Lintong Rolex Submariner Series Emperor Watch

This new Tudor watch is a special new model created by the Rolex Submariner series. Taking its essence to its dross, Tudor also has its own unique side in the choice of movement. It uses the cheap eta2824 movement to try to get rid of the Rolex shadow. Tudor
   Estimated price: 12,000 ~ 20,000 HKD including commission price: 15,000 HKD (about RMB 12,700)
   [Overall description] All steel, prince oyster type, submarine type, single calendar, circa 1980.
   [Diameter] 42 mm
   [Condition] Three-piece, all-steel case, strap, engraved on the back, Geneva Rolex original case. Rotatable bezel, luminous hands and scale, acrylic watch mirror, equipped with 2824-2 movement, 25 diamonds, single calendar function, waterproof 200 meters. The entire table is in good condition.
    This Tudor model completely imitates the Rolex Submariner series. Mercedes-Benz hands, using the Rolex case, the consistent Rolex style, just the cheap eta2824 type movement. Tudor’s 2828 movement is not as it is. The main reason is that the fast and slow clip parts of the balance have been modified into cardless hairsprings, which further improves the performance of the movement, and the fish scales are polished. However, the impression of Rolex and the cheap movement cannot be shaken, so the price of Tudor is always flat. In recent years, Tudor has made many breakthroughs in models, and many changes have been made in the design and dial design. Let us wait and see if there is room for appreciation of this old Tudor in the future.

Updated: 31. August 2020 — 23:36
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