but only with them. Coexist. If there is anything to be compared, there is only CARRERA 1887, which coexists with time.
    The brand new CARRERA 1887 couple watch, this wonderful time is recorded on the wrist and remembered in the heart. The rose gold material with black belt is gorgeous but not flamboyant. The wide dial brings clear vision. It is equipped with TAG Heuer’s self-developed 1887 movement. Women’s watches are more exquisite and small. Under the rose gold, the white belt has infinite charm, and the continuation of love is the eternal beautiful declaration.
Love Tag Heuer Love Tahiti
    Tahiti is known as ‘the closest place to paradise’ because of its beautiful tropical scenery and colorful sea water surrounding it. From July 21, 2012 to August 23, 2012, customers who purchase any TAG Heuer couple watches at designated TAG Heuer stores will have the opportunity to win the ‘Tahiti 8 Days 6 Nights Dream Honeymoon’ brought by TAG Heuer. trip’.

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