Month: August 2020

Lintong Rolex Submariner Series Emperor Watch

This new Tudor watch is a special new model created by the Rolex Submariner series. Taking its essence to its dross, Tudor also has its own unique side in the choice of movement. It uses the cheap eta2824 movement to try to get rid of the Rolex shadow. Tudor
   Estimated price: 12,000 ~ 20,000 HKD including commission price: 15,000 HKD (about RMB 12,700)
   [Overall description] All steel, prince oyster type, submarine type, single calendar, circa 1980.
   [Diameter] 42 mm
   [Condition] Three-piece, all-steel case, strap, engraved on the back, Geneva Rolex original case. Rotatable bezel, luminous hands and scale, acrylic watch mirror, equipped with 2824-2 movement, 25 diamonds, single calendar function, waterproof 200 meters. The entire table is in good condition.
    This Tudor model completely imitates the Rolex Submariner series. Mercedes-Benz hands, using the Rolex case, the consistent Rolex style, just the cheap eta2824 type movement. Tudor’s 2828 movement is not as it is. The main reason is that the fast and slow clip parts of the balance have been modified into cardless hairsprings, which further improves the performance of the movement, and the fish scales are polished. However, the impression of Rolex and the cheap movement cannot be shaken, so the price of Tudor is always flat. In recent years, Tudor has made many breakthroughs in models, and many changes have been made in the design and dial design. Let us wait and see if there is room for appreciation of this old Tudor in the future.

Eric Bana’s Charity Trip

It is reported that the well-known brand Bulgari has been committed to making its greatest contribution to this charity since it reached a partnership with Save the Children in 2009.

 It is understood that Save the Children is an independent international charity that works for children’s rights. They seek the best solutions for children threatened by poverty, disease, injustice and violence. In China, Save the Children International is represented by Save the Children UK. They pay attention to all children, especially vulnerable children, such as children with disabilities, street children, trafficked children, children in conflict with law, migrant children, left-behind children, out-of-school children, children affected by AIDS, and poor children. The scope of their work is broad, with the main areas of work being child education, child protection and child health.

 Recently, as the ambassador of the Bulgari brand, the famous actor Eric Bana from Australia visited two Save the Children projects in Western Sydney last week.

 Eric Bana’s charity trip started with a children’s school in the Chester Mountains. This is a school for children aged 0-6. Eric Bana said, I think it is very meaningful to participate in such activities as one of the Bulgari family members. Through our actions, more people can learn about the existence of an organization such as Save the Children and join Among them, help children build self-confidence and a good living environment, and build a positive future for them.

 Eric Barner was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1968, with a Croatian father and a German mother. I like to watch the performance of comedian Richard Priel, and became interested in acting, but only after watching the movie ‘MadMax’ was determined to be an actor. In hindsight, actor Richard Priel and comedy did have a big impact on Eric’s acting career: before he officially became a film actor, he played stand-up comedy for ten years; Like Richard Priel, he is also eager for the director and has worked behind the scenes in several plays.

 He has led many classic films including Hulk (Hulk), The Massacre in Munich, Troy: Trojan Trojan, and many other popular films.

 Eric Bana was very approachable in this activity. He said that he likes children and talks with them. Through the children, we also see a pure world. Believe that Save the Children is a good start for these unfortunate children and help them grow up healthily and happily.

 In recent years, the Bulgari brand has done its best to help those vulnerable children and create a good living and learning environment for them. So far, Bulgari has raised more than 20 million Euros for the project. The money has helped people in 76 worldwide aid organizations, including 22 countries. These include 600,000 children, 20,000 teachers and 1,200 schools.

