An Elegance Of Elegance Taste The Elegant 8 Series Ladies Watch Of Jacques Dro

Since its establishment in 1738, Jacques Dro has been favored for its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, and exquisiteness, and so on. Especially in the 18th century, Jacques Dro has been subjected to Loved the European royal family and the Emperor Qianlong of China. This year marks the 280th anniversary of the brand, Jacques Dro has launched a series of extraordinary masterpieces to experience the magical charm of time. Among them, the elegant 8 series ladies watches retain the classic design of the previous generation, and once again play an elegant carol. Next, let’s admire the new ladies’ watch from Jacques D’Elegant 8 series. (Watch model: J014503270)

A carol of elegance

   Since Jacques Dro’s inception, the number ‘8’ is a hallmark of the brand’s classics. This time in the elegant 8 series of new ladies watches, continued this iconic design, once again interpret the classic endless charm. At the same time, this new watch also combines natural materials with the brand’s unique inlay craft tradition, and the details are resistant to scrutiny.

   At 12 o’clock, a unique gem is set, which can slowly rotate with the fingertips, like a waltz jumping on the watch. Jacques Dro reinterprets the elegance of women in this new watch.

Watch real shot

   The case, made of 18K red gold, is 25 millimeters, just the right size, showing a proportion and harmony. The contour of the case is round and soft, which complements the arc of the convex diameter. The bezel is set with 68 brilliant diamonds, which is undoubtedly very attractive for women who love diamonds.

   At 12 o’clock, Akoya seawater pearl is inlaid. This pearl has a unique natural white color, which is produced only in China and Japan. Its surface is as soft as silk.

    The crown of the same material is inlaid with white convex round mother-of-pearl, which looks fresh and elegant. It has a non-slip texture design around it, which feels good and facilitates time adjustment.

   The round dial is also made of white mother-of-pearl and has been slightly modified. Two rose gold hands move slowly above the minute circle scale, showing the infinite charm of time.

Soft alligator leather strap

   The watch is equipped with a taupe hand-rolled crocodile leather strap, the buckle is made of 18K red gold, and is set with 23 diamonds, showing the elegant and elegant style of women.

   This new elegant 8 series watch is equipped with a JaquetDroz615 automatic mechanical movement, equipped with a silicon oscillating weight and a pallet fork, which can provide a power reserve of 38 hours. Looking over the watch, you can admire the oscillating weight decorated with fan-shaped lattice patterns through the sapphire crystal on the case back.

Summary: There are 5 styles of elegant 8 series ladies watches launched by Jacques de Ronaldo, each of which is limited to 8 pieces. Precious stones and dials form the number ‘8’, giving this watch a profound symbolic meaning. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention. Reference price: 304,500 (Wu Fengqi, home of the picture / text watch)

Updated: 13. April 2020 — 22:42
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