Panerai Lo Scienziato Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Gmt Titanio —47mm Tourbillon Two-time Titanium Watch

Panerai Watchmaking Factory presents a masterpiece—the new member of the LO SCIENZIATO series: a titanium case made with 3D stereo printing technology, and equipped with a P.2005 / T skeleton with a tourbillon device Movement.

   The Lo Scienziato-Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT watch is undoubtedly one of the innovative masterpieces of the Panerai Chateau Manufacture. This watch uses direct metal laser sintering technology and is 3D printed into a titanium case. A Lo Scienziato, released in 2016, is the first mechanical timepiece to use this technology. In addition to retaining the original features of the new Lo Scienziato, details in the exterior have also been adjusted. The new hands are blue, which harmonizes elegantly with the metallic tones of the titanium case. The stitching of the black leather strap also echoes blue, emphasizing the sporty style and complementing the innovative technology used in the watch.

   The lightweight design of the new Lo Scienziato watch is outstanding, but it also has multiple functions, including hours, minutes, small seconds, two places with day and night display, six-day power reserve display on the back of the watch, and equipped with Flywheel device. The secret of extra lightness comes from the sophisticated case and exquisite P.2005 / T movement created by the exquisite design of the Laboratorio di Idee of Panerai Chateau. Light and delicate, it also has the classic characteristics of Panerai.

3D printed titanium case with ‘direct metal laser sintering’ technology is extremely lightweight and durable

   This new watch is equipped with the classic case of the Luminor 1950 series, with the same classic 47 mm diameter, made of titanium, has good corrosion resistance, and is about 40% lighter than stainless steel. In order to further reduce the weight of the watch, the case uses innovative technology to ensure the watch’s excellent waterproof performance (up to 10 bar, approximately equal to a depth of 100 meters) while shaping the complex geometric structure of the case, and to resist tension and Excellent in rugged characteristics such as anti-twist. This technology is called ‘direct metal laser sintering’. Using fiber laser technology, titanium metal powder is layered into three-dimensional parts. Each layer of material is only 0.02 mm thick, and after fusion, it becomes solid titanium. The finished product cannot be made with traditional technology, it is lighter in weight and its appearance is flawless.
P.2005 / T movement with hollow titanium bridge and tourbillon


   The P.2005 manual winding mechanical movement equipped with Panerai’s patented tourbillon debuts as P.2005 / T. The movement is hollowed out and equipped with a lower density titanium bridge and plywood to replace the commonly used brass material, which is twice as dense as titanium. The weight of the movement is therefore 35% lighter than the P.2005 / S skeleton movement.

   The lightness of the watch comes from the hollow design of the bridge, plywood and barrel. The watch does not have a traditional dial, which makes the elements on the dial appear directly on the movement, and the time stamps are also placed outside the movement Above the edge. Through the small seconds at 9 o’clock, the small indicator inside shows the operating status of the tourbillon; another small dial at 3 o’clock shows the central second time zone (two places) Day and night indicated by hands. The watch has a power reserve of up to 6 days and is driven by three connected barrels. Through the sapphire crystal of the case back, you can see the power reserve display specially set on the back of the movement. The exquisite hollow-out process highlights the magnificent details of the front and back of the watch. You can admire the mechanical dance of the spring movement and precise gear operation in the barrel, and the beauty of the tourbillon frame. This tourbillon is completely different from the traditional tourbillon and is patented by Panerai. In order to better compensate for the effect of gravity on the escapement operation and to ensure the accuracy of the watch’s travel time, the tourbillon frame is perpendicular to, rather than parallel to the horizontal axis of the balance wheel, rotating every 30 seconds. The speed runs one revolution, which is very different from the traditional tourbillon that rotates one revolution per minute.

—47mm Tourbillon Time Two Titanium Watch

The P.2005 / T manual winding skeletonized mechanical movement is entirely developed by Panerai.

Hours, minutes, small seconds, second time zone, 24-hour display, power reserve on the case back, tourbillon.
47 mm, matte titanium.
Power reserve:
144 hours.

10 bar (about 100 meters).

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