A Touch Of Flower Buds Blooming The Beauty Of Women

The years have witnessed the shining light of youth. As an elegant woman, every time she changes her status or role, she will experience the baptism of time and add memories. Tenderness in the early spring, the season of women quietly blooms, Tissot picks inspiration from the wrist, transforms into a gift of time for women, and injects the full bloom of roses into the bearer of time-Tissot Huiyi series, which is independent, confident and delicate. Attitude, such as the flower of chanting, overflows with beautiful dew drops, letting a woman shine brightly. The Tissot Huiyi series automatically injects extraordinary and extraordinary power, with the lasting guardianship of the mechanical power 80 movement, to give full consideration to modern women; the elegant and free-formed petal petal pointers are unique, and they leap from the dial of the mother-of-pearl, enjoying the time. Perfect time. Tissot is always willing to use its innovative timepieces to accompany each woman to witness the delicate life of her, leaving precious life gifts for women who pursue freedom, equality and wisdom.
A touch of flower buds, blooming female beauty
Tissot Diamond Series
   Under the baptism of time, the elegant appearance of women blooms as beautiful as flowers at different ages. It is this inextricable relationship with time that has created the eternal imprint of Tissot and women: in 1878, Tissot specially customized special offerings. The 18K gold necklace watch in Russia was born, which immediately set off the fashion trend of wearing and accessories. In 1911, Tissot first created the first ladies’ watch, making women’s charm linger on the wrist … For more than 160 years, Tissot’s craftsmen have always been clever. The fountain-like inspiration is applied to watch design, perfectly interpreting the perseverance and independence, fashion and change of contemporary women. To this day, the Tissot Huiyi series is just above time. It has witnessed the glamour of women’s charm in the name of the beautiful collection of minutes and seconds.
The back cover of the Tissot Huiyi automatic mechanical watch is engraved with the full bloom of roses
   It is worth mentioning that the Tissot Huiyi series mechanical watches have added more technical connotations and fashion elements, giving women a free hand to control time and innovate the exploration. Through the improvement of the traditional movement’s clockwork structure, the Huiyi series has a mechanical power reserve of up to 80 hours. This not only reduces the loss of the movement, but also integrates the technical connotation and precise timing, which injects extraordinary time into this watch. Vitality reveals the glamorous charm of women’s independence and perseverance. In addition, Tissot draws inspiration from the nature of the spirit of all things, chooses the rose flower that best represents the femininity, and engraved it on the Huiyi series, so that women wearing it have the most order The enchanting flower years, the rose pattern of the Tissot Shield emblem engraved on the automatic hammer, are like blooming flower buds, elegant and refined, and naturally soft. The clear back cover hides the beautiful mystery. Under the precise operation of the mechanical power 80 movement, the flower buds express the vitality and unrestrained expression. This is also a dynamic and silent interaction. As a subtle and sincere concern, each It’s always worth remembering. The dial does not use pink daisies as a whole, but it is unique, which interprets the aesthetics of women’s independence, nature and softness. Xinghe Diandian or rising to the east, Tissot Huiyi series mechanical watches can be described as the most loyal friends of time, accompanied by women to witness every minute of the journey of transformation.
Permanent tenderness
Tissot Shield
   Gorgeous March is the holiday season for all women. At this moment, it must be full, petted, and more beautiful. The Tissot Huiyi series was born for women at this time, and details the feminine beauty with details. : Mother-of-pearl dial, with glittering wings, is as delicate and bright as a woman; the dial is inlaid with natural top-level Weselton diamond scales, and every time it shines with a glamour field that is determined to win—this is a brilliant mark from time , Is also moving feelings brought by years; the Roman numerals are simple and appropriate, coupled with the elegance and smoothness of the strap, while adding comfort to fashion and profound connotation; the hollow petal-shaped pointer moves like a stream, every bit of time, giving time and infinite love ; The tooth-shaped bezel is shaped like a blooming rose under a bit of light, and the inch of tenderness smoothes the coldness of the machine, adding a touch of mood and style.
Tissot Diamond Series-Side View
   Time dances with the flower buds. In this day of care and love, the Tissot Huiyi watch offers the most scent fragrance to the most independent, elegant and elegant women with the confidence and simplicity of the wrist. I hope that after the baptism of time, the calmness and style condensed on the wrist will turn into a square inch of eternity, and enjoy every beautiful year dedicated to women!

Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Self-winding mechanical movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Self-winding style with transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)
-Some styles are set with top Wesselton diamonds
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Gold models with PVD coating
Suggested retail price: Automatic winding mechanical models: RMB 5,300-7,950
Note: All diamonds are of the highest quality Weselton. They come from legitimate sources, without any financial conflicts, and are fully in line with United Nations regulations. Based on written certification provided by the diamond supplier and / or years of industry experience, Tissot hereby warrants that the diamonds used are by no means conflict diamonds.