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The Eternal Pursuit Of Avant-garde Design And Superior Materials 2016 Basel Haute Horlogerie Jewelry Radar New Product Summary

Swiss radar brand, which has always been known as the “Material Master”, always adheres to the eternal pursuit of avant-garde design and excellent materials. During the just-concluded 44th Basel Haute Horlogerie Show, Radar launched multiple series A new collection of watches. Following the advent of the distinctive rich chocolate brown watch, the new navy blue and dark green hues also made their grand debut. The 4.9 mm thickness thin series watch broke the record of the thinnest ceramic watch ever made by Radar. In addition, the bold and masculine Haoxing 1616 watch subverts the traditional design of radar, and uses the brand’s bold attempt in the field of materials, which uses uniquely hardened titanium. The editor below will take you to review the new products launched by Radar at the Basel Haute Horlogerie Show. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.
Radar HyperChrome 1616 watch
 The radar 1616 watch is a new interpretation of Radar’s classic Cape Horn series. It is intended to commemorate the 400th anniversary of mankind’s brave exploration of South American headlands. The new watch is bold and powerful: the 46 mm case has sharp edges and corners, and the watch is equipped with an ultra-wide leather strap.

 The real highlight of this series of watches is its use of extremely lightweight and extremely durable materials: including the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic materials and the brand’s new breakthrough in the field of materials-uniquely hardened titanium.
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A new product of the Radar True series, bold and bold with high-tech ceramics in new tones. Following the introduction of the distinctive rich chocolate brown watch, the new navy blue and dark green tones are now available.
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Radar’s new True series core-opening watch, limited to 500 pieces. The watch is made of white matte polished high-tech ceramic material, and the simple and atmospheric lines show the consistent design style of the Radar True series. The exquisitely decorated Swiss movement is mounted under the elegant hollow dial, which gives the watch an open and light feel as a whole. Through the dial, you can see the infinite style of the mysterious movement. Only 0.6 mm of ultra-thin mother-of-pearl is like a veil floating on the dial, subtly revealing the inner rhythm of the watch.
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Thinline skeleton watch

 This watch with a skeleton movement subtly achieves a high degree of integration between tradition and modernity. The limited edition of 99 watches is issued, and each watch is individually numbered. The Radar True Thinline hollow-out model is made of black polished high-tech ceramic, with a slim profile and only 7 mm thick. The new watch is equipped with sapphire crystal glass and case back, allowing the wearer to clearly observe the rhythm of the internal mechanical structure, and the hollow design can fully display the various delicate elements that make up this wrist watch.
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 Rada also launched three minimalist-style True Thinline watches. The watch has an unparalleled light and simple shape, including three colors: pure white, jet black or shiny plasma. The watch does not have scale marks, small dial design and complicated decorative elements. The dial is pure and simple, and even the second hand is omitted.
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Made of three unparalleled ultra-light materials: silicon nitride ceramics, anodized aluminum and hardened titanium, this Hao Xing ultra-light watch has a minimalist design and lightweight materials. The watch has a dark gray solid tone dial with a dial-less design, which is decorated with a concentric pattern that extends gently downwards. The new limited edition watch weighs only 56 grams and is complemented by a stylish Nato military strap that fastens the avant-garde style to the wrist and freezes the simple and natural origin of neutral aesthetics.
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Rolex Gold Arrives 10% Off On Weekend Purchases

Gold material, atmosphere, publicity, a strong noble temperament is coming. The same is true of gold watches, whether it is self-wearing or collecting. Among the many gold watches, the Rolex gold watch is dazzling outside. With its unique design style and outstanding watch quality, it has been well received by watch friends. Recently, the author learned that the Rolex brand in the Beijing Xidan Shopping Center Hengli World Watch Center was selling at 10% off in the celebration of the shopping mall. It was a good time to take a look at the new arrival. In addition, if you buy the watch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can get a discount of 200 cash coupons with a total of 200 back. The author will lead you below.