Pearls Are As Dreamy As Three Diamond Watches Recommended

How many women build a dream castle for the brilliant diamonds, how many women’s bright eyes are illuminated by the light emitted by the diamonds. When a timepiece is set with diamonds symbolizing love and eternity , Has become the coveted gift of women. The sparkle of diamonds is not inherent. The sparkle of diamonds on a watch cannot be separated from the craftsmanship of watchmakers or diamond inlays. Those carefully measured cutting surfaces present you the most dazzling light and create the most beautiful for you Dream.
Cartier HYPNOSE series WJHY0009 watch

Domestic public price: 350,000 RMB
Watch diameter: 30 * 26.2 mm
Watch thickness: 7.5 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Diamonds luxury women’s watches will be decorated with sparkling diamonds on the bezel and bracelet of the watch instead of the dial. The pure black watch dial is deep and charming surrounded by diamond light. The watch case is made of 18K white gold and the bezel is set with a total of 34 round diamonds. The bracelet is also made of 18K white gold with a total of 84 round diamonds and 12 emerald-cut diamonds. The uniquely designed rectangular dial is 31 mm long and 15 mm wide. The overall shape is exquisite and slender, creating a feminine and feminine atmosphere. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which haunts the light of diamonds. It is both a precious Chinese ornament and a practical timepiece.
Bvlgari creative jewelry series 102432 DVP30D2GDL watch

Watch diameter: 30 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K rose gold with diamonds
Watch details: bvlgari / 43474 /

Watch Reviews: Bvlgari’s jewelry watches are equally eye-catching, with not only the light of diamonds, but also the brilliance of all kinds of jewelry. The case of this Bulgari creative jewellery watch is made of 18K rose gold, and the bezel and lugs are set with brilliant-cut diamonds. The dial of the watch is covered with diamonds from inside to outside, and even the refracted light is full of layers. On the right side of the watch, the top of the 18K rose gold crown is inlaid with a convex round pink tourmaline, revealing a little femininity and gentleness. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement for precise movement, with a black satin strap and an 18K rose gold pin buckle.
To sum up: The fine diamonds that surround each circle constitute an endless series of beautiful swirls. The beauty of a diamond watch is not only in its luxurious luxury and high-profile attention, it is meaningful that the symbol of the eternal diamond is rotating in the hands. At the same time witness every wonderful moment of you.

Do You Care About Watch Warranty

Buying a watch is a delightful thing. It is likely that this is the first small item (luxury) in life that has been purchased at a large price. For a long time, most Chinese people like jade ware play, and gradually, more and more people like watch, even if its price is generally slightly higher than that of wen play. After a long period of exploration, inquiry, choice, entanglement and hesitation, finally one day, I decided to buy the watch in my mind, so all this seemed to be a success. However, when you really own this watch, you realize that this is just the beginning.

    Obviously, the watch is actually a consumable. During our use, it is constantly depreciating. In order to make it ‘service’ for a longer period of time, we need to maintain it regularly, even in daily wear. In China, you need to be careful. Because it is relatively fragile, watch manufacturers often guarantee their products. Quality assurance is our abbreviation for quality assurance. It actually contains two meanings. On the one hand, it is a guarantee of product quality, that is, it indicates that it is genuine, and on the other hand, it promises to provide warranty service.

Breitling Certificate

    Every watch purchased from a regular channel should have a complete set of accessories, which includes the above two certificates, quality certificate / certificate of origin, and warranty card. The former is a very important anti-counterfeiting logo. All fake watches can imitate the appearance, movement and even many details of brand watches, but when you buy fake watches, it does not have a real guarantee card, even if there is, You can also verify whether it is authentic through online channels. Nowadays, many brands have integrated the quality certification and warranty service card. This card can be activated when you buy a watch, so as to enjoy a series of free services from the brand.
    Today, the most important dozens of watch brands are mainly distributed in several groups, such as Richemont, Swatch, Kering, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Guancheng Watches (mainly for the Chinese market), etc. Each has its own after-sales regulations, and different brands under the group will be slightly different. Generally speaking, the warranty covers several aspects, that is, the scope of the brand’s failure to provide warranty covers appearance parts, depreciation during normal use, and damage to the movement other than its own quality (such as man-made, accident, force majeure, etc.). Most brands only provide warranty for the movement, and also include some additional terms, such as if the waterproof watch has not been tested for water resistance within the prescribed time, then if there is a problem later, no warranty service will be provided. Therefore, when you buy a watch, it is best to read the attached warranty statement so that you can know your rights and interests.

