Dafan To Jane • Touching Myself Rado Swiss Radar Xi’an Bell Tower Hotel Flagship Store Opening

Pioneer watch brand RADO, the pioneer of high-tech materials and design in the Swiss watchmaking industry, opened its flagship store in Xi’an Bell Tower Hotel Xi’an, adding new impetus to the brand’s development in the Northwest. The opening ceremony is based on the theme of “Dazhi to Simple • Touching the Real Self”, and the grand launch of the brand’s latest masterpiece, the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches. Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Swiss Rado China, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony with the famous actress Ms. Qin Lan, and sensed the passing of time with the guests and touched the beauty of Jane.

 Regarding the grand opening of the flagship store of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi’an, Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Rado China, said: ‘The well-known ancient capital of Xi’an is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation. With the opening of the flagship store of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi’an, the development of Swiss radar in the Northwest will enter a new era. At the same time, we also brought the Swiss Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramic tactile watches, combining high-tech ceramic tactile technology with a large number of The simple design perfectly interprets the continuous breakthrough and innovative spirit of Swiss Rado. I believe that the arrival of this watch will allow more consumers in Xi’an to pay attention to and love Swiss Rado. ‘

 As a special guest at the opening ceremony, Ms. Qin Lan’s fresh appearance added a coolness to the hot summer days, just like the RADO Swiss Radar Isa series high-tech ceramic touch watch worn on her wrist, which is minimalist and light. Smart. On the same day, Ms. Qin Lan was very pleased to say: ‘RADO Swiss Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches made me love at first sight. The sheer complexity and simplicity she presented was also the true meaning of my life. Apart from simplicity and pureness, Design, the tactile technology behind this watch makes me astounded. I only need to touch the case lightly to adjust the watch, it seems that I can feel the time passing by my fingertips, everything is under my control. Moreover, this watch has both With high-tech ceramics that are not easy to wear, they are lightweight and comfortable, making them suitable for any occasion. ‘

 RADO Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches is the brand’s outstanding watch specially created for female consumers. In 2013, it made a stunning appearance at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. Subverting the traditional crownless structure has attracted her attention , Stand out from many products. The technology behind its large and simple design is even more amazing-high-tech ceramic touch technology. This technology perfectly realizes the dream of crown-free watch adjustment, which perfectly interprets Swiss radar again. The brand philosophy is ‘if you can imagine, you can create. If you can create, you can achieve’ brand philosophy. She is quiet but still agile, simple and concise, and silky-smooth to the touch, showing the extraordinary temperament of women at all times, becoming the focus of much attention.

 Rado’s flagship store, Xi’an Bell Tower Hotel, is located in the most prosperous Xi’an Bell Tower fashion shopping district. The store is facing the street and welcomes guests from all directions. The new flagship store covers an area of ​​57 square meters, which continues the traditional design style of Swiss Rado. In addition to simple and modern design, it boldly applies high-tech materials to highlight the brand DNA of Swiss Rado: the continuous pursuit of technological innovation and A groundbreaking attempt at material application. The spacious store environment is equipped with multiple independent watch showcases. In addition to many popular models, the Swiss Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches are also on display, showing extraordinary charm. A bright and comfortable shopping environment, a rich and diverse product portfolio, and intimate professional quality services are all the perfect performance of Swiss radars in pursuit of excellence.

 After the opening ceremony of the day, Swiss Rado also carefully arranged a celebration dinner. Thanks to the partners who have always trusted and supported Swiss Rado, it also expressed its full confidence in the watch market in Northwest China. There is no doubt that the glorious opening of the flagship store of Rado’s Xi’an Bell Tower Hotel and the grand debut of the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches will definitely inject new vitality into the city.

