Eric Bana’s Charity Trip

It is reported that the well-known brand Bulgari has been committed to making its greatest contribution to this charity since it reached a partnership with Save the Children in 2009.

 It is understood that Save the Children is an independent international charity that works for children’s rights. They seek the best solutions for children threatened by poverty, disease, injustice and violence. In China, Save the Children International is represented by Save the Children UK. They pay attention to all children, especially vulnerable children, such as children with disabilities, street children, trafficked children, children in conflict with law, migrant children, left-behind children, out-of-school children, children affected by AIDS, and poor children. The scope of their work is broad, with the main areas of work being child education, child protection and child health.

 Recently, as the ambassador of the Bulgari brand, the famous actor Eric Bana from Australia visited two Save the Children projects in Western Sydney last week.

 Eric Bana’s charity trip started with a children’s school in the Chester Mountains. This is a school for children aged 0-6. Eric Bana said, I think it is very meaningful to participate in such activities as one of the Bulgari family members. Through our actions, more people can learn about the existence of an organization such as Save the Children and join Among them, help children build self-confidence and a good living environment, and build a positive future for them.

 Eric Barner was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1968, with a Croatian father and a German mother. I like to watch the performance of comedian Richard Priel, and became interested in acting, but only after watching the movie ‘MadMax’ was determined to be an actor. In hindsight, actor Richard Priel and comedy did have a big impact on Eric’s acting career: before he officially became a film actor, he played stand-up comedy for ten years; Like Richard Priel, he is also eager for the director and has worked behind the scenes in several plays.

 He has led many classic films including Hulk (Hulk), The Massacre in Munich, Troy: Trojan Trojan, and many other popular films.

 Eric Bana was very approachable in this activity. He said that he likes children and talks with them. Through the children, we also see a pure world. Believe that Save the Children is a good start for these unfortunate children and help them grow up healthily and happily.

 In recent years, the Bulgari brand has done its best to help those vulnerable children and create a good living and learning environment for them. So far, Bulgari has raised more than 20 million Euros for the project. The money has helped people in 76 worldwide aid organizations, including 22 countries. These include 600,000 children, 20,000 teachers and 1,200 schools.

Updated: 18. August 2020 — 23:26
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