Rolex Greenwich II Series 116719-BLRO

   The performance of this white gold Rolex is still good. The high-cold white gold bracelet and case have both the luxury of gold and not overstatement, which meets modern aesthetic standards. The red and blue bezels show the unique charm of the watch. Dual time zone hands stand out, making the watch more efficient. With the consistent design of the Rolex brand: Oyster, three-cell solid chain link; folding oyster safety buckle, etc., highlighting the brand’s appeal and charm.

Rolex Day-Date 18948-72748

   Everyone loves Rolex gold watches, but among the many Rolex gold watches, which one is best for you? This availability varies from person to person, and different watches determine different temperaments and tastes. For example, just like this watch, the date, calendar, meteorite face, diamond embellishment are somewhat business-oriented. Bringing the word luxury to a new level, combining brilliant diamonds and flamboyant luxury gold is a fusion of powerful aura and elegant charm.

Rolex Day-Date 118235F-83205

   Compared with the previous log type, this gold watch is more elegant. What is different is that the Rolex English logo can be seen faintly on the mother-of-pearl dial, which adds a kind of fun to watch. Inheriting the brand’s unique design style, the Oyster three-row chain link and the triangular pit patterned bezel, while showing luxury, it also bears Rolex’s own aura. It is also a golden timepiece worth starting.

Summary: I believe everyone also sees that the discount is relatively strong this time. Rounding off the 10% discount, the remaining consumption is returned to the 20 cash coupon as long as it is 200, and you can spend it inside the mall again. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the 18th, you can also enjoy a discount of up to 50% off when buying a piece of Jinlao, which is also a more cost-effective. Recently, cousins ​​who intend to buy Jinlao can go and look around.
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Colorful And Enjoy The Bulgari Lvcea Series Art Garden Watch

The Bulgari Lvcea series has long been a link between light and time. This close connection has always made it an important seat in women’s watches. Bvlgari incorporates new colors and a variety of creative designs into this series. Through the combination of high-end watches and jewelry design, it dazzles.

   As time goes by, the design concept that emphasizes exquisite craftsmanship is once again perfectly integrated with the immortal ‘art garden’ theme. In 2016, Lvcea continued to write beautiful poems written since 2013, using precious sparkling decorations, and borrowing classic design elements from the brand’s jewelry collection.

   Il Giardino Paradiso-two watches with delicate pattern dials, with the theme of exotic and colorful birds of paradise, to create a vivid scene of lush flowers and plants.

   The complex and exquisite dials of the two watches pay tribute to the superb talents and skills of the brand artists, demonstrating their skill in blending various materials and colors to achieve the perfect balance of texture and color. The clear sky background is inlaid with blue mother-of-pearl, and the pattern of birds of paradise, flowers and green leaves that flutter past makes the dial full of vitality.

   The picturesque scene is presented with fine hand-crafted micro-painting technology, bright-cut diamonds and the same jewellery on the bezel and lugs. It is beautiful and vivid.

   It is equipped with a BVL 263 self-winding mechanical tourbillon movement with a vibration frequency of 21,600vph and a power reserve of 64 hours. The tourbillon frame is placed on the sapphire bridge and the 22K gold automatic disc is engraved with the Côtes de Genève. Limited edition of 50 watches, engraved with serial number.