New Monaco Limited Dive Watch Appreciation

Over the past 166 years, Ulysse Nardin has created a number of reliable marine astronomical watches. The brand is known for making high-end watches, and has a close relationship with maritime history. It can be the official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show for the fourth consecutive year, and Athens Watch is proud of it. Ulysse Nardin launches new Monaco limited diving watch
The new Monaco Limited Dive Watch is designed for water sports and is designed to handle extreme situations. The Monaco Limited Dive Watch is both a diving tool and a beautiful timepiece. The two functions are perfectly combined. It is equipped with an automatic movement, equipped with a 42-hour power reserve display, an oversized second hand and a large date window.
The Monaco Limited Dive Watch showcases the watch’s continuous improvement in watchmaking technology and is a symbol of youthful vitality. Its 45.8 mm diameter stainless steel case is specially treated through a complex Vulcanization Process, so that the surface of the case is covered with a blue rubber coating, highlighting the extraordinary appearance and comfort. The transparent case back design can appreciate the beauty of the movement. Ulysse Nardin launches new Monaco limited diving watch
Band and dial are decorated with brand-specific ripple patterns, which greatly enhances the beauty of the watch. The hour markers, hour and minute hands are made of blue luminous material, and the time is clear and easy to read. There is a power reserve indicator at twelve o’clock; and a small second hand and a large date window at six o’clock, set against the blue indicator hand. The surface of the sapphire crystal glass is anti-glare treatment, so it is not easy to wear. Equipped with one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel and screw-in crown, waterproof to 200 meters.
限量 Limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide, each watch has an individually numbered gold medal on the side of the case, which shows its uniqueness. The rubber strap of the Monaco Limited Dive Watch, with black ceramic components and a unique blue ceramic folding buckle, clings to the wrist of the wearer, improving the reliability of the watch.
The addition of the Nautical Dive Watch Collection to the Monaco Limited Dive Watch has allowed the Swiss watch factory in Le Roque to build its reputation for cutting-edge watches. Limit: 100 pieces
Model: 263-98LE-3C_MON stainless steel
Movement: UN-26 movement, 11? 28 stones
Power reserve: about 42 hours
Winding method: automatic winding
Functions: Power reserve display at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 6 o’clock and large date window
Case: stainless steel case, after a complex vulcanization process, the surface of the case is covered with a layer of blue rubber coating, one-way reverse diving chronograph bezel, dial and dial with a ripple pattern, side of the case Gold medal with independent number
Diameter: 45.8 mm
Waterproof: 200 meters
Surface: Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Crown: Screw-in crown
Case back: wear-resistant sapphire crystal with engraved Monaco logo
Bracelet: rubber strap with two black ceramic components with folding buckle

Huang Xiaoming Unveiled The Tissot Tianjin Joy City Boutique

Recently, the Swiss professional watch brand Tissot watch was unveiled in the new Tissot boutique in Tianjin Joy City. Mr. Sun Ning, Manager of Tissot North District, Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot Global Image Ambassador, Mr. Song Yi, Deputy General Manager of Tissot Department of Xinyu Group, and Mr. Liu Jun, General Manager of Boya Daying Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., attended the scene for the brand-new Tissot watch Tianjin Joy City boutique opens ribbon-cutting. The new Tissot watch boutique is located on the first floor of Tianjin’s famous fashion landmark Joy City. It continues the simple and classic essence of Tissot watch. The entire boutique is mainly composed of black, white and red. The delicate watches are neatly placed on the In the crystal clear black and white watch display cabinet, it shines in the soft light.

It is worth mentioning that the watch worn by Mr. Huang Xiaoming this time is the latest innovative timepiece of Tissot-Tissot Collection 80 series automatic mechanical watch, which is the first time to use the ‘mechanical power 80 movement’ watch The series, a breakthrough 80-hour mechanical power reserve, opened a new chapter in the history of the world’s watches and clocks, and also brought more time-saving accurate timepieces for more watch enthusiasts.
Huang Xiaoming unveiled sincerely, share time and new motivation
Swiss professional watch brand Tissot unveiled its new boutique in the joyful landmark of Tianjin, Joy City. On the day of the event, Mr. Huang Xiaoming, the global ambassador of Tissot watches, came to Joy City to share the excitement and joy of the elegant opening of the new time hall of Tissot watches. Huang Xiaoming appeared in the new store of Tissot with a handsome appearance. He shared the latest film and television works and the post-injury recovery situation with many media and consumers at the same time. He was also the brand new Tianjin Joy City boutique and all Tianjin consumers. Send blessings.
Be proud of the core
To celebrate the new opening of Tissot’s Tianjin Joy City boutique, Tissot will bring its innovative timepiece, the Tissot Collection 80 series automatic mechanical watch, to Tianjin for the first time. For the first time, the Tissot Collection 80 series automatic mechanical watch uses the revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement. This series of watches has improved the energy reserve of the movement by improving the traditional clockwork structure, making it reach an amazing 80 hours. In addition to the revolutionary mechanically-powered 80 movement, the Tissot Collection 80 series also won the applause of viewers with its extraordinary and classic appearance.
Watches paradise is full of new colors, low-key places show luxury
Tissot watch boutique officially opened in Tianjin Joy City, bringing a century-old watchmaking style to this one-stop experience shopping mall. ‘Young, fashionable, trendy, and tasteful’ is the spiritual business card of Joy City, which interprets the lifestyle of JOY CITY, which also coincides with the Tissot watch concept, young and energetic, high-quality but not publicity. Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot watch’s global ambassador, came to the new store to give him a gift, and together with Mr. Song Yi, deputy general manager of the Tissot department of Xinyu Group, and the senior leaders of Joy City, opened the new store. After that, Xiaoming, accompanied by the staff and explaining, carefully visited the specialty store and witnessed the style of a century-old professional watchmaking brand.

