Those Things About Gold Watch Interpretation Of Gold Watch Production Doubt Cloud

Although the gold watch is good, but the output is not high, especially the special models or special styles, consumers will inevitably experience the process of suffering and so on. Lange, famous for producing only precious metal watches, produces less than 5,000 watches each year. Its most representative LANGE 1 takes about 7 months to 1 year to manufacture parts, and the entire manufacturing process requires 365 steps.

    When asked whether the principle of ‘only precious metals’ is restricting the production of watches, Mr. Franck Giacobini, managing director of Lange Asia Pacific, said: ‘The reason why Lange limits production is because of the lengthy production time of watches, because each watch All are polished and assembled by watchmakers by hand. We are also the only watchmaker to reassemble the movement twice. Although this process is time-consuming, it is to ensure that the movement is perfectly assembled in terms of performance and aesthetics. In addition, our production is also limited by a shortage of qualified watchmakers (200 of the 500 employees in the watch factory) and production space. ‘
    Also in line with Mr. Franck Giacobini’s point of view is Nicholas Hofmann, H. Moser & Cie Regional Sales Director, who said, ‘Although the cost of precious metals continues to increase, we can still have liquidity to produce more watches. The real impact The biggest challenge of its own production is the production of movements. Moser does not buy from other sources like other brands, but produces, assembles and embeds the entire movement in-house, because this work requires highly qualified and experienced watchmakers. Meets the standard of traditional watch technology. H. Moser & Cie produces about 1200 watches per year. In the long run, we will inject more production equipment to increase output. As the sales of high-end watches continue to expand in the Asian market , Especially in China, Moser has a lot of room for development. ‘
    Compared with those brands that only make precious metal watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s product range is more diverse, and only precious metals are used in most limited and highly complex models. For example, the biplane series made of gold, the enamel painted minute repeater made of platinum, the Master Grande Tradition made of platinum, and other complication watches. And this has to make people think ‘Does this market strategy also have to do with guaranteeing output?’ In this regard, Zhang Ye, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China, said: ‘I think only precious metal watches, sometimes Helpless move. Because the quantity and quality of the movement development also determine the output and whether to only make expensive watches. Large manufacturers like Jaeger-LeCoultre can produce their own movements, which determines that they can have more choices for product production. On the contrary, if the production capacity of the movement is limited, considering the related factors of cost and profit, it is a wise choice to choose to make precious metal watches. And we only choose limited editions to launch precious metal materials because we have our own considerations. The limited style must be a product with scarce technology and quality. There is also a high demand for the choice of material, and the use of precious metals has naturally become a common match. Although it has a certain relationship with the output, it is more for high quality. A sort of complication. ‘
    Indeed, the precious metal that makes gold watches is that it is not universally available. For example, some people only buy platinum models of well-known brands in order not to ‘follow the flow’, in their words, ‘platinum is generally limited.’ In addition, it is often seen that some people choose their own precious metal material because their skin is allergic to stainless steel. In general, people’s pursuit of precious metals largely depends on the subconscious desire for ‘self-predominance.’

Citizen Launches A New Series Of Eco-drive Watches

‘Light kinetic energy watch’ is a watch that converts light energy into electricity to rotate. Because there is no need to replace the battery, it can save the limited resources of the earth, without any pollution, and play a role in protecting nature. In 1996, the first watch recognized as an ‘environment-friendly product’ in Japan was born. Solar-powered watches not only use light to generate electricity, but also do not use hazardous metals such as mercury and cadmium in rechargeable batteries, and do not use other harmful substances such as freon in the production process of the product, and have passed various strict certification standards. ‘Photodynamic watches’ is the general name for all watches produced by Citizen that use light to generate electricity. The radio-controlled watch automatically adjusts the time and date of the watch by receiving standard time radio signals transmitted from the signal tower.
    Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. was established in May 1930, and was named ‘CITIZEN’ by the then mayor of Tokyo, meaning all citizens of the world. Since its birth, Citizen has always been committed to ‘dedicating to providing high-end products and high-level services to all citizens around the world’. Currently has quartz, machinery, light kinetic energy, perpetual calendar, Leopard Max, ultra-thin, color series, etc.
Model: AT0851-07E
Strap: black nylon with black leather
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy
Functions: Calendar display, 60-minute timer function, 24-hour display
Official price: 3000 yuan