Omega Reach Observatory Certified Card

    The warranty has an expiration date. Most brands currently have a two-year warranty, including quartz watches and mechanical watches. To some extent, the warranty also reflects the brand’s confidence in quality. In 2012, Breitling increased the quality of its watches from the movement to 5 years. In 2014, Omega vigorously developed the quality of the movement, launched the chronometer certification, and at the same time increased the warranty on watches certified by this new astronomy to 4 years. In 2015, Rolex also launched a top-level observatory certification and raised its warranty to five years. In addition, the Swiss niche fine watch brand Richard Mille also has a five-year warranty.
    Increasing the warranty period is undoubtedly a good thing for watch friends. After all, you can enjoy a longer warranty service time, which means that your watch can get a warranty period of up to 4 or 5 years, which means you may be able to Save a lot of money. For brands, this is not a small capital investment. After all, these brands sell so many watches each year, especially Rolex and Omega. They sell hundreds of thousands of watches each year. Improving the warranty period is not easy. Just a verbal promise.

Waterproof test Waterproof watch generally needs to be tested once every 2 years

    Of course, you need to understand that warranty and maintenance are not the same. If there is a problem with your watch, it can be tested for free during the warranty period. If it is determined to be a quality problem, you can get free repair. The maintenance requires money. The items included in the maintenance are not the same as the items under warranty. The maintenance includes cleaning of the appearance parts and inspection of the movement.
    Today, most watch friends buy watches through overseas channels or online shopping. Of course, this can save a lot of money, but most people may not have considered after-sales issues. Most watch friends heard that the brand has international warranty, so when there is a problem with the watch, they are accustomed to finding a formal after-sales service to solve the problem. However, when they really go to the after-sales, they find that overseas purchasing may not pay taxes. Services can only be provided by taxation. Online shopping sometimes does not have even the most basic accessories. The insurance card has no formal authorization and will not be serviced. When you need to pay for maintenance, it will exceed the money you save.
    Therefore, when buying a watch, it is best to understand the issue of warranty. For most online purchases, it is difficult to have a warranty guarantee, because they do not have brand authorization, they do have overseas purchases, and they involve tariff issues, and they may not be able to enjoy warranty at home. Therefore, in order to keep your love watch with you all the time, the warranty should really care about you.

A New Work Of The Era That Combines Delicate Art And Practical Functions

Patek Philippe is the oldest independent family watchmaking company in Geneva with the longest history. It is famous for its extraordinary watchmaking skills and superb skills. So far, Patek Philippe has obtained more than 100 patents, which have a profound impact on the watchmaking industry. At this year’s Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, Patek Philippe launched a new series of complication watches, including the world’s first minute repeater watch that can tell the local time, the Nautilus series perpetual calendar watch, the first Aquanaut chronograph As well as the new hand-wound chronograph, the new extraordinary timepiece covers many technical features and design highlights. Among them, the moon phase calendar watch of the complication timepiece series continues the classic design of the brand, adding the practical calendar function and moon phase function, deducing the perfect fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and practical functions. (Watch model: 5205G-013)

New work of the era that combines delicate art and practical functions

   The ‘complex functions’ in watchmaking refer to the functions of mechanical watches in addition to time display and date display, such as chronograph, minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar and moon phase functions, etc. This new complication watch incorporates practical annual calendar functions. The calendar display only needs to be adjusted once a year, and the window showing the day, date and month is curved above the dial. Below the dial are the moon phase display and the 24-hour dial. Patek Philippe has always been passionate about putting everyday practical functions between square inches on the wrist, and performing ingenious watchmaking art with the time of birth.

Watch real shot

   The platinum case is polished with a fine polishing process, giving it a rich and delicate gloss, giving the precious metal a high-quality look and feel.

   The slightly sunken bezel and hollowed out lugs are highly eye-catching, highlighting the brand’s exclusive aesthetics.

   The 18K white gold crown of the same material is polished with a polishing process. It is engraved with the classic logo of Patek Philippe Calatrava. It is designed with a non-slip texture around the top and feels first-class, making it easy to adjust daily time.

   The small push pins on the sides of the case make it easy to adjust the different hands.

   Under the sun’s rays, the two-tone sunburst dial presents a fascinating blue-black gradient effect from the inside to the outside, elegant and dynamic, and full of charm. Three display windows are arranged in an arc above the dial. The moon phase function and 24-hour display dial are located at 6 o’clock. The 24-hour display dial can simplify the calendar adjustment time. The three-dimensional hour markers in platinum and the three faceted sword-shaped hands and dial echo each other, adding a touch of toughness.

