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Laura Lan, a famous Chinese and Chinese critic of clocks and jewellery, the main author of ‘Large in Capricorn’, who specializes in the appreciation of mechanical watches, and also has unique insights in jewelry, life, culture and art. . Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures. Buying a watch is the same as choosing an object, and the choice is always the one that can last forever and be classic. Buying a watch is the same as choosing an object. We all seem to go for a lifetime. We always believe that the value of a watch can last a lifetime. Therefore, there are many choices. The style we want to choose will always be the one that can last forever and be classic. On the one hand, the brand must have a high reputation, on the other hand, it must have high quality and value. The most important thing is that the value must be certain. Be tall. 150,000 is the threshold to enter the high-end watch brand. Above this price, the first thing we must value is the reputation of the brand , followed by the permanence of design . These two points If you have already met the requirements, then it is not far from a good watch that suits you. When we want to find a women’s watch that is the most extreme among mechanical watches, how can we ignore the Patek Philippe with the nickname of the watch king? Patek Philippe, which has always lacked a signature classic female watch, released a new women’s watch design at the end of this year: it has its own exquisite chain technology, a case with a suitable thickness and thickness, and a movement with excellent appearance and performance. Coupled with the special ‘Dentelle lace inlaid’ diamond bezel, the two rows of staggered diamonds are more complex and sparkle than a claw-set fire. Steel, bezel-set diamond style, this price really wants to buy one. This is the style that a more heroic woman (I) would choose. The reason may be that the design is neutral, but the setting of diamonds does not lose the gorgeousness of other more flexible designs. You will be surprised when you wear it. It’s not as Man as you think. It even has a unique personality that combines sensibility and reason. Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite and sophisticated Geneva style, and the ancient seal-certified quality of Geneva, make this watch more like a sense of nobility like royal blood . It is believed that many women have long been familiar with the classic silhouette of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The offshore series actually has more prominent lines on the case. The lines of the crown and the case on the same side are more determined than the Royal Oak. Kishi 37mm launches a variety of neon-like color styles, making this series, which is like a straight steel man, instantly become more tide, and more suitable for women in size. Audemars Piguet’s lofty watchmaking status does not need to repeat here, because the unique appearance and craftsmanship of the Royal Oak offshore has already explained everything. In a round design, Girard Perregaux’s horizontal oval cat-eye watch is unique. What I like most about cat’s eye design is that the curve is well-proportioned, and the horizontal ellipse is actually more slender. Girard Perregaux is also one of the all-round watchmaking brands. The quality of the movement is guaranteed, and this cat’s eye reflects the Girard Perregaux’s harmonious dial and case manufacturing process. Style. Of all my favorite watches, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series must have a place. The different looks on both sides are presented by the method of flipping the case. The thrill of buying two watches at one price is almost impossible for other models. The Reverso One series is also a housekeeping skill of Jaeger-LeCoultre: the foundation of ultra-small mechanical movement, rose gold has a row of diamonds on the top and bottom, saying ‘cost-effective’ is a bit vulgar, but it really is. Bulgari is one of the few brands that started with jewellery but has excellent watchmaking skills. It has its own movement factory, parts factory, dial factory and parts manufacturing factory. Bulgari can do almost everything in the field of watches and clocks. Tubogas, a rare metalworking method wound with precious metals into flexible and smooth lines, is currently the only Bulgari to continue to introduce Tubogas technology into its watch design in the late 1940s, and became a Bulgari signature process. You said that Lvcea itself may not be eye-catching when it exists alone, but when it is put on, it is unstoppable. Some people think that these flash points are only because of their appearance design, but I think that the more important key is still excellent. The craft itself. There is no doubt that the constellation is one of the most classic watches in the minds of the public. Looking for a higher-level classic, the ultimate all-gold bracelet version of the constellation should also be selected for consideration. With a circle of drills, not many people can resist. I don’t know if you care about the so-called Omega Observatory certification. In short, the warranty period is extended to five years, and the high magnetic resistance performance and accuracy are strictly tested. — [Additional Selection] — A replica of a watch designed by Vacheron Constantin for the American market in 1921, no one can explain: why the crown was whimsically placed at that position, the dial was still tilted; more surprised The thing is, in the end, how to achieve such a difficult case finished product, Vacheron Constantin has never walked in the routine you imagined. You think it is only liked by old men. It is estimated that you do n’t understand the history nearly 300. Inside the brand of the year, there is a unique soul. Beautiful, needless to say, please double your budget. I just watched quietly, The Fairy in the Table everywhere. ▼ Join Luo 菈 ‘s circle of friends ▼ Search daxiedeluola Luo Wei’s micro-signal, and mark your identity and watch you own / loved. You can chat with Luo Luo directly in watch friends group.

Updated: 19. February 2021 — 17:39
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