Model: AT0851-15A
Strap: blue nylon with black leather
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy
Functions: Calendar display, 60-minute timer function, 24-hour display
Official price: 3000 yuan

Model: AT0851-23W
Strap: red-brown nylon with black leather
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy
Functions: Calendar display, 60-minute timer function, 24-hour display
Official price: 3000 yuan

Model: AT0821-59A
Strap: stainless steel
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Functions: Calendar display, 60-minute timer function, 24-hour display
Official price: 3800 yuan

Model: AT0821-59H
Strap: stainless steel
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy
Functions: Calendar display, 60-minute timer function, 24-hour display
Official price: 3800 yuan

Model: BL5380-66E
Strap: stainless steel
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy
Function: Perpetual calendar, 0.05 second (1/20 second) as unit, 60-minute timer function, 24-hour display, alarm, remote time
Official price: ¥ 4500 yuan

Raymond Weil Launches Classic Master Rose Gold Three-hand Watch

[Special Report from Basel of Watches] On April 25, 2013, Swiss time, the 41st Basel International Watch Fair kicked off, as a watch home of the top watch industry A special reporting team was sent to Switzerland to bring the exhibition report to everyone in the first place.

 As the name implies, the classic master series rose gold three-hand watch shines like the setting sun. Its case, bezel, crown, hands and hour markers are all plated with rose gold, with a silver dial and brown leather with stitching The strap exudes an unparalleled warm color.

 The center of the dial is decorated with Paris studs, highlighting the simple, traditional style of the classic master series. The case with a diameter of 39.5 mm is extremely delicately polished, and its built-in automatic movement can be seen at a glance through the sapphire crystal case back.

Summary: The classic master series rose gold three-pointer watch exudes the mystery of time with exquisite craftsmanship, but at the same time always adheres to its original intention-timeless, classic, elegant. The back movement, the choice of rose gold material, and the classic graphic decoration make this watch have the elements of a symptom watch. It can be said that it should be a very versatile and can enhance its temperament for daily wear. The best watch choice.

The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Ultra-thin Movement Achieves Elegance Blancpain Ladybird Watch

Few brands are willing to spend too much time and energy on researching, designing and producing women’s watches. Many brands use the classic men’s watch series to reduce the diameter of the watch, set the diamond bezel, ‘Creating’ women’s watches by changing the material of the case. Women’s watches are often smaller in size and cannot carry larger mechanical movements, so some brands of women’s watches have chosen to choose quartz movements next. (Watch model: 0063B-2954-63A)

 However, as a pioneer in the history of women’s watches, Blancpain has been exploring the road of miniaturization of mechanical movements. Since 1930, Blancpain launched the brand’s first women’s automatic winding watch, which has always been committed to giving women’s wrist The complication of traditional male watches. Of course, Blancpain also designed from the perspective of women’s aesthetics to design exquisite decoration and elegant appearance in line with the aesthetics of women’s perspective.

 This Ladybird watch is one of the masterpieces that perfectly combine elegant style with precision timepieces. When the Ladybird series was first introduced, it was the world’s smallest round mechanical watch, a landmark achievement in the history of women’s watches. Today, this rose gold diamond and white strap Ladybird watch continues the history and continues to lead the trend of small watch ladies’ watches.

 The watch that first caught my eye must be the diamond-set bezel, not only because the woman is irresistible to the sparkle of the diamond, but also because the watch with a diameter of only 21.5 mm is set with 32 diamonds. No exaggeration, no contrition, every bit delicate. The watch case and hands are made of 18K rose gold. In addition to the 5 rubies set on the dial and the 2 rubies set on the strap pendant, the rose gold color of the case and hands is the most colorful of the entire watch. The dial of white mother-of-pearl is also inlaid with fine diamonds and decorated in a leaf-like arrangement. The entire watch is set with diamonds totaling 0.6 carats. The design of this watch dial perfectly shows the feminine femininity and luxury.

