Classic And Practical Tasting Treasure Ring Watch

Since the launch of the Tissot Baohuan series in 2017, its classic design, movement with technical content, and affordable prices have made it a favorite. Based on the continuation of the traditional aesthetics of the Baohuan series of watches, the color adjustment is adjusted. The gold model is matched with rose gold and stainless steel. The classic model and the new color are constantly sparking. This watch is made with fine craftsmanship. Elegant and gorgeous. Below, let’s take a look at this Tissot Baohuan series watch together. (Watch model: T1084082203701)

The heart of precision

   The Tissot Baohuan series watch is equipped with a Powermatic80 movement with a silicon balance spring. The Powermatic80 is a product of the cooperation between Tissot and the ETA’s sister company ETA. It evolved from the traditional ETA2824. The watch power reserve of the 2824 movement is 38 hours. Let its capacity reserve reach 80 hours. On the one hand, the Powermatic80 reduces the operating frequency from 4Hz to 3Hz (28,800 times per hour to 21,600 times per hour). On the other hand, the watch uses high-performance silicon materials to reduce energy requirements, strengthen the escapement structure, reduce friction and improve performance. The Powermatic80 movement is cost-effective, has an 80-hour power reserve, and has an observatory certification. The precision core performs superbly.

Watch real shot


   The main body of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel to resist daily wear. The rose gold plating on the middle link of the bracelet echoes the case. Rose gold has both a metallic texture and a different temperament from gold.

   The 41-millimeter dial is dominated by cold-toned silver with clear and easy-to-read rose gold indexes. The slender and elegant toffee hands of the three-pointer design make the watch more sophisticated. Except for the Arabic numerals at six and twelve o’clock, the watch uses three-dimensional metal bar scales, and a calendar display at three o’clock enhances practical functions. The Parisian stud decoration in the center of the dial echoes the bezel. The carving is delicate and exquisite, showing the fine workmanship of the watch.

   The classic design of Baohuan series watches is full of charm. The design of the watch is deep into every detail. The finish is brushed to create a glittering satin effect, which complements the delicate Paris stud pattern. The rose gold crown is engraved with the classic Tissot “T” logo.

   The watch is equipped with a 5-row stainless steel bracelet that has been polished, and the middle two rows of links have been plated with rose gold. The overall links are very compliant, comfortable and practical for daily wear, and the butterfly buckle is easy to use.

   The Tissot Powermatic80 movements are all plated, and the automatic oscillating weight is corrugated. The movement uses a silicon hairspring, which can resist magnetic field interference. The error is only ± 2-3 seconds per day in a strong magnetic field environment. The watch can maintain 80 hours of power when fully chained, that is, more than 3 days of power. Even if the watch is not worn on the weekend, the time is also accurate on Monday.

Summary: This Tissot Baohuan series watch is accurate in travel time, comfortable to wear, classic and durable in shape, and its price is close to the same type of price. In the price of less than ten thousand yuan, this is undoubtedly a very good watch, the domestic public price of RMB8550. (Picture / text watch home Joshua)

Updated: 20. April 2021 — 22:19
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