Banning Wins: Breitling Participates In Coronation Double Century Road Cycling Endurance For South African Charity Kubeka

The Breitling Triathlon team consists of three athletes with the most outstanding achievements in triathlon: Jan Frodeno, Macca Chris McCormack (Chris McCormack) and Daniela Ryf. Together, they held their first public mission to compete for an arduous road cycling endurance race in Swellendam, South Africa. Joining them also include Breitling CEO Georges Kern, World Mountain Bike Champion Nino Schulte, Iron Man Champion Silderknecht, and Italian Road Cyclist Vincenzo · Nibari’s cycling team. The team aims to support a South African charity called Kubeka, which specializes in providing bicycles to residents in less-developed areas.

 Three members of the Breitling Triathlon team know the endurance races well. Jan Frodno was the first athlete to win both the Olympic Triathlon Gold Medal and the Iron Man World Championships. ‘Maca’ Chris McCormack won the Iron Man World Championship twice, while Swiss sports star Daniela Li Fu not only won the Iron Man World Championships, but also won the Iron Man World Championships four times, the most recently in 2018. Therefore, road cycling in South Africa is their first common task.

 If the three of them didn’t feel shocking enough, Breitling has no shortage of other well-known athletes: such as Nino Schulte, who has won the World Mountain Bike Championship seven times and has won several Olympic gold medals Triathlon expert Ronnie Schildknecht and Italian road biker Vincenzo Nibari. Nibari is the only athlete of seven who has won the three major cycling championships (Tour de France, Tour de France, Tour de Italy) in his career. In this road cycling endurance race, Breitling CEO George Cohen also joined this talented team.

 The mission of the Breitling Triathlon team is solely to support South African charity Kubeka. The organization provides bicycles to make it easier for people in less-developed areas to go to schools, work, and health centers, and QHUBEKA is what it means to move forward. Bicycles are an important tool to improve people’s lives: Even in imperfect transportation, people can still reach the place they need to do what they want, such as getting necessities, going to school or work, and providing emergency rescue after a disaster. Kubeka has a number of charity programs, including a livelihood program for school students and a work-for-work program for adults.

 Breitling’s participation in the event will allow Kubeka to distribute 500 bikes to communities in need of bikes. After completing the endurance race, Breitling CEO George Cohen said: Although the race made us tired, all members of the Breitling team are very happy to contribute to Kubeka. At the same time, we admire the work done by the institution. We have said that we are fighting for change, and we have indeed done it. People’s lives will improve as we complete this competition. As a member of this team, I am extremely proud. For the strong support of Breitling, Kubeka’s founder Anthony Fitz Henry is also very excited. He said: I am honored that Breitling’s world-class athletes can help Kubeka. Partner CEO George Cohen’s entry was very flattering, and I would like to thank Breitling for your support.

 The day after the end of the endurance race, other members of the Triathlon Team and the Breitling Bicycle Team visited a project in Kubeka and experienced the impact of cycling on the entire community. The encounter with the residents of the community impressed the athletes. Daniela Liv said: People who engage in sports like ours often fight alone and focus on their own achievements. But this time I saw the changes we can make for others, it feels great, and I know that each of us is very honored to be one of them.

 Jan Frodno also enjoyed the adventure with the Breitling team. He said: The triathlon team did its first job very well. We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this exciting event, and not only that, but also to support Kubeka and his extraordinary mission.