 The 18K rose gold forged crown is engraved with Blancpain initials and the sides have a non-slip texture.

 The strap is specially made of white crocodile leather, with soft-fitting Alzavel lining and 18K rose gold pin buckle engraved with the brand’s English name, creating an exquisite and comfortable perfect shape.

   Right below the dial, an upside-down heart-shaped ornament set with diamonds and rubies is even more dynamic.

 Through the sapphire crystal on the case back, you can see the beauty of the automatic oscillating weight made of PT950 platinum. This watch is equipped with the new Cal. 6150 self-winding movement specially launched by Blancpain. This ultra-thin movement has a diameter of only 15.7 mm and is one of the world’s smallest self-winding movements. 40-hour power reserve. While maintaining the precise operation of the movement, it also minimizes the thickness of the movement.

Summary: Internal and external blessings exist in the field of watchmaking as well as in the individual. If I can only recommend a women’s watch brand, I will not hesitate to say the name of Blancpain; if I can only recommend a women’s watch series, my choice is still the Ladybird series of Blancpain. The official price of this watch is 171,000 RMB.

Beckham As The New Spokesperson For Breitling Bentley Watches

British superstar David Beckham David Beckham is honored as the global face of Breitling, the famous Swiss watch brand Breitling. In a new visually stunning advertisement, David Beckham perfectly interprets the unique world of Breitling for Bentley with his unique superstar style.

British superstar David Beckham named global face of Breitling

Since its inception in 2003, Breitling for Bentley has been an example of the perfect combination of superb mechanical craftsmanship and British style. British essence, Swiss Breitling dedication. Elegant style and luxurious quality, classic style and noble example, who better to interpret this British style than David Beckham?

The new ad is shot by famous American photographer Anthony Mandler, shooting in the California desert

As the new image spokesperson for the Breitling Bentley series, David Beckham leads the interpretation of this new visually stunning advertisement. This ad was shot by famous American photographer Anthony Mandler and shot in the California desert. Beckham’s melancholy temperament, unique style and striking appearance fully demonstrate the essence of the Breitling Bentley series. ‘My purpose is to make Beckham into a hero, a strong, masculine male image.’ The photographer narrated, ‘I want to capture the important elements Breitling wants to convey, and to communicate this information with Beckham clearly. Image and unique personality. ‘

Breitling for Bentley

Traction from destiny, the partnership between Breitling Bentley watches and David Beckham is based on long-term mutual admiration between the two sides. ‘I should be the owner of the earliest Breitling Bentley series.’ Beckham admits, ‘I really like this perfect combination: a high-performance ‘engine’ and a superb individual design that represents Switzerland’s top watchmaking craftsmanship. I have always been an admirer of the Breitling brand and its heritage. ‘

Haocai Qinghui Jacques Dross Moon Phase Watch Writing Mid-autumn Festival Ya Yun

Bright and bright moon, cloudy and sunny. Jacques Dro draws inspiration from the mysterious moon and launches TheEclipse series of watches, once again making a classic. At the time when the stars are moving and the moonlight is falling, the purity and poetry of time are best interpreted in the Jacques Dro moon phase watch, telling the story of time elegantly and gently.

As a veritable pioneering work in the horological industry, Jacques Dro Moon Phase Watches, in addition to displaying the date, month, and year, are also equipped with moon phase profit and loss display for all astronomers, explorers and artists. On the dial, a moon inspired by nineteenth-century engravings with a smiley motif appears behind the matte black disc, in sharp contrast to the shiny dial. Day after day, the moon phase indicator shows the latest moon phase in the early morning hours, guarding this remarkable timepiece in its unique form. With outstanding mechanical properties and pleasing visual enjoyment, the watch shows its extremely pure and extreme beauty. Eight glittering stars embellish it, and its design is inspired by Jacques Dro’s lucky number 8, but also from Jacques Dro’s precious seven-pointed star logo.

