Month: December 2016

Hey Dj, Drop The Beat & Drop The Table

Is this picture again ??? Yes, this picture is classic enough, and it also represents the core of this cross-border. Look at the variety show ‘Hip Hop in China’, which has been so popular last year. It has set off a wave of Hip-hop in the country. The dressing of contestants and celebrity producers has also been widely discussed by everyone: For example, ‘Wu Yifan turned on again ‘A certain item of SUPREME’, Pan Shuai wore the Guochao XXX brand, and many netizens also began to talk about accessories for players and producers, such as watches. Some netizens even said with a smile: ‘I watch’ Hip Hop in China ‘to see Pan Weibo’s watch.’ This old picture, RICHARD MILLERM 52-01 Tourbillon Skull pointed by Pan Weibo, was ridiculed as ‘wearing a villa in his hand’. That Pan Shuai seems to be a walking castle. This year’s ‘China New Rap’ viewers continued to chase the mobile castle to see Bao logistics out, and once his hands were raised, he immediately aimed at his wrist. In addition to the ROUND of Audemars Piguet ADLC, Pan Shuai came over a series of cannons
 —— PATEK PHILIPPE sports series 5719 / 10G-010 watch (nautilus), ROLEX Daytona Paul Newman, RICHARD
Mille’s RM020 tourbillon pocket watch has not yet included those ‘just’ hundreds of thousands of mid-priced items. Maybe Pan Shuai frequently brushed the screen too cool, but everyone will follow his ins will not be surprised, because he has always been a famous watch in the circle. But the new series of dazzling watches also spread to other players and producers. The new series of ‘China New Rap’ is similar to the grand watch exhibition. I thought I went to a fake Switzerland

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