Month: January 2020

Queen Faner Ladies’ Watch Recommendation

Some people say that women should be sweet and lovely, some people say that women should coexist with sex and beauty, and some people say that women should have a queen fan. In order to meet the needs of female friends, more and more design elements of women’s watches, such as inlaid high-quality crystal, with leather strap. Today, I will bring you four watches with Queen Fan, let you become the beautiful focus of the crowd.
Malmo (Multon) 160 (new) M020.11.34.75 ladies quartz watch

Red Flame Beautiful and Trendy Female Choice
纪念 In commemoration of the 160th anniversary of Mowen, Mowen has inherited the Swiss watchmaking tradition and has released a series of king-like Malton 160. The watch is full of modern femininity, fully expressing a kind of joy. You don’t need to get a high price to wear an excellent watch with skill.
Series: Malton (Morton) 160 series
Movement: quartz movement Ronda 762
Case: Stainless steel
Table glass: Sapphire glass
Band: Alligator strap
Amido MIDO-Bellenceli M7600.4.39.7 ladies mechanical watch

风景 Beautiful scenery between your wrists
This is a product with 30 years of vitality. In order to commemorate this moment, Mido launched the new Belem Celli in 2006. It inherits the classic shape and style of the original. The models clearly and subtly reveal the elegant and noble qualities, just like the classic stringed instrument violin. Test. Attention to detail can be observed through its meticulously crafted movement and automatic oscillating weight, with diamond-cut hands, adorned with Mido LOGO.
Series: BARONCELLI series
Movement: automatic mechanical movement ETAA2671
Case: stainless steel
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Bracelet: Calfskin
Boch Berlin-Classic Ladies 1043 / P01 Ladies Quartz Watch

Herlin-Classic Ladies Series 1043 / P01 Ladies Quartz Watch Black leather wristband highlights temperament, flexible and comfortable to protect your hands, and crocodile-patterned wristband is more exquisite and delicate. The simple design of the double-handed display, vintage Roman scale, elegant temperament, and gold-plated case, yet noble. Selected brand Swiss quartz movement, wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass surface, water resistance coefficient of 30 meters, can meet the waterproofing needs of daily life, make you more at ease and comfortable.
Crocodile strap with pure white surface
Series: Classic Ladies Series
Movement: Quartz movement 3/4 ETA 280.002
Case: stainless steel plating gold
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Band: strap
Function: hour and minute display
Ziyi Bolu-Elegant Series LG850D-2311BR Ladies Quartz Watch

Retro classics create a lasting legend
百 A century-old brand ‘Ernest Borel’ watch, because of a beautiful and romantic legend, opened her more exciting and beautiful chapter. Ebolo Elegant Series LG850D-2311BR watch is equipped with Swiss-made high-quality quartz movement. The overall design is based on simplicity. The white dial, sapphire crystal glass, 50 meters waterproof. Stainless steel case with Swarovski crystals and high-quality leather strap. Elegant and noble appearance design and affordable prices have become one of the best-selling watches of Ebolu.
Series: Elegant Series
Movement: quartz movement
Case: PVD plating
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Bracelet: Calfskin

In Addition To Speed And Passion, How To See The Extreme Pioneers In The City At A Glance?

In addition to speed and passion, how to see the extreme pioneers in the city at a glance?

   They are more willing to take risks than wait.
   [Extreme Pioneers]: They are a group of urban adventurers who are always ready to get rid of the daily trivial cautiousness, jump out of the urban game’s rules and regulations, or use the vanguard to make waves in the city, or jump directly into the mysterious and deep nature , Feel the sheer joy of extreme sports.

   — Love the ocean, love to walk on the tip of the wind —
   For urban adventurers who love extreme sports, going to the sea ≠ wearing sunglasses, sitting on the beach and watching the sea. Galloping in the waves is the attitude of adventure heroes to challenge themselves!

   — The ultimate vanguard of the streets, be your own hero —
   Urban youths who believe in adventure are avant-garde who are good at expressing their unique self. They hate rules and roundness, and long for spiritual freedom and pure heart;

   Or pick up a skateboard and jump over obstacles to become the focus among the bustling crowd.

   The eye-catching hair color and fashionable personality dress are full of avant-garde style.

   Ride the waves in the city in the colors of the ocean. Take to the streets and stay cool.

    Swatch 2017 Spring and Summer [Extreme Pioneer] series is coming soon! Come to the Swatch Store to get the tide together!

2013 Rolex Cup Fifa Field Obstacles World Cup Chinese League Second Stop Successfully Concluded

After four days of battle, the second leg of the 2013 Rolex Cup International Horse Federation (FEI) obstacle course World Cup China League was thanked by the riders of the club group and individual races (130-140CM). China successfully came to an end. During the four days of the competition, the Youth and Horse Masters (60-80CM), Ground Rod, Youth and Horse Masters (100-110CM), World Cup (140-150CM) and clubs were held. Team and individual (130-140CM) and other five levels of equestrian events.

 In the second round of the club group and individual competition (130-140CM) held this afternoon, the star-studded international equestrian club team consisting of Yang Fujun, Erdenjirigala, Zhang Ke and Bakgan took two rounds. Won the lowest total penalty (16 points) to win the club team championship. Beijing (Duan Yihua, Hardan Chaolu, Zhao Zhiwen) ranked second, and Jiangsu (Hu Richa, Yin Keba Yier, Bao Yingfeng) Ranked third. The four to eight are: Bagan and Zhang Ke from Tianxing Tunliang International Equestrian Club, Ink Bayer of Jiangsu team, and Hardan Chaolu and Duan Yihua from Beijing team. With these eight riders riding around the victory horse for a week, the 2013 Rolex Cup International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacle World Cup China League second leg all ended.

 Tomorrow, the 2013 Rolex Cup International Horse Federation (FEI) venue obstacles World Cup China League Finals will be closed for one day. On October 17th, the final leg of the finals will officially begin. Who will be the only rider qualified to participate in the 2014 FEI venue obstacle world cup final in Lyon, France? .

38 Million! Rolex Ref.6265 Cosmograph Daytona 18k White Gold Watch Falling Hammer Deal

On May 12, 2018, Flys held a ‘Daytona Ultimatum’ theme auction at the LaReserve Hotel in Geneva. Rolex Ref.6265 Cosmograph Daytona 18K White Gold Watch (Lot 8) was sold at 5,937,500. The Swiss franc (equivalent to RMB 38 million) was dropped.

   Created by Rolex for a German retailer in 1970, the watch was delivered the following year and has always been owned by Italian writer and collector John Goldberger. Earlier, John Goldberger had announced that the proceeds of the auction would be donated to the Geneva charity ChildrenAction.

   The watch is one of the six ‘Daytona Ultimatum’ watches offered at this auction, with an estimated value of 3 million to 5 million Swiss francs before the auction. After selling 5,937,500 Swiss francs, the Ref.6265 Cosmograph Daytona 18K white gold watch replaced the Ref.6062 ‘BaoDai ($ 5,060,427) and became the second highest Rolex watch at public auctions, after Paul Newman Ref. 6239 ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona watch that you once owned and worn. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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