The moon phase watch pays tribute to Jacques Droda’s pinnacle of high-end timepieces and craftsmanship in a pure and acute aesthetic perspective, in the shock of classicist patterns and patterns. The day and month display windows are located on the upper part of the dial, while an elegant snake-shaped hand with a crescent on the head indicates the date along a circle of numbers on the case. The slender hour and minute hands also rotate in the same path, and the sharp contours and classic lines highlight the outstanding harmony of this watch.

The first is the Eclipse IvoryEnamel, the great technique of the GrandFeu, which requires the craftsmen’s extreme focus and precise control of the fire. These are unique to the casting of this dial with color and texture Vital. On this beautiful ‘white paper’, 8 stars and a bright moon are engraved in red gold. The beautiful stars in the night are faintly visible behind a white onyx carved hairspring adjuster, bringing the intricate poetry to every transformation of the moon phase display.

The onyx moon phase (TheEclipseOnyx) maintains the perfect overall balance: the slender hour and minute hands, the beautiful week hand is decorated with a silver crescent moon, and the white week and month display windows are lined with black background. Between the strength of the metal and the power of the ore, the delicateness of the pattern and the complexity of the machinery, the onyx moon phases show the creative power of masculine beauty with exquisite and delicate methods.

The Eclipse Mother-of-Pearl watch also presents complex horological functions in new dimensions. This iconic watch has been redesigned with a 39mm diameter to meet the expectations of brand followers. In addition to the time, date, day of the week, and month display, the golden moon round at six o’clock with the opening and closing of white mother-of-pearl reveals the moon. The moon appears or disappears, and the light and shade overlap until it disappears completely. The entire dial is dotted with a beautiful view of the sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand). The light of diamonds inlaid in the white gold case and the exquisite dial pattern of this new TheEclipse watch complement each other and brilliance, offering a refined elegance to the fans of poetic watches.

Ivory Great Open Fire Enamel Moon Phase (TheEclipseIvoryEnamel)

Reference model: J012633203
White ‘GrandeFeu’ Grand Fire Enamel Dial
18K red gold case and inlays
Automatic movement
68-hour power reserve
Central hour and minute hands
Set the week at 12 o’clock in the month window
6 o’clock position moon phase display plate
43 mm diameter
Market reference price: ¥ 250,500

Onyx Moon Phase (TheEclipseOnyx)

Reference model: J012630270
Black Onyx Dial
Stainless steel case with rhodium plating
Automatic movement
68-hour power reserve
Central hour and minute hands
Set the week at 12 o’clock in the month window
Central pointer date display
6 o’clock position moon phase display plate
43 mm diameter
Market reference price: ¥ 153,000

The Mother of Pearl Moon Phase (TheEclipseMother-of-Pearl)

Reference model: J012614570
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K White Gold Case
Set with 248 diamonds, total diamond weight 1.68 carats
Automatic movement
68-hour power reserve
Date and month window at 12 o’clock
Moon Phase Display at 6 o’clock
39mm diameter
Market reference price: ¥ 312,500

Make An Extraordinary Retro Style Montblanc’s New Interpretation Of The 1858 Series Watch With Bronze Elements