TISSOT Official Swiss Observatory Certified Collection 80 Men’s Watch:
. Swiss Powermatic 80 automatic winding movement, power reserve 80 hours
. Sapphire crystal
. 316L stainless steel case with 316L stainless steel bezel. In addition, some models with golden PVD coating
. The sides of the case are engraved with a delicate “ Bamboo plaid pattern ”
. 316L stainless steel strap with folding buckle
. Water resistant to 50 meters
. Certified by C.O.S.C.Official Swiss Observatory

TISSOT Swiss Official Observatory Certification Collection 80 Women’s Diamond Watches:
. Swiss Powermatic 80 automatic winding movement, power reserve 80 hours
. Sapphire crystal
. 316L stainless steel case with 316L stainless steel bezel. In addition, some models with golden PVD coating
. The sides of the case are engraved with a delicate “ Bamboo plaid pattern ”
. 316L stainless steel strap with folding buckle
. Water resistant to 50 meters
. Certified by C.O.S.C.Official Swiss Observatory
. Mother-of-pearl face plate set with 56 Top Wesselton diamonds, weighing 0.168 carats

The Temptation Of The Blue Aventurine Dial: Longines Conqueror Chronograph Mikaela Shiffrin Special Edition

As a respected partner of the skiing world for nearly a century, Longines Longines presents a new Conquest Conqueror series watch tailored for its elegant spokesperson American skier Mikaela Shiffrin. Like many hillsides she has conquered, the ConquestChronograph Conqueror chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin’s blue aventurine dial is reminiscent of the sparkling crystals of snowflakes, while the red element of the timepiece is reminiscent of the color of the American flag- To pay tribute to the champion’s home country. The entire Conquest Conqueror series cleverly combines sports performance and elegance, showing the deep connection between Longines and the sports world.

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin and the Conquest Conqueror series tailor-made for her.
 As the official designated timing manufacturer for the Alpine Ski World Cup and Alpine Ski World Championships, Longines has long played an important role in ski competitions. Longines is proud to invite the talented Mikaela Shiffrin to be an elegant spokesperson.
 The U.S.-based skier has been a Longines spokesperson since 2014 and visited the headquarters in Saint-Mille, Switzerland in 2018. She explores the watchmaking profession of the brand through the Longines Museum and Watchmaking Workshop. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, MikaelaShiffrin designed his own exclusive watch from the Conquest Conqueror series. The Conquest Conqueror collection symbolizes Longines’ commitment to the sports world and its long tradition of being a sports timekeeper. This collection combines the brand’s renowned elegance and performance, and has continued to grow steadily over the years.

American skier Mikaela Shiffrin.
 MikaelaShiffrin eagerly brings his vitality and elegance to this watch’s design. To celebrate the opening of the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup, this watch was released in Sölden in October 2018. The Longines elegance ambassador said at the press conference: ‘When I visit Saint-Mil and explore the behind the watch When it comes to complex processes, I am very happy to participate in creating my own exclusive watch. I am honored to be named on a Longines timepiece. ConquestChronograph Conqueror Chronograph byMikaelaShiffrin presents my sports characteristics and retains them Its full feminine elegance. ‘
 The ConquestChronograph Conqueror Chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin’s blue aventurine dial design and the red elements on the edges and hands of the stopwatch are reminiscent of the American flag. This design highlights the skier’s home country and his famous ski clothing. For the first time, Longines has created this faceplate with aventurine. This high-quality gemstone will show different colors and vitality under different light. The flash of aventurine is reminiscent of the shimmering snow covered by the champion’s slippery hillside.

