Romantic Pair Table, Fixed-frame Sweet Time

The watch as a gift carries the eternal expectations of the couple. On the advent of Chinese Valentine’s Day, you may wish to choose a matching watch for your loved one. The romantic time is engraved with the minute hand and the second hand are constantly rotating to freeze the minutes and seconds.
情侣 For couples, picking the right watch is a complicated multiple choice question. In addition to locking the favorite brands, it is also necessary to balance preferences and find watches that meet the temperament of the two at the same time and reflect each other in dial design and function. There are three guidelines to follow when pairing a couple’s watch:
Standard: Same brand and same series
挑选 Selecting the same series of men’s and women’s watches in the same brand is a standard pairing of watches. Both watches have the same design style and brand culture, and the speed dating index is 100%. For those ‘old wives and wives’ who have known each other for many years, sharing each other’s living habits, and contaminating each other’s personality, the same brand and series are the standard answer. A slightly more bold approach is to choose a strap made of different materials, such as a leather strap with a metal strap.

Slim Choice
Swiss plum watch elegant Yiren series & slim series
梅 Madem oiselle elegant Swiss watches and Slenderline men’s watches are a set of couple watches that complement each other. These two watches have the same slim ‘body’, and they have different styles just right in the design, and they have a wonderful atmosphere complementing each other. The Maddem oiselle watch has a small and slender dial, and the bezel and time scale are decorated with multiple brilliant zircons, which are dazzling but not falsified. With a slender strap, it is made for ladies’ slim wrists. The Slenderline slim series is also known for its slimness, with a case thickness of only 5.7 mm. The dial uses simple lines or elegant Roman numerals as time scales, and the central position is decorated with straight and grid textures. With a smooth 9-link stainless steel strap, it is more comfortable for men to wear, and also leaves a unique classic mark on the watch.
Elegant Choice
Masters Hamilton Watches
The United States and the United States are connected by sea and sky, and the lingering twists and turns, the inspiration for the Baume & Mercier’s watch series comes from this. Blending casual style with the best craftsmanship, it perfectly reflects the seaside life and relaxed and elegant living style. Whether it’s a men’s watch or a women’s watch, its exquisite design makes it exude charming charm. With the architectural lines and the iconic rectangular case, the new Humberton series perfectly displays the classics of the historical models of the 1940s. The warm and sparkling 18K red gold and diamonds light up the dial, showing the bronze portholes and A sea of ​​silver driftwood. Men’s watches use a brown leather strap to highlight men’s calmness and restraint, while women’s watches are paired with a stainless steel strap that is both elegant and a little vibrant. Baume & Mercier attaches great importance to the well-being of the wearer, and is especially equipped with a double gift box, which symbolizes the perfect mark of love.
Romantic Choice
Longines Master Series and Heart Moon Series
The combination of the Longines famous master series stainless steel moon phase men’s watch and Longines’ heart and moon series women’s watch is really the perfect embodiment of ‘Lang Cai Women’s Look’. The same brand of Longines watches, different series of watches present a kind of anthropomorphic ‘like fit’, gentle women like the moon always favor extraordinary men, just like ‘heart moon’ and ‘master’ combination. Beautiful diamonds decorate the round stainless steel case and white mother-of-pearl dial, with elegant blue hands. The Longines Women’s Heart and Moon series shines in the moonlight, as the waterdrops on the lotus leaf are round and clear. And it is matched with the Longines master series stainless steel moon phase men’s watch. The handsome design is equipped with a precise mechanical movement and equipped with moon phase function. It can enjoy the fun of time and emit a charming and firm energy. Elegance is more than that.
Permanent Choice
Tissot Rock series
Time is the best touchstone of love, and only through the witness and test of time, Fang Xianqing’s steadfastness. The gold pair of watches in the Tissot Rock series is the best expression of this moral. With the retro elegance of the italicized Rock letter, it exudes a romantic atmosphere from a long time. The Tissot Rock series pays attention to the engraving details on the watch. The dials for men and women look like delicate and exquisite art palaces. The guilloche-like decorative shading embellishes the dial with complex vector patterns. It has a relief-like beauty that makes love feel like a trickle. Flow, slowly flowing between the wrists. The Tissot Leloc series gold men’s watch uses the ‘core’ that won the 2011 International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Contest, escorting love with the smallest time error. The gold female watch uses the E T A 2671 movement, which also becomes a precision machine between the wrists with high-precision travel time accuracy. Time ticks slowly between the tick of the second hand, while love lasts forever between partners.
Retro Choice
Tudor watch Double date men and women watch
The Doubledate men’s and women’s watch has a novel design element-a small calendar display at 12 o’clock and a small second hand set at 6 o’clock for the first time. The small seconds hand is embellished with the Tudor rose logo of the 1930s and 1940s, full of nostalgia. With shiny case, polished stainless steel or double 18ct yellow-gold steel double bezel, with sophisticated design, willow-style hands and curved blue crystal surface. The diameter of the case is up to 42 mm, which shows its charm. The surface color is black, white, silver and dark gray. At the same time, there are black lizard leather strap or calfskin leather strap with embossed leather for your choice. To meet the different needs of lovers with different personalities, it is loved by those who seek excellence in technology and has the approval of those who seek artistic beauty. Medo Helmsman Series
的 The Mido Helmsman series watch, which draws inspiration from the cross-sea heroism of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, inherits the magnificent heroism of the bridge while conveying the belief that true love is always connected. The helmsman series PV D multi-function men’s watch is equipped with a multi-function movement, exquisite details, ingenious features, a diameter of 44 mm, a thickness of 14.5 mm, and water resistance of 100 meters. These characteristics fully reflect that Features of a functional chronograph. The 31 mm diameter dial, 50 meters waterproof, and the sophisticated helmsman diamond PV D ladies mechanical watch stand out from many watches. Its elegant and beautiful appearance and advanced superb technology have become the impeccable choice for successful women.

Updated: 20. December 2018 — 6:56
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