Interpretation Of The Athenian Circus Aventurine Minute Repeater

Athenian Circus aventurine minute repeater timepiece, this is the latest minute repeater in Athens after the hunting minute repeat with the theme of forest puppets in 2009. After the minute repeater function is activated, the monkey will stretch out his palm to interfere with the clown playing the ball (timekeeping), and the animal trainer will wave the whip to the fierce tiger (timekeeping); as the animal trainer moves; the tiger will also start to claw Report points). The bear standing beside the ballet dancer bowed his head and greeted the audience continuously throughout the time reporting process. As the three-question watch with the most active puppets in Athens over the years, in addition to the dramatic display of the dial, the circus aventurine watch displays the real-time dynamics of the hammer hitting the bottom of the case through the back of the case. The beauty of operation is unobstructed.

Updated: 6. February 2021 — 23:21
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