Longines ConquestChronograph Conqueror Chronograph by MikaelaShiffrin stainless steel case, 36 mm diameter, blue aventurine dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph, quartz movement, sapphire crystal, special engraved case back, Water resistant to 300 meters, stainless steel chain.
 ConquestChronograph Conqueror Chronograph byMikaelaShiffrin’s caseback is engraved with a special design that outlines the silhouette of this skier and her signature. To enhance the sportiness and technical style, this unique masterpiece is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet, and the specially designed watch box for this event is matched with the main color of the timepiece and the exclusive signature of the elegant ambassador.

An Elegance Of Elegance Taste The Elegant 8 Series Ladies Watch Of Jacques Dro

Since its establishment in 1738, Jacques Dro has been favored for its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, and exquisiteness, and so on. Especially in the 18th century, Jacques Dro has been subjected to Loved the European royal family and the Emperor Qianlong of China. This year marks the 280th anniversary of the brand, Jacques Dro has launched a series of extraordinary masterpieces to experience the magical charm of time. Among them, the elegant 8 series ladies watches retain the classic design of the previous generation, and once again play an elegant carol. Next, let’s admire the new ladies’ watch from Jacques D’Elegant 8 series. (Watch model: J014503270)

A carol of elegance

   Since Jacques Dro’s inception, the number ‘8’ is a hallmark of the brand’s classics. This time in the elegant 8 series of new ladies watches, continued this iconic design, once again interpret the classic endless charm. At the same time, this new watch also combines natural materials with the brand’s unique inlay craft tradition, and the details are resistant to scrutiny.

   At 12 o’clock, a unique gem is set, which can slowly rotate with the fingertips, like a waltz jumping on the watch. Jacques Dro reinterprets the elegance of women in this new watch.

Watch real shot

   The case, made of 18K red gold, is 25 millimeters, just the right size, showing a proportion and harmony. The contour of the case is round and soft, which complements the arc of the convex diameter. The bezel is set with 68 brilliant diamonds, which is undoubtedly very attractive for women who love diamonds.

   At 12 o’clock, Akoya seawater pearl is inlaid. This pearl has a unique natural white color, which is produced only in China and Japan. Its surface is as soft as silk.

    The crown of the same material is inlaid with white convex round mother-of-pearl, which looks fresh and elegant. It has a non-slip texture design around it, which feels good and facilitates time adjustment.

   The round dial is also made of white mother-of-pearl and has been slightly modified. Two rose gold hands move slowly above the minute circle scale, showing the infinite charm of time.

Soft alligator leather strap

   The watch is equipped with a taupe hand-rolled crocodile leather strap, the buckle is made of 18K red gold, and is set with 23 diamonds, showing the elegant and elegant style of women.

   This new elegant 8 series watch is equipped with a JaquetDroz615 automatic mechanical movement, equipped with a silicon oscillating weight and a pallet fork, which can provide a power reserve of 38 hours. Looking over the watch, you can admire the oscillating weight decorated with fan-shaped lattice patterns through the sapphire crystal on the case back.

Summary: There are 5 styles of elegant 8 series ladies watches launched by Jacques de Ronaldo, each of which is limited to 8 pieces. Precious stones and dials form the number ‘8’, giving this watch a profound symbolic meaning. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention. Reference price: 304,500 (Wu Fengqi, home of the picture / text watch)

Bagman Classic R Grande Collection Brings Men’s And Women’s Watches With Coordinated

Just as some lovers are destined to be together, Bowman thinks that some watches are also a natural pair. The new Classic R Grande series offers two sizes and a wide range of designs. When he or she finds a beloved watch, the soul mate in his life can start looking for the most suitable couple watch. Although there are many options, Baumann believes that he has a good understanding of common points for couple watches. Of course, it is possible to be tempted to love two watches at the same time.

 The Classic R Grande Gent men’s collection consists of 19 watches with a case diameter of 41 mm. Each watch exudes a unique personality and has the usual elegance of the collection. Some models come with a two-tone metal bracelet or in stylish shades such as chocolate brown, navy blue or gold bronze. Other models tend to stay low-key, displaying Swiss-made creeds with long Roman numerals and monochromatic metal cases and connectors. Women’s watches show the feminine atmosphere through the overall (design) rules, and now they again use the mother-of-pearl dial and the vine-like dial decoration to highlight the feminine charm. There are 22 watches with a diameter of 30 mm for the ladies series to choose from. Except for more exquisite and compact, the other designs of the ladies series are exactly the same as those for men. Each men’s and women’s watch has a clear and easy-to-read date display at 6 o’clock.

