Month: January 2018

Montblanc Beijing Sanlitun Concept Store Was Unveiled Amazingly

The Montblanc Sanlitun concept store, which was unveiled this month, is not only China, but also the world’s largest brand flagship store. The four-story luxury space will incorporate epoch-making, cutting-edge interactive technology and creative design, show the meticulous craftsmanship and extraordinary taste of Montblanc’s full range of products, and bring a refreshing boutique shopping experience to Chinese consumers.

   Beijing-Montblanc, the top international boutique brand, unveiled the world’s first Montblanc concept store in the North District of Sanlitun Village, Beijing this month. While inheriting the magnificent style, Montblanc Sanlitun Concept Store combines traditional craftsmanship and modern interactive technology in a very poetic way to build a brand-new experience space for Chinese consumers. Through the brand’s century-old art treasures, it will serve the world Here comes the legend of Montblanc writing time. On the two days of the event, well-known artists from three places on both sides of the strait were invited to come to the platform. On the 11th, well-known artists Huang Yaoming, Zhong Chuhong and Yang Kun, and on the 12th there were Xu Ruojin, Wu Zun and Cai Kangyong. They all personally visited and guided the media to experience Montblanc Sanlitun concept The magic and grace of the interactive experience in the store.
Montblanc’s new concept store in Beijing’s Sanlitun Village
Photo of the event on the 11th: (from left) Well-known singer Yang Kun, famous host Yang Lan, Montblanc Asia Pacific Chairman and President James T. Siano, Zhong Chuhong, Huang Yaoming
Photo of the event on the 12th: (from left) Wu Zun, Xu Ruohuan, James T. Siano, Chairman and President of Montblanc Asia Pacific, Cai Kangyong, and famous host Yang Lan

    The newly completed Montblanc Sanlitun Concept Store is four stories high and is located in the core area of ​​Sanlitun Village North District, with an unprecedented scale. Strolling inside the store, you can feel the spark of surprise brought by creative ideas and modern technology everywhere, making the shopping experience a fun time and space journey.

    The ‘Exploration Timing’ device located on the first floor of the Montblanc Sanlitun concept store vividly demonstrates the internal working process of the chronograph movement, and showcases the meticulous and elegant craftsmanship of Montblanc’s top-level watches for guests. Moving to the second floor, ‘Writing Time Great Man Slang Area’ tells visitors about Montblanc’s writing culture in a novel and interesting interactive form. Guests can also leave their ‘signature portraits’ in the Montblanc store and share themselves with the Montblanc Sanlitun Concept Store Exclusive story. The ‘Star Avenue’ on the third floor will create an unprecedented superstar experience platform for customers, and guests can take pictures on the red carpet that international superstars walked through at the Montblanc event.

    At the opening event, James T. Siano, Chairman and President of Montblanc Asia Pacific, said, ‘Montblanc is very honored and hopes that the completion of the Montblanc Sanlitun concept store will bring a refreshing shopping experience to Chinese boutique consumers. Montblanc is committed to investing in China The determination of the market is unquestionable, and we are very grateful to the Chinese market for providing such an opportunity for continuous development for the Montblanc brand. In the Montblanc Sanlitun Long concept store, we hope to create a communication platform for interaction with Chinese consumers through direct experience , You can learn more about Montblanc’s product story and brand concept. ‘

   As an internationally renowned boutique brand, Montblanc has been supporting the development of cultural and artistic undertakings for many years. Culture and art have long since penetrated into Montblanc’s bloodline. In every corner of the Montblanc Concept Store, you can find traces of Montblanc’s promotion of human culture and art. Each floor of the Montblanc Concept Store will also become an open art space, displaying design boutiques from the history of the Montblanc brand, as well as outstanding art works from all over the world, including Chinese artists, and sharing the world’s cutting-edge art masterpieces with Chinese consumers.

   The newly completed Montblanc Sanlitun concept store sells and displays all Montblanc products, including the highly acclaimed high-end watch series in recent years, world-famous writing instruments, beautiful high-quality jewellery and high-quality leather goods and accessories. Montblanc enthusiasts can find all the masterpieces that they aspire to.

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