Do You Care About Watch Warranty

Buying a watch is a delightful thing. It is likely that this is the first small item (luxury) in life that has been purchased at a large price. For a long time, most Chinese people like jade ware play, and gradually, more and more people like watch, even if its price is generally slightly higher than that of wen play. After a long period of exploration, inquiry, choice, entanglement and hesitation, finally one day, I decided to buy the watch in my mind, so all this seemed to be a success. However, when you really own this watch, you realize that this is just the beginning.

    Obviously, the watch is actually a consumable. During our use, it is constantly depreciating. In order to make it ‘service’ for a longer period of time, we need to maintain it regularly, even in daily wear. In China, you need to be careful. Because it is relatively fragile, watch manufacturers often guarantee their products. Quality assurance is our abbreviation for quality assurance. It actually contains two meanings. On the one hand, it is a guarantee of product quality, that is, it indicates that it is genuine, and on the other hand, it promises to provide warranty service.

Breitling Certificate

    Every watch purchased from a regular channel should have a complete set of accessories, which includes the above two certificates, quality certificate / certificate of origin, and warranty card. The former is a very important anti-counterfeiting logo. All fake watches can imitate the appearance, movement and even many details of brand watches, but when you buy fake watches, it does not have a real guarantee card, even if there is, You can also verify whether it is authentic through online channels. Nowadays, many brands have integrated the quality certification and warranty service card. This card can be activated when you buy a watch, so as to enjoy a series of free services from the brand.
    Today, the most important dozens of watch brands are mainly distributed in several groups, such as Richemont, Swatch, Kering, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Guancheng Watches (mainly for the Chinese market), etc. Each has its own after-sales regulations, and different brands under the group will be slightly different. Generally speaking, the warranty covers several aspects, that is, the scope of the brand’s failure to provide warranty covers appearance parts, depreciation during normal use, and damage to the movement other than its own quality (such as man-made, accident, force majeure, etc.). Most brands only provide warranty for the movement, and also include some additional terms, such as if the waterproof watch has not been tested for water resistance within the prescribed time, then if there is a problem later, no warranty service will be provided. Therefore, when you buy a watch, it is best to read the attached warranty statement so that you can know your rights and interests.

Omega Reach Observatory Certified Card

    The warranty has an expiration date. Most brands currently have a two-year warranty, including quartz watches and mechanical watches. To some extent, the warranty also reflects the brand’s confidence in quality. In 2012, Breitling increased the quality of its watches from the movement to 5 years. In 2014, Omega vigorously developed the quality of the movement, launched the chronometer certification, and at the same time increased the warranty on watches certified by this new astronomy to 4 years. In 2015, Rolex also launched a top-level observatory certification and raised its warranty to five years. In addition, the Swiss niche fine watch brand Richard Mille also has a five-year warranty.
    Increasing the warranty period is undoubtedly a good thing for watch friends. After all, you can enjoy a longer warranty service time, which means that your watch can get a warranty period of up to 4 or 5 years, which means you may be able to Save a lot of money. For brands, this is not a small capital investment. After all, these brands sell so many watches each year, especially Rolex and Omega. They sell hundreds of thousands of watches each year. Improving the warranty period is not easy. Just a verbal promise.

Waterproof test Waterproof watch generally needs to be tested once every 2 years

    Of course, you need to understand that warranty and maintenance are not the same. If there is a problem with your watch, it can be tested for free during the warranty period. If it is determined to be a quality problem, you can get free repair. The maintenance requires money. The items included in the maintenance are not the same as the items under warranty. The maintenance includes cleaning of the appearance parts and inspection of the movement.
    Today, most watch friends buy watches through overseas channels or online shopping. Of course, this can save a lot of money, but most people may not have considered after-sales issues. Most watch friends heard that the brand has international warranty, so when there is a problem with the watch, they are accustomed to finding a formal after-sales service to solve the problem. However, when they really go to the after-sales, they find that overseas purchasing may not pay taxes. Services can only be provided by taxation. Online shopping sometimes does not have even the most basic accessories. The insurance card has no formal authorization and will not be serviced. When you need to pay for maintenance, it will exceed the money you save.
    Therefore, when buying a watch, it is best to understand the issue of warranty. For most online purchases, it is difficult to have a warranty guarantee, because they do not have brand authorization, they do have overseas purchases, and they involve tariff issues, and they may not be able to enjoy warranty at home. Therefore, in order to keep your love watch with you all the time, the warranty should really care about you.