 The case and strap are mainly made of three metal finishes: pink and yellow PVD and shiny stainless steel. The colorful leather straps form a powerful fashion lineup. All Baumann watches are made in Switzerland. The Classic R Grande Lady is equipped with the ETA F03.111 movement, while the Classic R Grande Gent is equipped with the ETA F07.111 movement.
Technical Information
Women’s Collection
• Swiss quartz movement ETA F03.111
• 316L stainless steel case, stainless steel and pink or yellow PVD two-color, or pink or yellow PVD, diameter 30 mm, thickness 6.5 mm
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Optional dial: silver dial with classic vine pattern, silver dial, champagne dial, dark gray dial, dark brown dial, black dial, gray MOP
• Stainless steel bracelet, two-tone steel and pink or yellow PVD and pink or yellow PVD; gray, dark brown or black alligator leather strap
• Water resistance: 50 meters
• Suggested retail price: CHF 275-445
Men’s Collection
• Swiss quartz movement ETA F07.111
• 316L stainless steel case, stainless steel and pink or yellow PVD two-color, or pink or yellow PVD, 41 mm diameter, 7.17 mm thick
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Optional dials: silver dial, champagne dial, dark gray dial, dark brown dial, dark blue dial, black dial
• Stainless steel bracelet, stainless steel and pink or yellow PVD two-tone and yellow PVD; dark brown or black crocodile leather strap and blue leather strap
• Water resistance: 50 meters
• Suggested retail price: CHF 275-395

Zenith El Primero 410 In Search Of Legendary Footprint

Zenith’s latest 410 model watch will surely cheer watch collectors. This prestigious movement was born in 1969 and is another masterpiece of the legendary El Primero series. It not only has the most accurate automatic timekeeping function in the world, but also deliberately adds a triple calendar display and moon phase display. Time goes by, the classics last. This new watch combines tradition with modernity, both with a dial display that is true to the history of the watch, and a unique modern case design.

El Primero 410 watch

In 1969, when humans landed on the moon for the first time, a small step of one person symbolized a big step for all human beings. In the same year, ZENITH also took an unprecedented step in the field of watches. After seven years of intensive research, ZENITH Watch Factory officially launched the first integrated automatic chronograph in the history with both a date display and scale marks. In addition to this breathtaking and innovative design, this watch also has outstanding precision performance. Its movement has a high vibration frequency of 36,000 beats per hour, which is equivalent to an accuracy of one tenth of a second. Since its founding in 1865, the Zenith watch factory has relied on the bold and innovative spirit to pioneer and move forward. Today, the brand has more than 300 patented designs. However, the ZENITH watch factory did not stop there. It tried to challenge the limits of the art of the watch, embed the three calendar display and moon phase display function into the movement, and turned it into a well-known masterpiece. Was the name of this movement also born in 1969? It was first named El Primero 3019 PHF, and later renamed Caliber 410. This movement is equipped with a column wheel and has a 50-hour power reserve. Like other El Primero movements of the Zenith watch, it is a brand’s iconic work. Until 2000, the 410 movement has withstood the test of time, with its precise and reliable performance, it has confirmed its outstanding quality. But the legend will not leave the stage of history. In 2013, Zenith remade this movement into a limited edition of 500 watches and equipped it with a bright charcoal grey dial.
From the 1970s to the 21st century
Half a century after its introduction, the El Primero 410 movement has undergone several evolutions, leading to a new model named after its name. Today, this new masterpiece will also be part of the legendary El Primero collection. This silver dial watch launched this year references the functional layout of the original model, with every detail exuding a strong 1970s style. The day of the week and month displays are at 10 and 2 o’clock, while the date display is always at 4:30. The moon phase function is located at 6 o’clock. The uniquely shaped display window clearly shows the evolution of the celestial body, and two circular slices cleverly reproduce the dark side of the moon. It will be very easy to show the changes of the moon’s various phases (first quarter moon, full moon, second quarter moon, new moon) through the display window. The wheel with two lunar surfaces is connected to a 59-tooth gear, which is exactly the same as the two lunar periods (2×29.5 days). This watch is a reinterpretation of the moon’s gloom and weakness through this sophisticated and poetic way.
El Primero 410 movement, while recreating classic style, is also equipped with rare complications. ZENITH uses a technique of ingenuity that not only retains the original quality of the iconic works of the last century, but also injects modernity into it, making this watch a truly unique treasure. The 42-mm stainless steel case has a smooth arc-shaped circle. The perfect combination of polished and frosted details design complements each other and highlights modern features. The round stopwatch buttons add a new finishing touch to the look, while the snailed chronograph dial contrasts with the silver sun dial. The cream-colored flange surrounds the graduated markings, and the rhodium-plated hands rotate low-key on the dial to make the reading more clear. The tail of the pure blue chronograph seconds hand is also embellished with a ZENITH star, which is the symbol of the brand’s distinguished quality and precision chronograph technology. The El Primero 410 watch consists of a total of 390 fine parts. The transparent sapphire crystal case back provides a glimpse of this fascinating mechanical combination. This one-of-a-kind treasure is truly the best expression of ZENITH’s bold innovation spirit. There is nothing more fun than wearing the symbol of time on your wrist?

