Only Meticulous Craftsmanship Is Enough To Survive For Thousands Of Years: Patek Philippe 240 New Forty-year Anniversary Watch (Four Of Four)

Talking about the king with the most exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated technical capabilities in today’s watch factory, Patek Philippe is undoubtedly the only choice for most collectors. The reason why Patek Philippe has become the ultimate dream brand of many watch fans is that every Patek Philippe watch is like the new 5940R and 7140G perpetual calendar watches of this year. Under the fine reward, it has all the complex and delicate beauty. Even the collectors thousands of years later can’t help sighing the ingenuity of the artisan. Moreover, as beautiful things do not have to be complicated and esoteric, it is like the truth that a grain of sand can see a world, a flower can see a heaven, another new Calatrava Skeleton Ref.5180 / 1R skeleton watch, with the most delicate connotation and simple functions, presents the most perfect style.

Calatrava 5180 / 1R skeleton watch
   Since the germination of watchmaking technology, interlocking gears, levers, hairsprings and clockwork have been fascinated by the world. In view of this, it is not difficult to imagine that talented watchmakers, in order to gain the customer’s favor, occasionally also have a whimsy and start to show the graceful operation of the parts in the timepiece works. This is the origin of hollowed-out art. Hollow-out is a challenging technique. It is very difficult to cut through all kinds of orifices in the range of the base plate, bridge bridge and bridge bearing, and reach the limit of skill.

Calatrava 5180 / 1R skeleton watch in 18K 5N rose gold case, 39 mm diameter, hour and minute display, 240 SQU automatic winding movement, manually skeletonized, carved and processed, Gyromax® balance, Spiromax® hairspring, power reserve 48 Hours, Patek Philippe imprint, waterproof 30 meters, 18K rose gold bracelet with 18K gold folding buckle.
   Calatrava 5180 launched a small remodeled skeleton watch 5180 / 1R this year. Its 240 SQU skeleton movement is hollowed to the extreme, and then the engraver carved the vivid swirls and vines one by one, with the Calatrava cross star pattern And the brand name of the 22K gold mini-swinging rotor, every minute and every second on the wrist, a small universe to see at a glance. Despite being extremely slender, the 240 SQU meets the high standards of Patek Philippe’s mark within a daily error of -3 to +2 seconds. In order to highlight the ultra-thin structure of the 240 hollow movement, the case design of the 5180 / 1R has also been removed, and the 39 mm diameter case itself has been reduced to an extremely slim ring. For the sake of transparency, the watch does not have a face plate, leaving only the rose gold 12-spoke movement ring which also marks the hour.
5940R and 7140G Perpetual Calendar Watches
   Perpetual calendar watch can automatically jump to the 1st of the next month automatically according to the end of the month is the 31st of the big month or 30th of the small month, or even the 28th of February; To the 29th, there is no need to adjust the date in a hundred years. Hundreds of gears, sub-gears, cams and levers in the movement work together in a sleepless manner. It is fascinating to magically calculate the deferral of time on the stage of time.

7140G perpetual calendar watch in 18K white gold case, diameter 35.1mm, bezel set with 68 diamonds, 0.68 carats of diamonds, hours, minutes, hands date, day of the week, month, leap year and 24-hour display, moon phase, 240 Q ultra-thin automatic Chain movement, 22K gold mini self-winding top, Gyromax® balance, Spiromax® hairspring, 48-hour power reserve, Patek Philippe imprint, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof 30 meters, shiny gray alligator strap, needle Buckle set with 27 0.2 carat diamonds.
   For a good perpetual calendar to have the accuracy of a century of operation, it must display all functions between square inches, ensure good visual and readability, and make production difficult, and Patek Philippe is one of the best. . In fact, the Ref. 97’975 launched by Patek Philippe in 1925 was the world’s first perpetual calendar watch. Patek Philippe this year launched two small modified perpetual calendar models with 240Q self-winding movement. The 7140G Ladies First perpetual calendar watch is designed for contemporary ladies; and men who like to escape the ordinary taste can not miss the case with a seat cushion type. 5940R style.

5940R-001 perpetual calendar watch in 18K rose gold case, diameter 37 × 44.6mm, hours, minutes, analog date, day of the week, month, leap year and 24-hour display, moon phase, 240 Q automatic winding movement, 22K gold mini Self-winding top, Gyromax® balance, Spiromax® hairspring, 48-hour power reserve, Patek Philippe imprint, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof 30 meters, shiny chocolate brown alligator strap with 18K gold folding buckle.
   For many years, the perpetual calendar watch with the 240 Q movement has been one of Patek Philippe’s most popular complex performance timepieces. The 240Q movement consists of 275 parts and is only 3.88 mm thick. Despite being slim, 240 Q is very accurate: no adjustment is required for the sun, moon, week, and 2100 years ago; the moon phase has an error of one day every 122 years; the daily error of the travel time is only -3 / + 2 seconds. Applause.

Updated: 5. May 2021 — 0:19
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