Roger Dubuis Meets You Watches & Wonders

Roger Dubuis is very pleased to announce that its brand will participate in the first Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 25-28, 2013. This new exhibition will present the latest creations of elite brands in the horological industry, while also conveying their unique values ​​and historical heritage.

 Roger Dubuis is very honored to be in Hong Kong to meet Asian watch enthusiasts. In the WATCHES & WONDERS exhibition, Roger Dubuis’s exhibition will feature the theme of ‘Crown Eagle and Key’ to fully demonstrate the outstanding characteristics of the Geneva Seal. This prestigious certification mark is stamped on all timepieces created by Roger Dubuis, and represents the impeccable quality guarantee in watchmaking. The noble and iconic eagle symbolizes the highest level of skill in the watch industry. It came to Asia in the Year of the Snake and launched an extraordinary meeting. The exhibition layout was inspired by the chivalrous spirit of the knights, presenting a world of professional skills and restrained energy, inviting people to experience the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis in a seductive scene.

 The exhibition area also contains a watchmaking area, showing the extensive skills and expertise in the field of fine watchmaking, revealing the exquisite production process of these extraordinary watches. At the same time, it also retraces the history of the development of the timer in different times with the wonderful exhibition ‘The Mastery of Time’. Roger Dubuis, Jean-Marc Pontroué, global CEO, said of the exhibition, enthusiastically: ‘We are very excited to participate in this cultural exchange and learning reciprocity platform. We are facing At the decision-making point of the fast-growing Asian market, this exhibition is a great opportunity for us to strengthen relationships and promote exchanges with local watchmakers, collectors and enthusiasts. It is like we participate in other important trade shows on all continents, and brands are present on the spot ‘It allows us to be closer to local consumers, journalists, and sellers who assist our watch factories in promoting and building a global reputation. It also symbolizes the brand’s willingness to serve them.’

Classic watch display

 Among the representative works launched by Roger Dubuis in 2013 at the WATCHES & WONDERS venue, the EXCALIBUR QUATUOR rose gold watch shines with unique warmth and light pleats, expressing the Excalibur series in an elegant and extreme form. Warrior world. This watch, which has been developed for 7 years, is equipped with the Double Flying Tourbillon movement invented by the watch factory in 2005. It is created by using a differential-based mechanical method to eliminate the influence of gravity. A new era. This stunning mechanism is equipped with four balance springs, which can generate a vibration frequency of 16 Hz, so that it can instantly compensate for the running error caused by gravity; this movement is also equipped with 5 differentials to ensure the swing In addition to the wheel balance, the ultra-high accuracy of the watch is also guaranteed. The RD 101 movement also has an excellent kinetic energy storage mechanism (patent pending), which provides kinetic energy information with a creative, precise, reliable, beautiful and intuitive crescent-shaped dual display. The rose gold case incorporates a circular arc, a grooved bezel, a protective crown, and a three-pronged lug with a fixed strap. The lightweight and delicate hollow movement in the case continues to display a fascinating vision feast.

 The Roger Dubuis VELVET series, which symbolizes the world of Diva, launched a set of exquisite high-end jewellery watches in 2013, exuding brilliant brilliance, including a watch set with baguette-cut diamonds. This dazzling set of feminine watches strongly shows the rich combination of charm, poetry and luxury, and brings a little boldness to bring a new vitality to the brand’s watch manufacturing. The classic elements of the Velvet series include the three-dimensional arrangement of the dial, the slender Roman numerals, and the well-designed lugs. At the same time, it perfectly integrates with the 36mm case with a slim, round and barrel shape and a unique visual aesthetic. And comes with a silky soft strap. This high-end jewellery watch is equipped with a tonal RD821 self-winding movement, and uses a hidden setting to deftly select 304 diamonds of different sizes and cut forms (rectangular, bright and long-angle step cut). Inlaid on the case, strap or even the folding clasp. These diamonds, with a total weight of approximately 13.16 carats, perform a magnificent visual symphony.

 These outstanding timepieces, like all other timepieces from Roger Dubuis, are engraved with the Geneva mark, a well-established and guaranteed product that guarantees exclusive features, precise performance, origin, professional craftsmanship and durability. Certification mark. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker in the world to be certified by the Geneva Seal for all production processes.

 Roger Dubuis is looking forward to the opening of the first WATCHES & WONDERS high-end watch exhibition, and kindly invites visitors to experience the extraordinary world of the brand. Its charming and extraordinary world is a fusion of Heritage 1881 in Hong Kong and Pacific Place in Hong Kong. And the three Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis boutiques in the Peninsula Hotel Shopping Mall are waiting for watch connoisseurs.

Updated: 10. September 2020 — 18:54
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