Alexis Pinturault New French Ski Legend

Less than 25 years old, Alexis Pinturault has become one of France’s greatest skiers. Jill watch brand Richard Miller is pleased to celebrate this outstanding achievement with him.

   Alexis Pinturault (wrist wearing RM035 watch) is Richard Miller’s partner, and this season has been colorful for him. After overcoming the difficulties of the beginning of the season, Alexis has recently completed the World Cup with a series of victories and glory. Following the victory of Japan’s Naeba and the podium of Interstowe in Austria, French skiers won the championship in Slovenia, Kranjska Gora. This is his sixth victory of the season, leading Schörghofer and Hirscher. Today, Alexis holds the record for French male skiers on the podium.
   With these victories, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic gold medalist (Alexis) has tied the record set by French ski star Jean-Claude Killy in 1967. ‘It’s really special to compare with Killy. I’m very excited,’ Alexis said. ‘It means a lot in France. But I hope to break this record before my career ends!’ He added with a smile.
   The skier from the Savoy region should be proud of his performance. Alexis is optimistic by nature, determined to overcome obstacles, never give up, and always strives to be upstream. Richard Miller congratulates the young partner and wishes him another peak with his fighting spirit and outstanding ability.

Consult Celebrates Thirty Years Of Watchmaking Passion

September 25, Paris-Frederique Constant launches a limited edition of its own movement tourbillon perpetual calendar watch, celebrating the brand’s 30th anniversary. To celebrate this important milestone, the brand invited customers, journalists and friends to a party at Le Faust, a famous Parisian restaurant next to the breathtaking Alexandre III bridge.

Anniversary celebration
 More than 300 guests including international media, journalists, VIP guests of the brand and their global retailers attended the 30th anniversary celebration party in Le Faust. Peter Stas, Chief Executive Officer, Aletta Stas, Chief Operating Officer, and Niels Eggerding, Managing Director, showcased Frederique Constant’s 30-year history, watchmaking skills and craftsmanship. On the brand’s anniversary, pay tribute to the magical moments of 30 years since 1988 to 2018 through timeline exhibitions. In the evening, guests enjoyed art performances and wonderful dance performances, allowing them to integrate into Frederique Constant’s world. The celebrations continued into the night and ended in a pleasant festive atmosphere.
A story about passion for thirty years
 With the brand’s anniversary in full swing, Frederique Constant reviewed and shared with its supporters and colleagues the most memorable moments since its inception. Frederique Constant has been providing high-quality Swiss-made watches in the “accessible luxury” field since 1988, and has developed it entirely in-house at the watchmaking plant in Plan Les Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. This special evening marks the celebration of watchmaking technology and the successful business pioneered by Peter and Aletta Stas 30 years ago.
 PETER STAS said, ‘In the past 30 years, we have been very satisfied with the development of the company. Starting from small start-ups and becoming a multinational company today, obviously it depends on the hard work of our company’s colleagues. Frederique Constant’s enthusiasm has always been the cornerstone of our success. Finally, we sincerely thank customers who have purchased Frederique Constant watches for many years, and we are very grateful for their trust in our products since 1988. ”
 ALETTA STAS also shared, ‘Thirty years ago, we founded Frederique Constant. At that time, our idea was to design affordable watches for business men and women aged 30-45. Our mission is to make more people enjoy luxury. .We provide beautiful timepieces, and usually equipped with mechanical movements. We pay attention to details while pricing at an affordable price. Over the past 30 years, we have encountered many challenges, both technically and commercially. How To overcome? Just work hard and never say ‘No’! ‘
Complex watches for anniversary

