Athens Watch Ulysse Nardin Aquamarine Sails To Attack

Originated from the pioneering spirit of 2001, ULYSSE NARDIN, the Swiss watch, has continued the nautical theme watch, and the ‘Freak Cruiser’ has set sail and sailed towards the blue sea. The watch inherits the flying Carrousel Tourbillon and the Athens watch’s unique two-way silicon escapement. The bezel of this extraordinary timepiece and the rotatable upper and lower bridges are now equipped with dark blue sea water, like an experienced Sailor-like, known as the Blue Cruiser during the voyage.

The Blue Cruiser tourbillon case is available in 18K white gold or 18K rose gold. The diameter of this avant-garde ship is 45mm, and you can enjoy the infinite charm of mechanical operation.

The innovative ideas and craftsmanship of watches are unprecedented in the horological world and are still an unparalleled masterpiece to this day. Without the dial and hands, the ‘Blue Cruiser’ tourbillon shows the time by the movement of the movement: the lower bridge is connected to the center of the watch, and the hour can be displayed when rotating; The gossamer and Athens’ unique bidirectional silicon escapement display the minutes. The watch is called the Flying Carrousel Tourbillon. As the name suggests, this system completely breaks through the imagination of freedom, because the watch no longer requires the central axis of the movement like the previous generation.

The Blue Cruiser Tourbillon is equipped with the unique two-way silicon escapement of the Athenian watch, which requires no oiling.

The operation mode of the ‘Blue Cruiser’ tourbillon is different from ordinary watches. Take off the crown and buttons, and adjust the time by turning the bezel in both directions. As for the movement of the movement, the watch’s back cover is equipped with bearings, which can be wound by winding the mainspring, providing a seven-day power reserve. The two bezels on the surface and the back cover are an integral part of the movement. The innovative hand-wound movement can be clearly appreciated by seeing through the back cover.

Blue Cruiser Tourbillon watch with blue or brown alligator leather strap with folding buckle, showing noble elegance, suitable for any occasion to wear

Updated: 27. March 2021 — 8:17
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