For the first time, Montblanc fuses bronze elements and launches a new inspired vintage watch. The watchmaking history of the brand can be traced back to 1858, when Minerva was just completed. Since its inception in Villeret, Switzerland, Minerva Watch Factory has become a world-renowned Swiss watchmaking expert with its exceptionally accurate timekeeping function. Since 2007, Montblanc has been exploring Minerva’s watchmaking tradition, seeking endless creative inspiration from historical classic watch functions, mechanical processes and design specifications.
   The resulting series of watches inherited the classic soul in a very modern way. The new Montblanc 1858 series watch continues this concept again. With its unique design and outstanding mechanical technology, it reinterprets the famous Minerva chronograph watch from the 1930s, passing time and reproducing the classic.
The beauty of bronze
   Montblanc has for the first time incorporated bronze elements into the creation of the watch, adding retro color to the new 1858 collection. By using metallic bronze, Montblanc blends traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship with authentic classic watchmaking materials. Bronze metal brings a soft and warm color to the dial and retro-style strap, creating a perfect retro style. There are also two new and unique watches in the new series. The combination of bronze and stainless steel creates a new combination of two colors and two materials. It is undoubtedly the first in the field of watchmaking and brings people a unique retro style design.
   In addition, through the study of bronze, we found that after years of wearing, this perfect alloy material will gradually evolve a unique, uniform and charming copper green. Small changes in the color of the case make Montblanc’s new 1858 watch more retro.
   Montblanc’s three new 1858 series bronze edition watches are: Montblanc 1858 series chronograph limited edition (limited to 100 pieces), Montblanc 1858 series dual time zone automatic winding watch and Montblanc 1858 series automatic winding wrist table.
Design language
   The new Montblanc 1858 series features cloisonné-style cloisonne-coated hands with beige Super-LumiNova® coating, luminous Arabic numerals, a nostalgic design crown, and a classic rail-type minute scale that surrounds the dial. Classic styling of a precision chronograph. The Montblanc logo above the dial is in the style of the brand in the 1930s: the text in historical fonts is inlaid with the Mont Blanc peak pattern, and the strap is made by the Montblanc Pelletteria leather craftsman in Florence, Italy Our carefully crafted Cognac calfskin and crocodile leather straps, with multiple details that reflect the vintage essence of the watch.

Montblanc 1858 series chronograph limited edition

   Montblanc’s limited edition of the 1858 series of chronographs is retro and nostalgic in the design of the case, movement, strap and dial details. The champagne sun-shaded dial and the bronze case echo each other. The similar color matching and decoration make each detail of the watch perfectly compatible. It presents a single color tone and a single material look, and it also highlights the beauty of details: The church-style hands are very contemporary, and the beige Super-LumiNova® coating guarantees clear reading at night, adding a retro look to the watch.
   This limited edition piece has a satin-finished bronze case with a diameter of 44 mm, a bronze titanium case back (to avoid allergies) and a polished bezel with deeper color. Like all Montblanc 1858 watches, the new vintage-inspired Cognac crocodile leather strap is handmade by Montblanc’s Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy, with satin-finished bronze-plated pin buckles for a perfect retro design .
   At the heart of this watch is a traditional Minerva MB M16.29 hand-wound single-button chronograph movement with column wheels, horizontal disc clutches and a ‘V’ chronograph bridge, large screws The fine-tuned balance wheel operates at a vibration frequency of 18,000 times per hour and has a power reserve of up to 50 hours.
   This precision timepiece is entirely hand-made in Montblanc Villeret, and has a unique aesthetic feature due to its exceptionally detailed grinding process. Continuing the style of the large-sized ‘pocket watch’, the design inspiration of the Montblanc MB M16.29 movement is derived from the 17.29 pocket watch and watch movement originally designed by Minerva Watch Factory in the 1930s. Based on the structure of the 17.29 movement, the new movement is supplemented with fine grinding treatments in different ways, such as chamfering, Geneva ripples and rotating circular patterns, making the movement more refined. The MB M16.29 movement uses rose gold parts for the first time. The new look not only perfectly matches the bronze retro style of the watch, but also makes the overall style of the work more complete and consistent. Like other Minerva movements, one of the movement parts is shaped into a small arrow shape of Minerva’s signature to commemorate the long and glorious watchmaking tradition of the Minerva Watch Factory.
   The chronograph function is displayed by a chronograph second hand in the center of the dial and a minute timer at the three o’clock position. The outer ring of the dial is engraved with a surrounding tachymeter scale, and the small second dial is set at the nine o’clock position of the dial. The Montblanc MB M16.29 chronograph movement embodies the essence of fine watchmaking.

