Rolex Gold Arrives 10% Off On Weekend Purchases

Gold material, atmosphere, publicity, a strong noble temperament is coming. The same is true of gold watches, whether it is self-wearing or collecting. Among the many gold watches, the Rolex gold watch is dazzling outside. With its unique design style and outstanding watch quality, it has been well received by watch friends. Recently, the author learned that the Rolex brand in the Beijing Xidan Shopping Center Hengli World Watch Center was selling at 10% off in the celebration of the shopping mall. It was a good time to take a look at the new arrival. In addition, if you buy the watch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can get a discount of 200 cash coupons with a total of 200 back. The author will lead you below.

Rolex Greenwich II Series 116719-BLRO

   The performance of this white gold Rolex is still good. The high-cold white gold bracelet and case have both the luxury of gold and not overstatement, which meets modern aesthetic standards. The red and blue bezels show the unique charm of the watch. Dual time zone hands stand out, making the watch more efficient. With the consistent design of the Rolex brand: Oyster, three-cell solid chain link; folding oyster safety buckle, etc., highlighting the brand’s appeal and charm.

Rolex Day-Date 18948-72748

   Everyone loves Rolex gold watches, but among the many Rolex gold watches, which one is best for you? This availability varies from person to person, and different watches determine different temperaments and tastes. For example, just like this watch, the date, calendar, meteorite face, diamond embellishment are somewhat business-oriented. Bringing the word luxury to a new level, combining brilliant diamonds and flamboyant luxury gold is a fusion of powerful aura and elegant charm.

Rolex Day-Date 118235F-83205

   Compared with the previous log type, this gold watch is more elegant. What is different is that the Rolex English logo can be seen faintly on the mother-of-pearl dial, which adds a kind of fun to watch. Inheriting the brand’s unique design style, the Oyster three-row chain link and the triangular pit patterned bezel, while showing luxury, it also bears Rolex’s own aura. It is also a golden timepiece worth starting.

Summary: I believe everyone also sees that the discount is relatively strong this time. Rounding off the 10% discount, the remaining consumption is returned to the 20 cash coupon as long as it is 200, and you can spend it inside the mall again. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the 18th, you can also enjoy a discount of up to 50% off when buying a piece of Jinlao, which is also a more cost-effective. Recently, cousins ​​who intend to buy Jinlao can go and look around.
More details:
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
[Dealer Name]: Hengli World Watch Center (Beijing Xidan Shopping Center)
[Dealer Address]: Xidan Shopping Center, No. 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-66011216

Updated: 18. July 2020 — 11:32
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