 Summary: Bvlgari’s newly released LVCEA watch in 2016 fully showcases the perfect fusion of Bvlgari’s fine jewelry, fine watchmaking and advanced craftsmanship, elegant and artistic enamel dial, combined with tourbillon, bringing the ultimate watch to ladies Watch visual effects.
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Michael B. Jordan Visits Piaget Manufacture

After the Dubai International Film Festival and the premiere of the new film ‘Creed’, Michael B. Jordan, a world-renowned actor and friend of Piaget, went with celebrity stylist Jeff Kim Switzerland visited the Earl watchmaking factory.
   During his trip to Switzerland, Michael B. Jordan wore a Piaget 40mm Altiplano platinum watch (he owns a Piaget Polo FortyFive watch). Michael B. Jordan visited the original Piaget la Côte-aux-Fées, where all the movements of the brand are now produced. He then visited Piaget’s state-of-the-art Plan-les-Ouates watchmaking factory (for the manufacture and assembly of watch cases and gem setting).
Piaget 40mm Altiplano Platinum Watch

   Michael B. Jordan has played a groundbreaking role in Fruitvale Station, and since then, Earl has become his companion at grand festivals and awards, including the 2014 Oscar King Like the award, the people’s choice award, and the independent spirit award (Earl has been the main sponsor since 2007) and so on.
   Piaget is proud to support film art and outstanding individuals, such as Michael B. Jordan’s relentless pursuit of perfection coincides with the brand’s core values.

Lv And Gucci’s High-end Watches Counterattack The Two Poles Of Fashion And Collection

The rich are extremely sought after for luxury watches, and the development of luxury watches in China is still hampered. This is a puzzling thing. Since 2008, the total watch market in China has continued to decline. In 2012, it was affected by factors such as the ‘cousin’ Yang Dacai incident, the government’s promotion of frugality in the industry, and the tide of luxury purchases by rich Chinese overseas. Life is not easy. In the first quarter of 2013, Swiss watch exports to China fell by 25.6% year-on-year.

Recently, the Wealth and Quality Institute released the ‘2013 China Watch Report’, and the results show that despite the decline in Swiss watch exports and luxury watch sales in China, this is just a structural adjustment of the watch import structure. The watch market continues to expand, driving the watch market’s total rebound; the trend of fashion and popularity of high-end watches in China is obvious; the second and third tier cities will gradually become the main force in the market.
High-end watches are luxury consumer goods dominated by male consumers. Many brands have always maintained a solemn, atmospheric and restrained style, but high-end watches are becoming more fashionable than ever.

Fashion brands’ entry into the watch market is an important promoter of high-end watch fashion. Fashion brands entered the Chinese market earlier, and have obvious advantages in brand awareness, sales channels, and consumer groups. Once they enter the field of watches, they can quickly use the huge fashion consumer groups to promote the quantification of watch consumption and create rapid development. The growing fashion watch market. The rapid growth of the female high-end watch consumer market is also an important reason for accelerating the fashion of high-end watches. Women are more concerned about the decorative features of watches than male consumers, and have more desire for watches made of jewelry, diamonds and other materials.

As a luxury product, high-end watches have always been regarded as a symbol of status and financial resources. However, this situation is changing. As one of the important manifestations of a high-quality lifestyle, high-end watches are facing unprecedented popularity.

The mass consumers have also entered the ranks of high-end watch consumption. For the increasingly affluent urban middle-income and white-collar workers, tens of thousands of dollars to buy a watch is not an unrealizable desire. ‘So, the coldness of the Chinese watch market is only a short-term market change and temporary structural adjustment. Due to the huge spending power of Chinese consumers, the Chinese watch market will continue to expand in the future. At the same time, with the changes in tariff policies, high-end The outflow of watch consumption will gradually ease. ‘Zhou Ting, president of the Fortune Institute of Quality, told the China Business Daily reporter.

As LV, Gucci, Bulgari and other Chinese consumers are familiar with luxury brands in the watch field, these brands entering the watch market will become the absolute power to dominate the future high-end watch market structure. Chinese rich people believe that traditional professional watchmaking brands like Patek Philippe and Piaget are more inclined to invest in the field of collection and ultra-high-end watches.

Chinese consumers with higher assets will pay more attention to limited editions of high-end watches. At this time, consumer behavior is mainly based on collection investment and business gifts. The higher the price of high-end watches, the greater the proportion of gifts used for gifts.

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