Montblanc 1858 series dual time zone automatic watch

   The Montblanc 1858 series dual time zone self-winding watch has successfully restored the iconic design style of the 1930s Minerva timepiece with its distinctive and unique shape. The traditional black dial, church-style hands and Arabic numerals covered with beige Super-LumiNova® coating make up this simple and sophisticated retro timepiece. Montblanc 1858 series dual time zone self-winding watch has a satin-finished steel case with a diameter of 44 mm, a bronze bezel and a crown.
   The MB 29.19 self-winding movement equipped with this watch has the dual time zone display complication completely designed and assembled by Montblanc Watchmaking Factory, which can display the home time and the day and night. The hollowed-out home hour hand is located in the center of the dial, distinguished by the Super-LumiNova® coating on the end and the local hour hand with its surface completely covered with Super-LumiNova® coating. The dual time zone display function provides travelers with a very convenient experience. When the wearer arrives at a new destination, he can easily set the local time to the local time zone without affecting the home time. During the setting process, the minute and second hands continue to run without interference, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the time. The day and night display is located in a small disc at twelve o’clock, connected to the home hour hand in the center of the dial. The small dial at six o’clock shows the second hand and the date of the local time.
   The dial of this timepiece is inlaid with the classic brand logo of Montblanc from the 1930s, and the new cognac calfskin strap is made by the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence. The strap is stitched with traditional beige cord under the lugs, all details are designed to show pure retro feelings.

Montblanc 1858 self-winding watch

   For enthusiasts of replica watches, the Montblanc 1858 series self-winding watch subtly draws the essence of the design of the 1858 series replica watches and reproduces the style of the 1930s Menela watches and pocket watches in a striking design style . The dark black dial resembles a great canvas, embellished with church-style hands and Arabic numerals covered with beige Super-LumiNova®, making it easy to read even at night. A 44mm diameter satin-brushed stainless steel case with a bronze bezel and crown. The caseback is engraved with the design of the Minerva watch factory in Villers, with the Jura Mountains as the backdrop, and the historic Roberts Frères Villeret logo, the classic Minerva logo, the Montblanc brand name and the goddess of wisdom Arrow of the spear.

   This timepiece is equipped with an MB 24.17 self-winding mechanical movement. The precise and reliable performance will definitely meet the dual pursuit of modern young watch lovers for retro appearance and practical functions. This watch features a new distressed Cognac calfskin strap handmade by Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy, and is equipped with a beige cord, creating an extreme retro style.
   The new Montblanc 1858 series watches will be launched in Montblanc Global Boutiques in April 2017.

What You Don’t Know The Current Situation And Future Of Watch And Clock Sales

In general, consumers who send watches for after-sales maintenance always want to get them back as soon as possible, watchmakers are constantly striving to make progress, but they still face time problems: fast service seems to Never appears. What is the reason for this, and listen to me slowly.

   As an organic whole, the watch industry has become increasingly transparent. However, for end consumers, after-sales service is still a somewhat vague area. They send the watch, repair it by the manufacturer, and then return it to them within different time limits. So how did the story evolve when the retailer’s shutters fell?

Watches, repairs and addresses

   This is the first step in determining where the after sales service will take place. Depending on whether the watch is a fine watch or a mass market product, different answers will lead in two opposite directions. If it is the former, it means that it will be sent back to the watchmaking workshop, where the craftsmen will repair it with professional skills. Depending on the starting location, the time between the watch and the road is between four and eight days.

   Considering the complex logistics conditions in some countries and regions, this process may take more time. Experts mention the example of Russia, where retailers are struggling to find ways to shorten delivery times. “One possible solution for customers in this country is to get in sync with his travel schedule,” said Hautlence CEO Guillaume Tetu. “For example, he travels in Geneva, Paris or Miami to deliver watches to local sales. Point, and the point of sale then sends it back to Switzerland so we can arrange for the repaired watch to be mailed to the customer’s next national capital. ”

Hautlence CEO Guillaume Tetu

   Kurt Kupper, the CEO of Royal Jazz, certainly hopes that this option is also available. He said: ‘Fortunately, our music box products can ensure normal singing over the years, and there is almost no after-sales service trouble. But how can such things happen, such as accident Dropped, or damaged without effective protection during house demolition, we sometimes have to send professionals to repair. This method naturally takes less time, but if the repair service is not covered by the guarantee, then the corresponding cost will naturally be. …..

