Month: January 2019

My Favorite Strap, It’s Finally Popular

Remember when I recommended the table to readers two years ago, I would always find a few Milanese belts (Milanese, can be understood as metal braided belts) from the corner, often in exchange for some male compatriots. Hesitation: ‘Men wear this, okay?’ This strap with a strong retro style is a symbol of the 1960s. Although retro models have been popular for many years, everyone’s acceptance of the Milan band seems to have been lagging. It’s just that the rabbit who has been traveling in the antique jewelry watch market for many years has always been happy and firmly believes that it will return sooner or later-because it is a new personality choice outside of steel belts, belts and Nato braided belts. I just saw that Certina not only released the Milanese watch strap, but also put it on three new watches in one breath, which means that it is quite strong. Speaking of Certina, everyone should remember that last year Rabbit wrote a 5,000 yuan explosion model-DS PH200M watch, sold out of stock. And this year, the first one to put on the Milanese strap is it, has it changed? The original DS PH200M was born in 1967 in the Swiss town of Grünchen where Certina is located. The rabbit has also seen the prototype watch before. It looks very similar, but the new line is slightly tougher. In addition, the inheritance of details is more in line with historical originality, adding some small changes, such as the red dial on the black dial, more eye-catching. It is still a one-way rotating black bezel with graduated marks. The case back is the same as the basic embossed turtle pattern. Other basic features have not changed, including the 42.8 mm stainless steel case, Super-LumiNova luminous coated hands and hour markers, and 80-hour power movement-80-hour power reserve for lazy people. It’s just that compared with the original Nato strap last year, this year it became the original Milanese strap with Nato strap (gray blue), giving up safety and practicality, and choosing the combination of two niche straps is also bold, obviously snow Tiener has determined to position it as a more than 5,000-personal model. It is very convenient to change the strap. No special tools are needed. Do n’t worry, the self-help rabbit is just trying it out for a few days to give everyone a taste of the effect. The plexiglass mirror used in this watch is treated with NEX Scratchguard scratch-resistant coating, which is not the same as the ordinary Certina model. But when it comes to Milanese straps, rabbits have to add some. Milanese is a transliteration, whose real name is ‘Milanese’. This technology originally came from the 1960s. It was transformed through the warp knitting process of the weaving industry. The metal arranges one or more groups like weaving. It was only in that era that watches were mostly made of precious metal materials, and the Milan band seemed very ‘luxury’. In order to make it flexible, it had certain requirements on technology and naturally had a high cost. Only later, with the change of fashion trends, the Milan belt gradually retreated to the second line, we can only see it on individual watches. The second is equipped with a Milan strap DS-1 Himalayan series 80-hour long power watch, 40 mm in diameter, in terms of design, it is a formal watch shape, but with the Milan strap more elegant and detailed feeling. This watch is equipped with a calfskin strap, which can be switched between two styles. It also provides raw ears suitable for both straps. It can also replace the silver curved dial with sun print, blue steel hands, and 3 o’clock. There is a calendar window, the design is very simple, it also uses 80 movements, has an 80-hour power reserve, and is priced at 5,600 yuan. The third watch is beautiful in color-the most popular green with Milanese strap. This is the 60th anniversary of Certina’s latest DS-1 calendar. The dial’s green color is gradual, and the sunburst treatment has been used to enhance the color. The word DS has been said several times. I am afraid that new readers do not know it. It is actually a unique insurance technology of DS (DS is Double Security). , Was born in 1959, so this watch is pushed for the 60th anniversary of the birth of this technology. About this technology, rabbits have introduced it, may wish to review it today. The first generation of dual-insurance technology is well understood. It is called a floating movement. The movement is covered with a layer of waterproof and shock-resistant rubber rings. Waterproof and shock-resistant components are also added between the watch mirror and the movement, and between the watch mirror and the case. The current double insurance technology is simply that all Certina watches have two rubber rings at the crown, and there are also places where the crown and the case are connected, so that even if the crown is pulled out, it is still waterproof. Back to the watch itself, this watch also uses the 80 movement and 80 hours power reserve, but the Swatch Group is equipped with an innovative material-Nivachron anti-magnetic balance spring (spring made of titanium). Its role is to improve the antimagnetic ability, Certina is also one of the first brands to use this material. This watch is 41 mm in diameter, and the 60th anniversary engraved watch engraved at the bottom is priced at 6,950 yuan. The rabbit thinks that only the face value can win. In fact, when it comes to the Milan belt, the rabbit remembered a distant thing. About eight or nine years ago, in fact, there were brands (don’t ask me which one, ca n’t say). I tried it as an attempt. It was said that it was almost impossible to sell in classical watches (the sales volume was the worst), and it was naturally abandoned relentlessly Already. Looking at it today, it is very easy to understand that the brand’s aesthetics is ahead of time for the market. Many times the so-called success is to be in harmony with the people, but the time is not up, and the results are completely different. From my point of view, although the Milan band has become popular among brands today, whether it is the Applewatch, which represents smart watches, or the fashion watches, or Swiss mid-to-high-end brands such as Omega or Breitling, even this year even launched three models Certina, it remains a niche choice. We look at the back of the strap. If the chain strap is too long, it can be removed, so it is equipped with a double-button butterfly clasp, which is convenient for joining hands. We can also understand that some consumers want freshness and features after buying a regular design. Another point is that everyone’s desire for the attributes of watch accessories is increasing, so the Milan belt will be popular in watches less than 50,000 (more than 50,000 price, still the role of identity, priority to ensure safety and practicality, but super luxurious women Models will also use Milan belt), the most popular within 10,000 yuan. In fact, every time I see the evolution of the niche popular moves with my preferences, I feel that although the market is complex, human consumption psychology is elusive. Find commonalities in personality and resonance in experience, and the trend can be Anticipation. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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