In Addition To Speed And Passion, How To See The Extreme Pioneers In The City At A Glance?

In addition to speed and passion, how to see the extreme pioneers in the city at a glance?

   They are more willing to take risks than wait.
   [Extreme Pioneers]: They are a group of urban adventurers who are always ready to get rid of the daily trivial cautiousness, jump out of the urban game’s rules and regulations, or use the vanguard to make waves in the city, or jump directly into the mysterious and deep nature , Feel the sheer joy of extreme sports.

   — Love the ocean, love to walk on the tip of the wind —
   For urban adventurers who love extreme sports, going to the sea ≠ wearing sunglasses, sitting on the beach and watching the sea. Galloping in the waves is the attitude of adventure heroes to challenge themselves!

   — The ultimate vanguard of the streets, be your own hero —
   Urban youths who believe in adventure are avant-garde who are good at expressing their unique self. They hate rules and roundness, and long for spiritual freedom and pure heart;

   Or pick up a skateboard and jump over obstacles to become the focus among the bustling crowd.

   The eye-catching hair color and fashionable personality dress are full of avant-garde style.

   Ride the waves in the city in the colors of the ocean. Take to the streets and stay cool.

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Updated: 19. January 2020 — 5:33
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