   Finally, there is another solution that can minimize the time spent on after-sales service: that is, for those unsold products (some have not been wound for a long time, and some are displayed in the window exposed to ultraviolet light), the retailer Perform regular maintenance. In this regard, De Bethune is a notable example. The CEO of the brand, Pierre Jacques, said: ‘De Bethune will require our retail outlets to overhaul our products every six months. If not, the brand will undertake the complete overhaul of the product itself. And costs to ensure that the watches purchased by end consumers work perfectly. ‘
De Bethune CEO Pierre Jacques at the 2014 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards

Clocks, movements and replacements (in some specific cases)
   After-sales service for high-volume brand watches is not always so complicated. According to Pierre Maret, Head of TAG Heuer Customer Service, ‘In certain specific situations (when the watch is malfunctioning or requires maintenance), considering the nature of the specific repair environment, We sometimes choose to directly replace a new movement. ‘For consumers, this can be said to be an additional benefit, they will benefit from it, watches with a new movement are just like new, super fast speed And longer life.

   However, this simple replacement of the movement is not always feasible, especially when facing some antique timepieces. Pierre Maret went on to explain: ‘There is a difficulty in this issue, which is the definition of the concept of ‘vintage’, but we are working hard. For now, we classify the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s as’ The Year of Antiques’, works from the late 1980s and early 1990s still need to be carefully distinguished. ‘

   The maintenance of antique watches depends on the specific situation, and then the entire after-sales service becomes a problem of another nature-it is no longer how long it takes to repair, but whether it can be repaired. Pierre Maret summed up the situation by saying: ‘We do our best to consider for consumers, but at the same time TAG Heuer is controlled by different shareholders, and it will be difficult to achieve emotional value and company financial balance. However, in the near future, We will try to repair the watch within four weeks as much as possible, and we will make an average of twelve weeks for antique watches with 80% possible repair. ‘

Pierre Maret, TAG Heuer Customer Service

Key constraints of after-sales service

   Despite many well-intentioned efforts by watch brands, they are still unable to speed up certain specific steps. Chopard has set up a 3,400-square-meter maintenance workshop in Miami, which effectively shortens the turnaround time for product maintenance. Since September 2013, this workshop has undertaken product maintenance work in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, which is undoubtedly praiseworthy. However, like other brands, testing-related work cannot be stopped halfway (such as the brand’s L.U.C 1.98 movement with four barrels), Chopard still faces the problem of being unable to meet short-term delivery.
   Usually the entire repair process requires two complete power reserve cycles, during which the watch’s accuracy is tested under different circumstances and time periods. Although watchmaking brands will use some means to speed up this process, such as the Panerai Luminor 8-day power reserve watch and Lange’s 31-day power reserve watch, it must be more powerful than the standard 42 hours in after-sales service. It takes more time to store the watch.

Chopard Miami Service Center

The future of after-sales service
  Finally, it should be pointed out that good after-sales service means finding the best way to deal with many different problems. Will the latter continue to evolve in the future? In absolute numbers, we can be sure: yes! The equation is very simple-the more watches on the market, the greater the need for after-sales service. In the short term, there is no need to face the problem of an absolute increase in a short period of time, and the delivery date of the after-sales service is still within a reasonable range. change.
   When it comes to service attitude, then the after-sales service can no longer be regarded as cost consumption. In fact, after-sales service (or more known as customer service) is an effective way to expand and close the brand’s connection with consumers and ensure consumer loyalty. However, this will mean that in the face of a large number of future after-sales service needs, brands need to recruit more watchmakers and develop systematic plans for the deployment of maintenance tools, transportation and logistics.
   Fortunately, others are eagerly awaited by consumers, and the reform of after-sales service is also in full swing. At present, two practical and complementary measures have surfaced. First, the brand group decided to integrate the entire after-sale activities and resources in one place, while saving rent and costs, it could also promote experience sharing, simplify work processes and improve overall service levels. Richemont Group adopts this solution and has a large after-sales service center in the Paris area to provide services to all watchmaking brands under the group.
   Another complementary trend is regional specialization. Franches-Montagnes (Franch Mountain, Jura, Switzerland) is preparing to join the market for competition and competition. Fundamentally, a reality that must be recognized is that in the development of watches and clocks, the Franche mountain range is still difficult to threaten the surrounding areas. At the same time, there is a lack of clear political determination and sufficient financial support. Nevertheless, it can make full use of its own talents and professional advantages. Logically, once Switzerland cannot meet the huge demand for after-sales service of watches in the near future, this will be the most recent and most competitive place to take over.