 In order to celebrate the anniversary of Frederique Constant, four models of the new family tourbillon perpetual calendar watch series are introduced, setting a new milestone for the brand. Among these four watches, one of them has an 18K rose gold case and a skeleton dial, and is limited to 30 pieces. It celebrates the 30th anniversary of the brand and demonstrates the brand’s passion for the pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.

Accessible luxury
 The most impressive thing about Frederique Constant watches is that the movement is completely developed, manufactured and assembled by the brand and has a very competitive price. Its own tourbillon perpetual calendar watch represents the essence of luxury precision timepieces. Its manufacturing process is equipped with high-quality watchmaking technology, which is not only time-consuming, but also has high requirements for accuracy and complexity. It symbolizes the vivid interpretation and integration of precision watchmaking tradition and the watchmaking craftsmanship concept that the brand holds. These extraordinary timepieces reflect the concept of ‘accessible luxury’ proposed by the founders Peter and Aletta Stas Incisively.
 We want to thank everyone for their trust and support in Frederique Constant for what we have today: a success story.

 Live your passion! Live your passion!
About Frederique Constant
 Frederique Constant is a watchmaker based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. The brand is involved in the entire watch manufacturing process from design to assembly and quality control. Frederique Constant develops, manufactures and assembles its own movements, and has launched 24 movements since 2004. In 2015, Frederique Constant launched the first Swiss-made traditional smart watch, using the MMT SwissConnect system, and completely displaying the time with the pointer dial, creating a new chapter in watches. Frederique Constant’s timepieces are known for their outstanding quality, unique personality and precise timing. The values ​​that the brand upholds are evident through the extraordinary design, fine materials and exquisite craftsmanship of timepieces, which have also become the core watchmaking concept of the brand’s success. Each watch is carefully assembled by hand and rigorously tested with the latest equipment to ensure first-class quality and durability. The brand breaks through itself, and the spirit of innovation has injected unique creativity and values ​​into the watch. Its highly modern watch factory in Geneva covers an area of ​​32,000 square feet, offering the best creative welcome to passionate watchmakers.

Yu Linglong’ Watch: A Self-made Movement Specially Developed For Ladies By Athens Watch

The ‘Jade Delicate’ watch is the main female watch of the new series of Athens watches. This is the first time in the history of Athens watches, because the brand has never designed and developed its own movement for the women’s watch series. The second is to demonstrate a focus and commitment on female customers.
   The ‘Jade Delicate’ watch has a unique design concept and unique structure. It does not need to push or pull the crown, and can adjust the date and time, which means that it will not cause damage to women’s nails.
   With its innovative spirit, the Athenian watch uses silicon technology to develop the basic movement, escape wheel and Swiss anchor escapement. Silicon is an advanced material, and Athens Watch is the first brand to apply silicon to the production of high-end watches, creating the revolutionary Freak Tourbillon. Unlike traditional materials, silicon is magnetically resistant. Even if the watch is placed near a magnetic field, such as a widely used mobile phone, it will not be affected. It is definitely a necessity of modern society.
   This collection follows the guidelines of Athenian Watch and confirms the brand’s preference for delicate and sensual watches.
Technical Information
Model 3106-125B / 591 18K rose gold
Movement UN-310 Movement
Silicon escapement
41 gems
Power reserve approx. 48 hours
Winding method Mechanical automatic winding movement
Functions Hour, minute, small seconds display
Date display at 6 o’clock, date can be quickly adjusted forward and backward
Simple selection of winding, setting of date and time via the button at 4 o’clock
Size 36 mm x 39 mm
Total diamonds: 78 diamonds, 1.176 carats
Dial White mother-of-pearl diamond dial
Bezel Diamond Bezel
18K rose gold button
Water resistant to 30 meters
Surface anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back Sapphire crystal
Strap Leather strap with 18K gold folding buckle