Richard Miller Launches Two Philip Massa 10th Anniversary Limited Watches

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of cooperation with F1 superstar Felipe Massa, and to celebrate the Brazilian’s achievement of winning the 40th Grand Prix podium in Austria last week, Richard DeMiller has launched two new ’10th Anniversary’ limited edition watches RM 056 and RM 011.
   Philip Massa was the first sports celebrity to join the Richard Miller family. He has long served as a ‘test driver’ for brand watches, and it was with his assistance that Richard Miller achieved The amazing achievements in the development of watchmaking industry include carbon nanofiber substrate (RM 006 FM test, which was later applied to many other models) and the ultralight satellite material Alusic case (RM 009 FM).
   The ’10th Anniversary’ series RM 056 and RM 011 watches are inspired by the color scheme of Philip Massa. The flanges, buttons and crown are decorated in blue or yellow, and the driver’s personal logo is at 1 o’clock. The “12” time stamp on the sapphire crystal face of the RM 011 watch is a clever deformation of Philip Massa’s personal number “19”, and the case back is engraved with his personal signature. The RM 056 and RM 011 watches are limited to 10 and 100 pieces respectively.
Richard Miller RM 056 10th Anniversary of Philip Massa
   This dual chronograph chronograph is assembled from more than 500 independent components. It has a built-in 5 grade titanium tourbillon RMCC1 movement and is equipped with a power reserve display function. Just as Philip Massa’s rigorous F1 race, Richard Miller’s engineers further optimized the RMCC1 movement in a spirit of excellence: carefully adjusted the timing accuracy, and improved the double-tracking needle performance by reducing friction to ensure the long-term stability of the movement reliable. This is a super complicated and sophisticated timepiece that looks the same on the surface.
   Of course, the highlight of this watch is the case. The case of the RM 056 is machined from a single piece of sapphire crystal. The preliminary research and testing process has taken several years to achieve the best comfort and durability standards. Frequently imitated, but never surpassed, this stunt is a huge engineering challenge in itself: the process of processing sapphire crystals is extremely complex, and each case takes no less than 1,000 hours, including 430 hours of filing and 350 hours of polishing (Bezel, middle case and case back).
Richard Miller RM 011 Philip Massa 10th Anniversary Limited Watch
   The second watch of the ’10th Anniversary’ series, RM 011, is very symbolic. The RMAC1 on the RM 011 is Richard Miller’s first flyback chronograph self-winding movement. It is entirely made of grade 5 titanium and is hand-finished. This limited edition watch has a unique case made of NTPT® fiber.
   The cutting-edge technological achievements of the new limited edition watches complement the personal achievements of Philip Massa. In his 13-year career as a driver, he has participated in 218 races, achieved 16 pole positions and 40 podium finishes, including 11 grand prix championships and a total of 1,012 points (including Austria in 2015) 3rd place results). Philip Massa (currently Williams) is the second longest driver in Ferrari history and the fourth most successful driver in team history.

Updated: 19. June 2020 — 19:56
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