Pattern Philippe Launches 5016a-010 Super Complicated Watch For Only Watch 2015

Patek Philippe Model 5016 was founded in 1993. It combines Calatrava-style case design, three complication functions (Tourbillon, Minute Repeater and Perpetual Calendar) highly respected by watch fans, and a moon phase profit and loss display , Can be described as a model of the brand’s super-complex watches.
   In addition, the perpetual calendar function of the 5016 watch additionally adds a retrograde date hand, which is controlled by a sophisticated coil spring system, and can automatically return to the end of the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st (depending on the length of the month). 1st position. The watch’s R TO 27 PS QR manual winding movement is assembled from up to 506 parts, each of which is carefully polished by hand.

   Patek Philippe Ref. 5016A-010 was created for the Only Watch 2015 charity auction. It is the first and only stainless steel model. This metallic sheen is rare in Patek Philippe’s super-complex watches, and the elegant blue enamel dial is a perfect tribute to traditional craftsmanship. Technical specifications

Reference number: Ref. 5016A-010
Movement: R TO 27 PS QR manual winding movement
Functions: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase profit and loss, retrograde date hand, day, month and leap year display, small seconds at 6 o’clock
Case: stainless steel, 36.8 mm diameter, interchangeable case back and sapphire crystal case back, moisture and dust resistant (not waterproof)
Dial: 18K gold, blue enamel dial, Breguet gold applied hour-markers
Strap: Hand-stitched dark blue alligator strap with folding clasp

Jaeger-lecoultre Large Slim Hollow Flip Watch

Edwina Tops-Alexander, the world’s best obstacle horsewoman, recently visited the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory in Valley de Joux, Switzerland. After an in-depth visit to the magical world of watchmaking, she talked about her impressions of the watch factory: ‘This visit was very enlightening. I learned the entire process of watchmaking. I saw the work of the watchmaker firsthand before I really learned about watchmaking The intricacies of the details of how much labor it takes to make a watch. Now I dare not say which one is more complicated between making a watch and cultivating a horse race. ‘

   Throughout 2012, Edwina will wear the Reverso watch to participate in obstacle racing. The Reverso watch originated from sports and has evolved from a simple model to a shiny and feminine evening watch.

   The hour hand carved from stainless steel reveals a carefully crafted double-sided dial. The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin SQ large-scale skeletonized flip watch uses an ancient skeletonized process to reflect the superb skills and artistic accomplishments that only a few watchmakers have .

The mechanical movement is completely hollowed out and decorated by hand, so that the complex and beautiful mechanical structure is perfectly presented in front of the eyes. The craftsman uses a small carving knife to hollow out the material to make the internal structure as visible as possible. The biggest challenge is how to ensure perfect reliability. All the inner walls are then hand-brushed, chamfered, polished, engraved and engraved. The screws are blued and the edges are trimmed, while the jewel bearings show the noble status of this advanced mechanical movement. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 849RSQ manual-winding movement is legendary for its outstanding quality-with unparalleled reliability and accuracy, only 1.85 mm thick, but with 128 parts, it can vibrate up to 21,600 times per hour. Its extremely delicate mechanical structure is based on extremely precise machining. The hollow design makes it more complex and precise, which is truly the pinnacle of its name. In order to highlight the elaborate gold and silver craftsmanship, the platinum dial is decorated with exquisite Arabic-style engraving patterns, and the front is translucent light blue enamel, which complements the traditional charm of blued hands. The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin SQ is a limited edition of 50 pieces, rejuvenating its iconic Art Deco style and the exquisite beauty created by the watchmaker’s precious craftsmanship that has been passed down through the centuries.

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