Month: July 2019

Stephanie Holmén Wins The Longines Fifa World Cup Mercedes Classic

Basel (Switzerland) / Soymia (Switzerland), January 28, 2018-After a round of intense competition, Swiss jockey Stephanie Holmén rides ‘Flip’s Little Sparrow’ to win This year’s Mercedes-Benz CSI Zurich in Zurich is the Longines FEI World Cup Mercedes Classic Benz Classic-Longines FEI World Cup ™.

   The Swiss watch brand Longines served as the title partner and official timekeeper of the event to support the event and presented the event’s designated watch-a work from the Longines Master Collection.

   Longines has entered into a cooperative relationship with the International Horse Federation. As a result, the brand has become the main partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the International Horse Federation. This partnership also includes Longines as the title partner of the Longines FEI World Cup ™ Jumping Western European League. In the unprecedented ‘Longines FIFA World Cup Mercedes Classic’ on Sunday, Stephanie Holmén and his good foal ‘Flip’s Little Sparrow’ overwhelmed the champions and won the championship. Dream ‘won the second place, while French jockey Kevin Staut and his horse’ Silver Deux de Virton HDC ‘finished third. The champion rider was conferred an elegant Longines watch.

Bvlgari Cinemagia Light And Shadow Adventure High Jewelry Series

The lights are ready, the camera is in place, and shooting begins!

   BVLGARI Bulgari’s bold jewellery design is achieved with bold creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, and presents the new and elegant Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series.
   Cinemagia’s high-end jewellery collection takes inspiration from the art of filmmaking known as ‘Seventh Art’, and presents fantastic designs with exquisite craftsmanship. It transforms colorful colors and precious gems into charming and fascinating jewelry masterpieces. Gree is a pioneer in fine jewelry.

Bvlgari Cinemageia Dolcevita Delight Necklace
   Rome’s aesthetics and cheerful cultural atmosphere shaped the Bulgari brand gene and promoted the glorious rise of the Italian film industry in the 1950s. The studio and studio of the famous Roman cinema city Cinecittà is a good example. As a result, the movie world has become a constant source of inspiration for Bulgari.

Bulgari Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series Lara loves Laura necklace
   At the same time, Bulgari has launched a strong support for the film industry worldwide, and has sponsored many light and film events in the East and West. These include Berlinale, Cannes Film Festival, and La Biennale di Venezia, and have sponsored the Shanghai International Film Festival for three consecutive years. Prestigious cultural feast. The Italian jewelry family attaches great importance to the cultivation and development of young talents in different art fields. As the official jeweler of the Tribeca Film Festival, Bvlgari and Tribeca Studios have jointly filmed a series of micro-films that span the dimension of many years, demonstrating the beauty of breaking the tradition and breaking the cultural barriers. Wonderful story.

Bulgari Cinemagia Lights on Spotlight Necklace
   In order to highlight the deep and inseparable relationship between the brand and the art of filmmaking, Bulgari dazzles with the Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series flashing with magical magic and charming charm, paying tribute to the splendid glory of the film industry, and at the same time showing that the brand has turned its dream into a dream. Realistic, exquisite craftsmanship of turning colorful gems into fine jewelry.
   Action started shooting immediately! The necklace condenses Bulgari’s vision and bold and innovative brand spirit. The hidden spring mechanism presents a winding and complex structure to pay tribute to the 1885 creative invention of the celloid film. This gorgeous and dynamic necklace took 800 hours to make and was made of zirconium metal material with outstanding wear resistance and shining black and silver. This material was first introduced into the field of fine jewelry by Bulgari. In order to achieve a gentle, gentle and elegant wearing effect, Action immediately started shooting! Necklace is also inlaid with a large number of beautiful diamonds, making it a favorite choice for movie stars to shine on the red carpet.

Bvlgari Cinemagia Light and Shadow Encounter High Jewelry Series Action Instant Shoot! Necklace
   The Emerald City necklace is inspired by the magical capital of Land of Oz in the American fantasy music movie ‘Wizard of Oz’, released in 1939. Its large central emerald center stone weighs 21.49 carats, and is surrounded by a pattern of 3D diamonds, emeralds, and mother-of-pearl pavé. The rare and beautiful style of Bulgari jewelry is blooming in the colorful room .

Bulgari Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series Emerald City emerald city necklace
   Forever Emeralds Eternal Emerald Necklace adopts exquisite geometric shapes. Its 24.31 carat egg-faced cut emerald main stone is stunning and presents indomitable and timeless charm, fully emphasizing the exquisite Italian jewelry family in color matching and gem use. skill.

Bulgari Cinemagia light and shadow adventure high jewelry series Forever Emeralds eternal emerald necklace

Slightly Carved In The Wrist, Blancpain Landscape Micro-carved Movement

Have you ever thought that the beauty of the streets can be miniaturized in the watch. Today I will introduce such a watch for everyone.
 Among the many top Swiss watch brands, not many are good at micro-carving. Carrying it forward is the Blancpain watch. Take the Villeret series micro-engraved movement watch as an example. In the 36.1 mm space of the Calibre 15B manual movement, the gold sculptor has restored the five countries including Switzerland, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong with delicate details. Regional urban style.
Top left: Hong Kong, top right: Japan, bottom left: Paris, bottom right: Switzerland
 Because this is an extreme craft with large input, low output, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and especially requires patience and rely on the master’s hands. The watch factory that loves it and is flourishing is Blancpain. Since Blancpain was first established (1735), it is surprising to find that it is the most faithful, pure and old-fashioned one of the Swiss watch brands that inherits the traditional Huguenot tradition.
Paris version movement
 Whether it’s the Great Wall of Beijing or the streets of Paris, every crevice on the Great Wall, every brick, the momentum of winding, and the shadow of the distant mountains … every steel beam of the Eiffel Tower, the dome of the Sacred Heart Church, the Arc de Triomphe Famous high relief … If this work is a painting, then you can only see the plane effect, and the magic of precious metal micro-carving is that it presents a three-dimensional effect known as ‘naked eye 3D’! You even have the urge to get into the microscope and climb the Great Wall as a hero! Or stroll the romantic streets of Paris.
Mainland China (Great Wall)
 Although the large and clear plywood is easier to use artistic imagination, but how to present a completely different natural style without compulsion under the same movement layout, it is still a question that the gold sculptor must carefully consider. The gold sculpture team from Blancpain firstly used the knowledge of the architectural characteristics and cultural styles of different cities to draw sketches in the pattern according to the movement board and modify it repeatedly, and then gradually reduced the pattern according to the proportion, and finally presented it to the movement. in. The later polishing and retouching is also an important link that cannot be ignored. The meticulous degree of this process will directly determine the integrity of the pattern, so that when viewed from any angle, it can be kept perfect and perfect.
China version (Great Wall pattern) details
 Of course, we know that Blancpain watch is a well-known haute couture master in the industry. You can even make the micro-carving master’s unique landscape into the three-dimensional pattern on the movement of the watch. Take it off and gently turn it over.
 These beautiful movements remind me of some passionate wine fans walking in the almost isolated Jurassic Mountains at the junction of Switzerland and France, tracing the stories of ancient wines that were basically lost in France.

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