Black alligator strap

   The hand-stitched square scale crocodile leather with white gold pin buckle complements the white gold case, showing the overall aesthetics of the watch.

   Patek Philippe’s new moon phase calendar model is equipped with Caliber324SQALU24H / 206 automatic winding movement, which can provide at least 35 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The movement is equipped with Patek Philippe’s original and patented annual calendar device and Spiromax® balance spring in 1996. The back of the case is designed with a transparent back. Through its sapphire crystal glass, you can admire the exquisite details on the movement, such as the chamfers and polished contours of the splint, and the Calatrava cross star carved on the automatic plate.

Summary: For modern gentlemen, elegance and masculinity form another unique male charm. The men’s watch incorporating complex functions has very strong practical functions, and there is no lack of toughness in elegance, showing a unique charm. Reference price: ¥ 351100 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)

Two New High Complexity Watches From Hublot Geneva

‘MP-01 Handed Down Works’ is the success of the three major series of ‘BIG BANG’, ‘KING POWER Supreme’ and ‘CLASSIC FUSION’. Pound launches a new collection.

‘Vendome Tourbillon’ is a special gift to celebrate the opening of Hublot Paris Store Vendôme.

Technical Parameters


Big Bang series, 44mm diameter, brushed satin, 18K rose gold or black microblasted ceramic

Table mirror: Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective treatment

Lugs: Black synthetic resin

Front: Black synthetic resin

Case back: Brushed satin-finished 18K rose gold, or black ceramic inlaid with sapphire crystal, anti-reflective treatment on the inside

Crown and buttons: 18K rose gold or black micro-blasted ceramic, black natural rubber inserts

Screw: Titanium or black PVD-coated titanium

Water resistance: 100m or 10 atmospheres


18K rose gold vertical satin brushed bezel with 6 H-shaped titanium screws;

Or black micro-blasted ceramics embedded with 6 H-shaped black PVD coated titanium screws

Balchilai Carl F. Bucherer Supports The Pga Hong Kong Golf Championship

The 31st PGA Hong Kong Golf Championship was successfully concluded in Hong Kong on January 15, 2014. The tournament was held at the Hong Kong Golf Club and Clear Water Bay Golf Club, with 54 holes played. In the end, the Korean-Australian Unho Park successfully defended the title and won the top spot.

Korean-Australian Unho Park successfully defends PGA Hong Kong Golf Championship

Awards for this event include a Bucherer Proudly honoring the Plavi ChronoGrade chronograph

Unho Park won the 2014 PGA Hong Kong Golf Championship, and this is the third time he has won this event. He said: ‘Last year was the first time I defended the title, and this year I did it again. This will be the most memorable moment of my life. However, I never regret choosing golf.’ CARL F. BUCHERER It is an honor to present the ChronoGrade ChronoGrade Chronograph to the champion Mr. Unho Park.

Tag Heuer Launches Two New Calella Carbon Chronographs

TAGHeuer has launched two new Carrera carbon fiber chronographs. The two new chronographs added to the Carrera series are inspired by speed racing and fearless driving. They are equipped with TAHeuer’s own Heuer02 movement. This famous mechanical movement can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve.

 The new chronograph is available in rose gold (CBG2052.FT6143) and stainless steel (CBG2017.FT6143). The former is equipped with 18K rose gold lugs and rose gold plated indexes and hands; the latter is decorated with blue indexes, hands and sub-rings, and the carbon fiber bezel and lugs are perfectly integrated. The new watches are luxurious and modern, with black perforated rubber straps, limited editions of 350 and 750 respectively.

 Through the case back sapphire crystal, you can admire the Heuer02 mechanical movement built into the watch. This movement is modern, precise and reliable, with a column wheel and vertical clutch, which is also a hallmark of fine watchmaking. The new Carrera carbon fiber chronograph is exclusively sold at the TAGHeuer boutique and

 Since its first appearance in 1963, the TAGHeuer Calella series has evolved continuously, but has always adhered to the DNA element. The unique modular design and its relationship with the famous Pan American Road Race have driven the development of this brand’s most popular collection. The new carbon fiber watch combines fashion and function, highlighting the outstanding position of TAGHeuer in the field of avant-garde watchmaking. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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