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Tissot Unveiled New Products In Beijing Basel 2012 2012

[July 3, 2012, Beijing] Today, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot debuted in Beijing with new products from the 2012 Basel Watch Fair. In addition to presenting the new products exhibited by Tissot at the 2012 Basel Watch Show to the Chinese media and guests present, Tissot also invited watch collector Ms. Zhou Kaixuan to come to the scene to share with the Chinese media and guests present. The development trend of world clocks and watches, and the time story of brand innovation and development since 159 years of Tissot Switzerland. Share Legend Time Story
    The mid-summer capital, the moat, and the Basel watch exhibition are stunningly majestic. The Tissot 2012 Basel watch exhibition debuted in Beijing. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, addressed the Chinese media and guests present, and introduced the legendary development history of the Tissot brand for 159 years. ‘Tissot has grown from a small factory in the small town of Lerock in the Jurassic Mountains to a well-known Swiss watch brand that has been sold in more than 160 countries on five continents. This is a strong sense of responsibility of Tissot people for 159 years. Life defends the achievement of his mission. ‘Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, mentioned in his speech.
    Watch collector Ms. Zhou Kaixuan’s frustrated remarks postponed the event to a climax. With time as the axis, she shared with the Chinese media and guests present the history of world watch development to date, new trends at the Basel Watch Fair 2012, and eye-catching new products at the 2012 Basel Watch Fair. Ms. Zhou Kaixuan mentioned in the sharing: ‘The mainstream brands launched colorful watches, increased attention to mechanical women’s watches, the popularity of Chinese style, the widespread use of new materials, the continued popularity of large-sized watches, and the popularity of sports watches to become Basel watches this year. With the six major characteristics of the exhibition, Tissot has launched eye-catching new products based on these six characteristics, which shows that Tissot people are unusually innovative and forward-looking. ‘
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    Subsequently, the Chinese media and guests present moved to the Story Art Gallery of Time. The art gallery with a rich sense of design is transformed into the historical veranda of Tissot, displaying the art treasures of Tissot leading the world in turn, presenting the shocking charm of colorful lights. The first pocket watch produced in 1853, the ‘banana banana’ curved watch in 1917, the world’s first antimagnetic watch in the 1930s and the Pearl Watch, and the all-wood wrist in the 1980s Wood Watch and Rock Watch, high-tech titanium touch (T-TOUCH) with today’s mirror touch display technology, and other watches in artistic format Presentation, history and reality reflect each other, presenting Tissot’s consistent and innovative spirit, highlighting Tissot’s style as a leader in watchmaking.
    In this exhibition, Tissot presents many new models to the Chinese media and guests at the Basel Watch Show this year. Tissot is honored to be hosted by the controle official Suisse des chronometers (COSC) The world’s official official observatory-certified watch competition classic champion watch-Tissot Rock series observatory models, has become the focus of this exhibition. As Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China said, ‘It is our great honor to be awarded this honor. This is the joint effort and persistence of all Tissot people. Because of this effort and persistence, we have created the unique Tissot brand in Switzerland. ‘The Tissot Leloc series observatory is named after the birthplace of Tissot and the current headquarters of the small town in the mountainous region of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is a perfect interpretation of Tissot’s’ innovation, tradition ‘brand concept. This well-deserved representative of the classic Tissot watch is also a classic legend of Tissot combining extreme precision and artistic aesthetics.

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